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MBLAQ (Korean: 엠블랙, Japanese: エムブラック; an acronym for Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality) is a South Korean boy group created by South Korean entertainer Rain under J. Tune Camp. The group consists of Seungho, G.O, and Mir, and formerly Lee Joon and Thunder. The group debuted on October 15, 2009, at Rain's Legend of Rainism concert.

A blogger called Rebecca wrote a review for A BLOG ABROAD about a MBLAQ concert:

The highlight, and it was a huge huge highlight, was when LeeJoon came out on stage, sang his solo, ripped off his shirt, and did a pole dance. A+’s (MBLAQ fans), maybe you should stop reading there. You may wonder why I’m saying that up front, right away. The simple reason is, due to various reasons, the Men in MBLAQ show is going to go down as one of the worst concerts I’ve been to in Korea. The depressing part is, the boys themselves had very little to do with why the show was bad. First, I’ll be quite honest, and will personally take some of the blame. Since there are concerts coming up every single weekend for the next five weeks, I cannot possibly afford to get good tickets for every show I go to. I figured MBLAQ would be a show that it would be okay to see at the 300 level. And while my view was fine, and the sound was great, I was surrounded by a bunch of high schoolers who probably saved their allowance for months to afford this one ticket, and sitting with them was hell. They screamed like banshees, but wouldn’t stand or do anything other than wave their little light sticks. I watched as the second floor and ground floor were able to dance along with songs, while I had to sit, miserable, being hit in the head by the zealous fan behind me who was waving her fan around to the music. I was also sitting by a rude girl who refused to move when I needed to get to my seat, causing me to tear my best jeans on the railing and giving me a two inch gash down my leg and ruining my favourite jeans until I can get them to a tailor. Considering the condition of my other leg, I obviously was not in a good mood after this, and the lights hadn’t even gone down yet. Secondly, I had the wonderful pleasure of having a security guard who seemed to have a serious hate-on for foreigners, in a section that seemed to also have a hate-on for foreigners. When my friend and I took our seats, we could hear the teens around us talking about us, thinking we couldn’t understand them. Surprise of surprises, when you live in Korea for a year, you pick up the language, so of course we knew we were being spoken about. So, being a smart ass, I loudly started doing the same, gawking at all the Korean people and how strange it was that there was so many of them. In Korean. I wasn’t really at the show to make friends, obviously. The lyrics on screen match my opinions well Luckily, the lights went down and MBLAQ came out. Now, sometimes I like a band because they have amazing music, or it makes me want to dance, or because I think the performers themselves have amazing personalities. And then there are groups like MBLAQ, who I like because they are merely eye candy and pieces of man meat, and they’ve accepted this fact. Yes, the sing, and yes, they dance. But they also show off their abs to keep our short, fangirl-driven attentions at concerts. I’ve got tickets to another show that should have the same theme in a few weeks time, but I’ll go into more detail about their appeal then. Their first song was really cool, with them wearing white suits that had LED lighting corded through the seams. MBLAQ are known for being really good dancers, and the effect of the black lights on the white suits and the different coloured LED lights drawing the audience’s attention was really cool. They had a bunch of male and female back up dancers as well. I always like when idols have female backup dancers, for two reasons. It means the company isn’t so worried about offending their fans by having females on stage (no, really, with some groups, having females on stage just never happens, because the girls get hyper-jealous. It also means we may get really hot dances with the guys and the girls. Both came true. The boys disappeared down into some holes in the stage while the backup dancers continued to distract people and dance, and then a few minutes later, MBLAQ returned on stage, wearing something a bit more comfortable and a little less electrical for the rest of the concert. I honestly couldn’t begin to list all of the songs that they went through. Most other concerts I go to have MC breaks scattered throughout the show so the performers can get a drink and catch their breath, but it seemed like the boys just went one after another. Eventually, some of the guys scattered off the stage, and they introduced each others solo performance. I can’t remember all of them, or the order, but each of the guys had a really great solo performance. G.O. performed the ballad “Even In My Dreams.” One of the coolest ones was MIR, who started to DJ. I thought it was cool. They wheeled out a big piano and Seungho played a really beautiful piece on the piano which I think might have had some of their other songs mixed into it. My favourite solo performance was Lee Joon though, because he provided exactly what I came to the MBLAQ concert for. He sang a slutty song, surrounded by girls who ended up trying to undress him. Then, when he was done with his song, he walked down the stage to the middle stage, where poles had been set up, and began to pole dance and left my jaw hanging. Then to finish it off, he ripped off his shirt, played with his belt buckle a little, and dropped down though the stage and he was done. I could have happily left the arena after that performance, even though they hadn’t performed my two favourite songs. In case anyone is interested in seeing this performance, some wonderful person on Youtube has taken the videos recorded from different angles and put them together. God bless them.


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