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Maggi (IPA: [ˈmaɡi] or similar in many countries, IPA: [ˈmaddʒi] in others) is an international brand of seasonings, instant soups, and noodles that originated in Switzerland in late 19th century. The Maggi company was acquired by Nestlé in 1947.

Maggi noodles were at the center of a scandal in India in 2015, the following piece titled: Is Maggi noodles in trouble again? written by Manya Kochhar for revisits this episode and explains why Maggi is still involved in this disgraceful episode, "The food safety regulator FSSAI had banned Maggi noodles after it found an excess level of lead in samples, terming it as “unsafe and hazardous” for human consumption. According to PTI, it had also said Nestle violated labeling regulations on taste enhancer ‘MSG’ and ordered the company to submit a compliance report on its orders."


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Service/Parts Director (Former Employee) says

""Revolving door" employment in fixed operations. Main organizational longevity is attributable to nepotism and selective employment/promotional practices. Ownership is sales oriented and not in tune with current, effective leadership and business practices. Decision are made with regard to "cheap as possible" priorities instead of effectiveness assessment."

Mark says

"Inappropriate IRS reporting used to make it hard on customers to collect damage claim checks. One of their service centers damaged my car, Intoxalock took it seriously and agreed on getting the car repaired at the dealership. They explained I had to pay for the towing and repairs out of pocket (>$1000) first, and then I may be reimbursed by check for the claim. The car wouldn't run so I had no choice. After the repairs were made I submitted the invoices needed for them to repay me. I then got a surprise request they never mentioned at the beginning or in any paperwork. They want me to fill out a W9 and if I don't - no check! Now its funny because the money they owe me is money I already spent on towing and repairs. Therefore it is not income! When pressed, they confirmed I would be issued a 1099 for the claim check. They don't explain that - you have to ask. They just say: we need the W9 or no check. So I would have to report this as income and pay taxes on it. I asked if they felt we had a business/independent contractor relationship appropriate for W9 reporting. I asked that they explain their reasoning in terms appropriate to justify the particular type IRS reporting. This also implies they are filing an unknown sum of money for damage claims under the guise of non-employee income payments. That's odd because a business like Intoxalock surely has insurance or a fund specifically for damage claims. From these observations and their lack of a plausible explanation it is clear: they are inappropriately using IRS reporting as a trick to make it difficult for you to collect a damage claim check."

Customer says

"Worst customer service ever was hung up on several times & put on hold. Agents were very rude!"

Customer says

"Pick another vendor. They are great to sell but after that you pretty much are on your own."

Jarred says

"If you input that you are an existing customer with Intoxalock you will be placed on hold for over 30 minutes; if you claim to be a new customer looking for a quote you’ll be connected to a customer rep within 3 minutes. Seems like most important goal here is to make a sale and not actually help people in need."

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