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Lowepro is a brand of carrying bags for cameras, laptops, imaging accessories and portable consumer electronics with corporate headquarters in Petaluma, California. It is part of The Vitec Group Plc, after the company was acquired from DayMen Canada Acquisitions ULC.

An upset customer mentioned, "The Lowepro Format 160 Camera Bag is not capable of providing the spaced needed for any quality camera's. There simply is not enough room. While this was purchased as an addition to a package at bestbuy, it should not be sold as such. it's clear that this is more fitting for a small camera with no lenses or accessories."


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Sales (Former Employee) says

"As many have said, this company has enormous potential but the executive management is clueless. The company was run by a family that has since moved on, but anyone with talent moved left before the family. I feel they will slowly disappear."

Moto says

"Ordered a backpack listed pre-order. Item status became “available” then “sold out”. Nothing arrived. No contact via email, phone, text. Weeks passed no item. Sent multiple emails on status of order. No response. Finally asked to cancel (I found another working solution also by lowepro). Backpack arrives a week later. While nice now no longer needed. Return email response was quick. However cost to return item wasn’t worth doing. Unfortunately this was a very bad online buying experience pandemic or not."

Shadi Mahayni says

"I wanted to return an order and for one month Till now i got no answer back and no one answered my emails"

Codecademy Learner says

"Their website worked fine and the specifications were really useful. However, I tried to order one of their backpacks twice only to find out that my order was cancelled. Their emails kept going to my spam folder. I ended up ordering the same product on Amazon for a significantly lower price."

Rich Umfleet says

"The bag is well constructed. It's strong and sturdy. It rides well on the shoulders and the hip strap helps with shoulder fatigue. With a few tweaks, this could be a great back. Where the bag goes wrong. Its inside isn't all Velcro friendly. There are nylon spots inside where you can't stick walls and make barriers. This limits how you set it up. The area that is designed to fit your camera is made for large full frame DSLRs, not smaller mirrorless and, because of the lack of a Velcro friendly inside, you can't reconfigure the wasted space to fit a lens. Also, I always have Velcro straps and extra panels from a old camera bags to build the inside of my bag to meet my needs. The lack of a full Velcro friendly inside decreases my ability to build the inside of the bag to fit my needs. The next drawback is the back opening. When you want to open it up, there are straps that get in the way of the zippers at the bottom of each side. Just before the bag is completely open, or when starting to close, you need to stop, reach your fingers under the strap, then continue the zip/unzip. Why can't they make it to where you can open or close it with one big continuous zip? Last, and this goes for most bags out there, there need to be more places to secure things to the outside."

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