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Magpul Industries Corporation is an American designer and manufacturer of high-tech polymer and composite firearms accessories. Magpul Industries takes its name from its first product, the MagPul (Magazine Puller), an accessory for the STANAG magazines used by NATO armed forces, which aids users in pulling magazines from pouches.

User "RJP" writes a review on the Magpul Industries Sling Mount Kit on the "Optics Planet" website on September 9, 2019:

"Bought the Type 1 & 2 for a build I'm working on. The machine and finish on each of these are terrible. Knurling doesn't match the picture, nor one another. Come on Magpul you can't even get something this simple correct? Very frustrating."


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Spencer says

"They had a decent price on some parts I had been saving up for. I got all the way to the page to enter your credit card info and complete the order, and a ~$10 transaction fee shows up? What is that? I looked through their site for an explanation, but there was none. The extra $10 "transaction fee" didn't make the risk of buying from them to save a few bucks worth it anymore. I'm taking my business to a company that is honest about their prices upfront, and doesn't spring "nickel and dime" fees on you at the last minute (after they have all your personal info)."

Grimm says

"Started to order a CMMG upper but at check out they tried to tack on a 6% "transaction fee" to the bottom line. Whatever that is, I'm not buying. My money went to another company that does use deceitful tactics to inflate their prices."