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Luca Marrone (born 28 March 1990) is an Italian footballer who plays as a midfielder for Serie B club Crotone, on loan from Verona.


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Research Assistant - Chemistry Department (Former Employee) says

"Avoid this place. So many unhappy people here and not so much progress. Plus they don't pay well at all. Future of this company is uncertain and very disorganized"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"The management is terrible and often in denial about company culture problems. Many people left and they pretend the management had nothing to do with it. The workers who stayed were given a heavier work load while they offer a higher salary to new comers with little experience. Of course, they always low balled the new comers too. You apply for Scientist position and when they offer, they reduce it to Associate. The sad thing is the Associate level is higher than your colleague's who have been working hard and have much more experience than you. So, both old employees and new employees feel undervalue just the same. When people leave, management just chalked it to "the economy," or some reasons that has nothing to do with management's lack of integrity and micromanaging culture. Cons: The longer you work there, the higher chances of you needing a therapist"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"The worst job experience of my life. Long hours and over worked staff,with a complete lack of leadership and inconsistent training. Operators are set up for failure and the plant manager uses people as pawns against each other as though it were a game. Staff is caustic and unwelcoming to anybody new. The future of the company seems to be very uncertain, and while the pay is good for the area, it's extremely low for the industry and hazard. Company makes many promises that they never follow through with, the most common being that they will staff up Cons: Long hours, caustic environment, poor leadership"

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"This Company needs to get a Better Plant Manager the Employees can Trust and not lie so much.Plamt Manager wamts all the credit and no blame.I guarantee he makes a lot of mistakes and blames others.The company don't care about the employees I know for a fact. Cons: Plant Manager"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"The company does not respect the employees and overworks them. But they will compensate you well and give you excellent benefits. You are treated as a pawn and not a person when you work there. The plant manager is very biased and will not listen to reason. He will make his assumptions and guidelines to benefit his needs and not yours. Communication is a terrible downfall in this company, and there are "Clicks" that only are privy to the information. Cons: Communication, Poor leadership and long hours."

FedEx Ship Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor work environment, bad management, no communication and poor organizational skills all over. I would never recommend someone to work here ever. Cons: Work environment, pay, communication, no advancement"

Associate Scientist (Former Employee) says

"There is a lot of room for growth and personal development, or so it was told. Indeed the opportunities do exist, but my managers often discourage it. Not verbally. More like: this is available, but we're too busy for it now. Can't you find something slightly better? They'll send you round and round until the opportunity come and go and you wasted your time for nothing. Cons: terrible management"

Sr. Cost Accountant (Former Employee) says

"High turnover, management picks who they want with no regard to others. Otherwise, can be nice working with some people. Cons: Stuffy snobby management team"