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The Daily Mirror is a British national daily tabloid newspaper founded in 1903. It is owned by parent company Reach plc. From 1985 to 1987, and from 1997 to 2002, the title on its masthead was simply The Mirror.

Customers say: Its run by fascist zionists. They publish stories so out of touch with reality thats its unreal. And should you dare comment on such stories your comments get deleted and any further comments will be moderated, the only problem is that there is nothing moderate about their editing, I doubt they even know the meaning of the word.


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Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"Interacting and serving the customers is very rewarding. The job has quite a few strict deadlines and federal regulations that you'll have to comply with. Overall, again, serving the customers can be great. Cons: Managment"

Dependiente (Former Employee) says

"buena no necesario describir nada, buenas personas. Cons: bajo salario"

Former Employee - Member Experience Associate says

"I worked at Mirror full-time for more than a year Cons: Always understaffed. Employees genuinely care about their work but don't have the internal support or resources to provide quality customer support. The holiday season is a nightmare. You'll be expected to work on holidays and then expected to celebrate the sales numbers even though the customer support team is overworked and under paid. No bonuses. This year to thank us for dealing with angry customers they mailed us each two cookies. It's a small team. Zero transparency about salary or growth opportunities. Oh wait. There are no growth opportunities. The work is emotionally exhausting unless you want to spend 8 hours a day apologizing to angry customers who are angry for legitimate reasons."

whatisreb00t says

"This website is nonsense, seriously, you can't browse for even 20 seconds without 3 or 4 pop-ups annoying the crap out of you. Videos pop up and it seems you can't close them until the video has finished playing. Come on now... how do you expect users to keep coming to this website and ACTUALLY READ something when it's full of pop-up junk. Have a little bit of advertisement but this is just way too much!!"

Dave says

"Disgraceful far left propaganda machine."

R.Walters says

"You can't read an article without being bombarded with adverts. When you click on a video in the article, you end up watching loads of adverts. It feels like a spam site rather than a reputable newspaper."

Billy Mathews says

"Sick Paper Look at the picture they have on here. Disgusting paper"

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