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Maserati (Italian: [mazeˈraːti]) is an Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer. Established on 1 December 1914, in Bologna, Italy, the company's headquarters are now in Modena, and its emblem is a trident. The company has been owned by FIAT Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and FCA's Italian predecessor FIAT S.p.A. since 1993. Maserati was initially associated with Ferrari.

A car enthusiast mentioned, "Maserati isn't very dependable. At all. Their exclusivity means that they do not have the mass-production set up that many of their competitors have, which goes some way in improving reliability. This also means that they are expensive to repair and the parts can take a long time to source."


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operaio metalmeccanico (Current Employee) says

"cattiva stresante stipendi da fame senza nessuna carriera"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Excessive management turnover and lack of continuity in strategies and sales processes. Inexperienced personnel and mass market mentality versus a premium luxury brand strategya jobno loyality to employees and no passion for the job"

Factory Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"It wasn't that bad due to the cold and very slow line working. Communication with my other co workers were poor and a little respectful, but overall I loved my supervisor and also recommended me to others job that she was connected too"

Junior Mechanical Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Maserati ha di positivo il nome, dal mio punto di vista fa curriculum. Lavorandoci ho però scoperto un mondo poco organizzato, con troppi capi che fanno troppe riunioni. Azienda poco efficiente."

Senior Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Team di sviluppo suddiviso tra vari gruppi con basso livello di collaborazione"

Benchmark Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"Richiesta notevole presenza fisica e mentale, a discapito della vita privata. Ritmo e ambiente di lavoro sopportabile se realmente appassionati ed interessati all'azienda ed al settore."

Program Manager (Current Employee) says

"Poca motivazione. Non sanno valorizzare i proprio impiegati."

Project Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Currently employed by Maserati as Project Engineer, key responsibilities include overall planning, coordination and delivery of Maserati prototype projects ensuring consistency with company strategy in order to meet key milestones on budget on time. Detailed aspects of the position involve project monitoring with MS Project, evaluating risks and managing budgets, accurately reporting project progress to key stakeholders and collaborating with team members across multiple functional areas such as R&D, Purchasing, Testing and Production to collectively deliver the whole vehicle specification targets. This implicitly includes proactively identifying, addressing and escalating risks to production requirements, supplier lead times, schedule stability, planned inventory levels and warehousing capacities."

Brand Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Maserati is a Legendary brand with Great History! I was very well educated around the Brand even before i start working for the local dealer,only to found out in the nearly 2 years that i was there ,that they had the same sales system,management ,work ethic like any other typical car dealership….SHAME SHAME! I Quit!"

Hybrid systems Simulation Engineer (Current Employee) says

"mentalità aziendale difficile da comprendere. non presenti obbiettivi aziendali veri e precisi.ambiente giovane e familiarebassa considerazione dell'aspetto umano (bilanciamento vita/lavoro)"

Cost Controller specialist (Current Employee) says

"L'azienda sta diventando parte del gruppo FCA ma senza una vera e propria gestione da parte dello stesso. Questo causa mancanza di organizzazione che si rispecchia in tutte le realtà aziendali, con difficoltà nello svolgere le attività lavorative perché mancano standard, procedure, formazione."

OPERAIO SPECIALIZZATO (Former Employee) says

"Organizzazione abbastanza buona, sia a livello logistico che del lavoro. Il personale è competente e molto cordiale, ci si confronta bene anche con i vari ingegneri che compongono lo staff sia in pista che in officina. Viene lasciato poco spazio all'iniziativa personale."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Possibilità di formarsi eccelsa, richiesto impegno full time."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Realtà aziendale sfidante, formativa e molto flessibile"

Business Intelligence Analyst / Developer (Former Employee) says

"Challenging environment, not so amazing relationships with colleagues, many of them were consultants and there has been a lot of turnovers. Working hours was quite flexible but not so good as other places where I worked at."

Test Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Ho ritrovato un ambiente simile a quello in FCA. L'aspetto che mi ha colpito di più è il ritmo di lavoro, molto elevato, a discapito della flessibilità tra i vari team"

rob g says

"Very very Bad experience with Maserati ghibli.... no buy this garbage please go to Bmw or Mercedes, but no this brand...e una marca di merda e la vogliono portare a livello di marche tedesche... vergogna no buy please...."

Sonja Adkison says


Beata Halon says

"The issue that I have experienced was: I did lease 2017 Maserati Lavente S on 11/11/2018 . When a car has about 3000 mil,my rare brakes broke down ( after making complaint to dealer ,they decided to change under warranty....they said that they never see that problem before!!!)Today my car has only 16000 mil and l still have a problems with brakes,my front tires are completely (probably alignment,that none one see in dealer during car service???) bold,my design front seat is popped,my color paint around car front headlight coming off. An beginning of october2020 I was driving the car in a rainy day,at the middle of the road car shut down completely, I have to call Maserati road assistance to send a towing.I was waiting over 4 hours …Maserati towing never showed up ( they said that they are too busy!!!everything is documented in Maserati road assistance)With a price of 102.000 dollars I was expecting “little bit “ better quality …but in that case price does not match a quality!!!"

Domenico V. says

"THE REAL STORY about Maserati - Vulcano ? I Know all about that ! Untrustworthy , Unreliable , Negative !!! Regards VULCANO Domenico"

Xwingc Ca says

"PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE OR LEASE THIS VEHICLE!!!! For the sake of your money, it’s best to avoid this car at all cost. This is because I leased a 2018 Levante, and there’s issues everywhere with this car!! The maintenance of this car is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE, and everything you fix or need to change will cost you out of pocket. The dealership depending on which one you go will not help you much. Unless you are tempted to get hooked by them and get you to buy or lease another of their trashy vehicle to lock you for a 3 year lease. Be very careful!"

Beat Essentialz says

"if you dont want to get scammed, DON'T BUY from The Bay and dont buy a Maserati watch from them. i got a watch from my pops for his bday for $500 and not even two months later, the watch broke out of nowhere, glass just cracked. Went to the bay for them to tell us that they didnt have anymore in stock and since its been past 30 days to go Maserati for the warranty. Emailed Maserati because theres no number to call and they said they cover warrant bought from them directly so go back to the bay. PS their warranty is a joke, going to post a video on youtube about that specifically. At the end of the day, neither of these businesses want to fix the issue, so if you're think of shopping at The Bay or buying a Maserati watch, DON'T. you will just get screwed and robbed for your money! i will never shop from the Bay again and or buy any Maserati products. Scammers!"

Jasmine Salari says

"I wish I could give them zero star , I got 2018 Maserati , 1 year old car , most of my times waisted at service, I have been to the service department for bunch of noises over 6 times , I called their customer service I said lemon law says I can return the car , guess what , they offered me 1 time payment on my car very funny spending 80k on my car and one year every 2 months be at the service drive loaner car for 1 week , 2 weeks , 3 weeks and at the end they can’t find a noise , my break has a problem, I had to change front tires cuz they got flat for the garbage break , one year old tire , they said it’s dangerous to drive even , I was so excited when I got the car now I feel like I’m driving a garbage car , has noise from everywhere, they don’t do anything cuz it’s under warranty they don’t want to spend money as soon as warranty over they call you hey we figured out the noise pay 10k so we can fix it , I’m going to sue Maserati to learn how to treat their customers and when you have been to the service with a brand new car zero mileage over 6 times they better take their car back . Watch me Maserati . It’s my turn ."

Mas Owner says

"Probably the worst warranty support on any car I have owned. Bear in mind if you buy a car there are very few dealers, those that exist do not know the cars particularly well. The aftersales support is awful as it goes to a foreign helpdesk who are not native English speakers and its highly unlikely they will understand the issue. Expect to be put out repeatedly and expect it to cost you money. Probably better to buy a BMW..."

ismail ilgin says

"HI Everyone I bought Maserati Ghibli from H.R Owen 2016 Summer, since than i am regret to get this from them. 1: When winter came , wheel start knocking when turn full right or left, its look like broken something from inside, according to trading standard its MISS SOLD and i could go to COURT, because they didnt tell me this problem even they didnt know till people start calling for complaint and bring cars back. But they found briliant idea to cover this. This annoying noise becasue CHARACTERISTIC from common fault. One of they engineer told me its common fault and they dont know how to solve it. 2: After 4 months old brand new car both rear tyres get bolt, when i went back to service , they told me wheel aliment or agliment has been fault and needs to be repair and NOT COVER WARRANTY!!! Reason is i hit to curve ?? Can i believe that? I have 3 more car and few times i hit the curve when parking, nothing happened , kangoo , jaguar and mercedes but maserati gave fault since than i change 3 times tyres because they not cover as a warranty. 3: When my service has became a due they send me email and i told them i just bought house now will do service few months latter, they didnt warn me about anything if service they must do late can cause something, Anyway after a few month i get contact with them and also mean time car give another fault Diesel Particular filter has been full, Guest what because of late service they not cover this , and i just told them dont do anything to my car i will come and collect. I been another place to finish my service. They are very big liar and what ever happened to car its not cover warranty, now this case will go to court. If you think to buy maserati do not buy ghibli , also never work with HR OWEN they are worse than everyone!!!!"