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Microsoft Media Server (MMS), a Microsoft proprietary network-streaming protocol, serves to transfer unicast data in Windows Media Services (previously called NetShow Services). MMS can be transported via UDP or TCP. The MMS default port is UDP/TCP 1755. Microsoft deprecated MMS in favor of RTSP in 2003 with the release of the Windows Media Services 9 Series but continued to support the MMS for some time in the interest of backward compatibility. Support for the protocol was finally dropped in Windows Media Services 2008.

MMS2 server constantly crashes and has an inability to handle massive amounts of data, and misses configuration and security loopholes, according to Andrew Schell at

"Windows server has turned into a dumpster fire of problems and miss configuration and security loopholes. It’s like Microsoft hires people that can technically code but have zero ability to look at the long-term impact of their decisions. There are so many problems with it constantly crashing or inability to handle massive amounts of data that it’s just useless. We got rid of windows server went over to a Linux server and an Oracle database and we haven’t had one crash in nine months."


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