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MWEB is a division of Internet Solutions Digital (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of Dimension Data, and its headquarters are located in the Mweb Building in Parow near Cape Town.

Since 1997, MWEB has connected over 1 MILLION South African homes to the Internet and are a leading ISP, proudly delivering the best in Fibre and LTE connectivity products and other value adding services. Dedicated teams are on hand to help ensure that customers get to experience all the entertainment, uninterrupted video, voice calls and convenience that comes with having a fast and reliable Internet connection.

A dissapointed customer said this in a review: "I recently advised MWEB that I'm moving and therefore need to disconnect my current installation and have the existing unit reconnected. The date of the query was months ago and to date I have not received any feedback. I've emailed, sent a direct email to the Technical team, called numerous times and I've tweeted but NO FEEDBACK, no response. MWEB customer is absolutely horrible. Their lines are always busy and takes at least 5 min for you to eventually speak to a customer service consultant. They fail to provide feedback timeously and cannot even speed up a simple process of reconnecting an existing Fibre Unit. I am ready to completely cancel my subscription".


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Move quickly, direction is not always communicated"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"As the company develops, extra responsibilities and duties given to the same hardworking employees for little extra reward."


"Taking phone calls all the time seems to get to you."

Current Employee - Enterprise Architect: Technology and Infrastructure says

"Due to the industry, there has been numerous restructuring over the past years."

colin says

"Good at getting you to join them,but forget you quick.left with no incoming calls since before Christmas.But remembered to bill me.Dont reply to emails or phone calls.RUBBISH"

Nagamanivel B says

"I would strongly recommend everyone to move away from Yams streaming service. None of the channels work reliable, and customer service is extremely poor. None of the support issues raised for many years addressed properly, even though that I have premium service. This is typical indian service with no honesty in running business."

Pramesh Dave says

"Content is good but costomer service is very poor can not get problems resolved for many days No support available on phone or chat"

senthil68 says

"My Whatsup support has been removed 6 months ago and it takes few weeks to get a response via technical support after logging into Yams which is very frustrating. Excellent customer support is a MUST in any industry to retain and bring more customers in this competitive business. Many big businessess have lost their identities once they ignored and disrespected customers. Yams team members are very rude and customer unfriendly which need to stop with immediate effect. I tried to call UK and USA seeking support to resolve technical issues but never been able to speak to anyone as they failed to take the call in the last 6 months which is devastating. Since Ysms have good collection of all channels and movies, I am sticking to them despite rudeness and disrespect. This terrible attitudes of Yams need to change ASAP. When I requested for inclusion to whatsup group, they were sending useless emails evety second day that someone will respond with 48 hrs but they wrre teasing and cheating customers. This was the worst behaviour that I could tolerate ever. Until today despite 100's of request re whatsup inclusion, no action has been taken or any reason provided for excluding me. Many of my friends in the UK ans USA have left Yams because of rudeness and poor customer service. Many more planning to leave for the same reason. Sorry for expressing my bad feelings about Yams as you wanted me to be honest. I expect some senior member to call me to have a chat to resolve issues."