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Liveops is a cloud call center company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was formed by the merger of Silicon Valley startup CallCast, founded in 2002 by Wendell Brown and Bill Trenchard, and competing startup Liveops, founded in 2000 by Steve Doumar and Doug Feirstein in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

An outraged person mentioned, "STAY AWAY FROM LIVEOPS! I was shocked to learn that LiveOps has an A+ rating on BBB. Their business practices are dishonest to say the least. I was offered an opportunity to provide services to one of their brands. Before applying to be considered I was told I would need to have a computer, headset and dedicated phone line. I was on-boarded to a specific program without details. I participated in over 1/3 the required training and downloaded the platform for my MAC computer (provided by LiveOps) before being told in on of my live sessions that the program doesn't support Mac computers. Prior to this casual exchange, I was not made aware of this and when I tried to follow up by emailing support they were unresponsive which is typical. I emailed the following and am still awaiting a reply: "..I was just told in training that I have no other option, as I have a MAC. This is very disconcerting. At no point prior did anything state that was a requirement. Additionally the VM Ware has a download for MAC. Where is the disconnect? Why would your company knowingly recruit me/my business for a project without providing software requirements. You sent me information about a dedicated line and headset. I purchased and setup both. Why didn’t you provide operating system requirements? And why is everyone so very nonchalant about the fact that I made a financial and personal investment in your organization as well as a commitment and was never informed of this one very important system requirement? Please advise. If you cannot please refer me to someone who can? After speaking with a past employee I learned that it's not that the system doesn't support Macs, but that Macs won't allow LiveOps to get access to my computer. As a result, LiveOps doesn't want to work with MAC owners. If that's true LiveOps should provide us with hardware because as a contractor LiveOps shouldn't have access to contractors personal computers."


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Agent (Former Employee) says

"Be very careful of this company. They will take your money for a background check and never reach out to you. I signed up with this company to make extra money and they are excellent about not reaching out to you or showing how to get started. STAY AWAY!!!!!NoneEverything"

Inbound Call Representative (Former Employee) says

"Make pennies investing lots of hoursToo much stressful work little pay. No hourly. Just talk time pay it’s terrible Don’t waist your time Look for a good job not this oneNo prosLots stress no pay"

insurance agent (Former Employee) says

"I worked a few months as an insurance agent selling life insurance. Nothing wrong with insurance. However, consider this: the hours are flexible BUT you have to book the hours and you cannot - no hours are available. OK, you booked a few hours here a few hours there. Now you hooked yourself up to computer and waiting for a call. It is not coming, you waiting but there are no calls. Remember, you are paid ONLY for time you talk with a customer. The Company advertises it as your own business. Quite a business it is - a great opportunity to waste your time, make no money and get lots of aggravations."

Product Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working my own hours. I was in product support i had never worked from home before , this company made me not like it at all!!! The certification was great on line, but once I was on my own , the agents there acted as though ,they did not wanna be bothered and I thought that that was what they are there for. I was new at it , after they used me for the tax time they needed, they terminated me"

Allstate FNOL and Public Partnerships (Former Employee) says

"Hire workers from within with no management experience. Meetings are not organized and people talk over each other...Companies do not care about employees as they hire three times the amount of people and do not organize it where people would take certain shifts consistently....Constantly certifying people because people end up leaving due to hiring to many people."

Agent (Former Employee) says

"I was "hired", paid $45 for background check, invested 2 weeks of my time (unpaid training!) and money to set up my home office as Liveops suggested. I was hopeful but I was assigned to a vendor that I specifically requested NOT to be assigned to. They assigned me anyway. There is no management who helps. I requested to be reassigned to a vendor whose skillset I met. A MONTH later none of my concerns have been addressed and there is literally not a person who returned my emails nor contacted me. I cannot express my disappointment enough."

contracted worker (Former Employee) says

"I have worked with LiveOps for a month after signing up and their chat support team is nonchalant while their chat support manager is dismissive and acts like her role is larger than what it actually is. 3 times I told them I was locked out of my basic account information (after having signed up) and 3 times they totally did not service me for me to go back in and change my original employee profile. all they are interested in doing is basically responding "hmmmmm i don't see this and that and you're not signed on to any program yet. I am closing the ticket now." or, "responding to us in an unprofessional manner will not be tolerated here." (oh really?who is the real unprofessional one? It's not me! ) Needless to day I'm not going to choose any project to work with them. I can already see that who they actually help is an arbitrary choice instead of being a part of their day to day work."

Home (Former Employee) says

"They lie about everything training was not existent. All courses required are unpaid, half hour slots are taken before you have time to grab them especially if you are on calls"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Did not get good enough training or enough support to work at liveops. When I asked questions they say u need to find the answer and they wouldn’t help me at all!"

Licensed Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"They use the excuse that you are an Independent Contractor to NOT pay you to learn and train for the products and/or services you are providing!!!! You pay for your own background check and additional state licenses which were required for me to even be considered. You provide your own computer, internet, phone line and headset!! WTH????? Then they did not email me the links to begin my "certification" (training not being paid for)!!! And reaching out for technical support was a joke!! Then wanted to know why I had not completed certification? DUH?? I don't have the links to get to the material!! They pay you in talk time so that if you are not on the phone with a customer, you are not being paid!!!! Not worth it!! Find a company that send you THEIR equipment and pays you for training AND working!!!!!"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"You get paid by the minute , and the staff is remote and not helpful at all. You are on your own as a independent contractor and you dont get a chance to grow business"

Agent (Current Employee) says

"It use to be great until a few years ago when they hired too many people and did not care that it would affect the call volume of the people who had been with them for years. You sit for hours now to only get a few calls. You can not make a living anymore with this company and they don't care about you, bottom line"

Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"This company isn't something you can depend on at all. Th hours are always inconsistent and they will cut you from clients for no reason. Working the right client you can make money during the right season."

Insurance Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"all in the title- they keep rearranging the deck chairs but poor management has caught up here - better sell while there is any value left! This used to be a semi-decent gig but no more-"

Customer Service Operator (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend. When I first worked at LiveOps, I was able to obtain hours when they were posted. However as time went on, as soon as hours were posted, it became more and more difficult to obtain hours until it came to the point that the hours would simply disappear as soon as they were posted which was why I left."

Contractor (Current Employee) says

"Live Ops only pays per minute, if the phone does not ring, you do not get paid, I can sit at the computer for 3 or 4 hours maybe get one phone call and make $4 or little money. Once you work for the company it is hard to get another job within the company, the good jobs are kept from you for only the new employees, you can only pick from a select few non-good jobs once you are a contractor for Live Ops. All training is for free, you do not get paid for training. If you like sitting in front of the computer and not getting paid go for it.Pick your own hours to work.If the phone does not ring, you don't get paid, paid very little."

Call Center Agent (Former Employee) says

"They suck you in making you think you can earn a lot of money, but they overfill blocks with agents so you don't get good call volume. And they promise bonuses but never give them to you, will short you on wrap-up pay, overall it is a scam. They are out to make their money, not to help you make money."

Customer Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"This place does not care about associates. The training is awful and you do not get help when you need it. You get docked for being over on wrap up time."

Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Their management company is horrible. My bank account closed due to me relocating to a different state, so my invoice payment was rejected, and was told by their finance department on Sept 21, 2018 my check was in the mail to the wrong address. Two days later my account under review, then ultimately terminated for false reasons saying I breached my contract because I was working offshore! I have a passport that can prove when I left the country during my vacay with my family, and best believe I was not working at that time. I already updated my address with them to where I relocated to but they sent it to the wrong address or if they even sent it at all! I already put in for mail forwarding prior to this issue. Its now Oct 12, and still no payment. I have emailed them several times, several departments, NO REPLIES! You do have to work at least 10hrs a day in order to get a decent pay. So whoever said they respond rather quickly they lied. I will be taking legal actions!!!work at home, make own schedule, contractbad management"

Licensed Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"Better get all the licenses and certifications that you can, otherwise you will be waiting all day on the phone for calls. You get paid per call/per minute so watch out.Work from homePay is very low"