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Driver/Operator (Former Employee) says

"Bad people to work for they owed me alot of money ,scam artist,,dont care about drivers or the equipment, illegal all the time ,don't drive for majestic Cons: No good"

Menage (Former Employee) says

"Il déclare pas ces employés et il les paie pas ensuite"

Hotesse (Former Employee) says

"Appelée le soir (22h30) pour une journée de travail le lendemain 10h en remplacement. Cons: pas de défraiement, tenue fournie sale et inadaptée, pas de bouteille d'eau fourni, pas de considération pour leur employé.e.s"

montacarguista (Former Employee) says

"Es un trabajo donde está muy apresurado y trabajas sobre presion excesiva de los dueños Cons: Fatiga mental"

Housekeeper Laudry Aid (Current Employee) says

"This job really sucks. The pay is very bad. I work there for 4 months. I started making 9.20 an hr. After 90 days i was glad to get a raise from this place. Never happened, its people that work there years and still haven't gotten a raise. Thats just crazy, well my supervisor was really cool. But the co workers will always talk about other people problems and never mind there business."

Hôtesse (Former Employee) says

"La pire agence d'hôtesse."

hôtesse volante événementiel (Current Employee) says

"une mauvaise expérience ils sont mal organiser et il paye meme pas"

Packer/lead (Former Employee) says

"Not really the best place to work the people who work there aren't very pleasant I always felt like an outsider while working there and asking questions about what to do was terrible because it always seemed like an inconvenience for them to answer"

Recepcion de prendas (Current Employee) says

"Es una empresa grande sin embargo el salario es muy poco y no otorga seguro social."

HOTESSE D'ACCUEIL (Current Employee) says

"un style de management qui ne me convient pas etant trés souvent sollicité pour remplacer des hotesses car nous etions en sous effectif"


"They were going out of business so no advancement. Was doing finishing work to close the bookkeeping and accounting part. Didn't realize this when I was hired."

Dependienta (Former Employee) says

"Buen ambiente y compañerismo para desarrollar la labor. Buen apoyo por parte de los compañeros para el aprendizaje del puesto."

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Ill go into work and wait till i get the instructions from my supervisor i was assisting to know what the job of the day is if I'm pulling something to go out, grabbing items for the next job to go out. Couple times count inventory that the warehouse owner has us do and organize what we have. I learned how to work independent when my supervisor had something else to get done. Management there was in some part unprofessional were the owner have us recount something again because they would loose the papers we hand them and be in denial that we ever counted the items they wanted. The resualt for that will cause my supervisor to put him/her in a bad mood the rest of the day and take there frustration out even if you ask to many questions so that you dont get anything wrong. The hardest part was not knowing how the mood is going to be in the warehouse. Enjoyed just working at a steady job in a warehouse. Cons: working in a place were its unprofessional"

Machine Operator/Assembler (Former Employee) says

"it was okay to work there,but there's alot of things that could have been alot better wih the health coverage and the riases for the pay Cons: not really"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"It was very creative job but noisy and you had to social with machines. I was happy when got good pay. Cons: Some time they pushed you for over time they paid very good over time money."

security officer (Former Employee) says

"Forget seniority, this company has no management skills. They are very cheap also. when issued a uniform, you are given one shirt, and a jacket. After two months of employment I was cut back from 40 hours to 8 hours. I was never late, and never disciplined.for anything prior to this."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"fun to work behind the scenes but not much room or opportunity to grow. they seem to just care about paying little and cycling through high schoolers first time jobs than let people grow the business."

Warranty Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Customer service through out the day. Answering phones, looking up claims, filing, faxing, and data entry. I've learned how to handle upset customers. The hardest part of my job was denying someone's claim, because I knew they would be upset. The most enjoyable part was the wonderful people I got to work with. Cons: laid off"

Helper/Laborer (Former Employee) says

"I did not find myself leading up to anything at the job site I was just in the same position as always never advanced to anything higher or better pay. And I was not making enough money to support my family."

Waitress (Former Employee) says

"a family runs the restaurant. every member of the family wants it ran differently. be prepared to be yelled at by one person for doing something another owner told you to do. You will do a lot more than you are legally allowed to for the waitress pay Cons: confusing owners"

Kari Juhani Nokela says

"I have wordpress hosted website, but I am also client of Majestic. Wordpress systematically does not allow Majestic crawl wp hosted sites. This is what Majestic engineer says. Wp engineer says it is not true. These big boys are now in war against each other, but they refuse to talk directly to each other. I am in the middle of the war and both parties send me NASTY enails as if I am guilty of something. I don't know who is right. Big minus to both companies."