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Logan's Roadhouse is a chain of restaurants based in Nashville, Tennessee, United States, founded in 1991 in Lexington, Kentucky, U.S. There are 194 company-operated and twenty-five franchised Logan's Roadhouse locations throughout twenty-three states.

Logan's Roadhouse has slow and terrible service, rude staff, and food is almost cold, Kristy L. shared a review at

"Went for my son's birthday. Service was really slow; was never given napkins, drinks stayed empty to the point that we were sharing our drinks, didn't receive the sauces we asked for. The steaks were very undercooked and we sent them back, when we got them they had just been seared on each side, so the outsides were burnt and the inside was still undercooked. We didnt see our server again once we got our food back until it was time to leave. When I told her about it being my son's birthday she said "ok" and just stared at me, so I asked if they do anything for birthdays and she said, "no, not really." So she never did anything for his birthday and was really just making it seem like a huge inconvenience and like disgusted that we even asked. Also, all the food was lukewarm, appetizers, and all. We will not be back to this location again."


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Hostess (Former Employee) says

"They don't treat you fairly and they certainly don't pay you fairly. Most of the time, they don't tell you your pay unless you outright ask and even then they want to avoid it because they know it doesn't cut it. You would think with a pandemic they would be reasonable but they dropped all of their employees immediately and without explanation. Then they hired in a bunch of new people. They can't keep employees to save their lives, anyone who's worked there knows that. They also make you pay for your own lunches and clean up feces off the floor. Not to mention all the co-workers I had were worse than middle schoolers - drama, drama, drama! Managers, you pay for food, no breaks, almost no pay, no time off"

Host (Former Employee) says

"Managment was the worst. Very lovely co-workers. Sometimes. But it was managment that I decided to not come back after quarantine. Managment was very awfulFoodManagment, pay, everything"

Cook (Former Employee) says

"No one would clean.never had food prep manager was a joke.would never work there one would clean .the food prep was a joke.never enough people to do the jobs right.manange did not care.NoneDirty place"

Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"I walked out on my first day. I was the only dishwasher which was fine up until the end of the night. I started struggling meanwhile while I was busting my butt,everyone else was standing around joking and talking and I was in the back struggling b/c I was the only freaking dishwasher. I asked my manager 10x's if I could have some help, after the 10th time and still getting no help, I walked out. Good Riddance. Plus they committed two health code violations. Don't eat or work there.Good PayNo help. Bad management"

General Manager (GM) says

"They really need to quit while they are ahead, it was hard enough to convince myself that the company was great let alone other people. Don’t work there they are dying I should never of left my previous people for them"

Market Partner (Former Employee) says

"This company has no values and does not care about its team members or leadership. Just look at how Texas Roadhouse responded to the pandemic and then compare that to how Logan’s did"

Host (Former Employee) says

"Working as a host absolutely sucked They do not care about their employees Long hours with little breaks They would yell at you infront of customers and belittle you any chance given"

Cook (Former Employee) says

"I give it a zero.You don't get a pay raise.will not be able to advance with this company.the co workers that I had was good people.If you was not important then you was not with the team"

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