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Linear Technology Corporation, now part of Analog Devices, designs, manufactures and markets high performance analog integrated circuits. Applications for the company's products include telecommunications, cellular telephones, networking products, notebook and desktop computers, video/multimedia, industrial instrumentation, automotive electronics, factory automation, process control, and military.

A former employee said this in a review about his experience working for Linear Technology : ¨The pay and benefits are great. The work culture is terrible. Abuse of power in all levels of management, including HR. Rampant favoritism from leads, supervisors, management and HR. Women are not promoted often. And only favorites are promoted. They prefer to hire from outside of the company. The wait lists for moving to a different shift are long. The movement, if it happens, is years out because they hire temps to fill the positions on premium shifts and then they hire them into that position instead of moving people who have been on the list for many years. People favored by management are moved whenever they put in a request. This is a dead end job. A lot of very angry, bitter people work here. If I could have given it a 0 I would have.¨


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Former Employee - Marketing Manager says

"Old fashioned and stubborn to not listen to new idea, which is why they are bought up by ADI."

Applications Engineer says

"The working environment is majorly determined by the manager. the toxic work place, worst working atmosphere, insecure/unethical/lying management"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Some manager is shameless and incompetent."

Fab Operator says

"horrible management slow work and when there is no work upper management likes to presure operators on finding work and making the moves stressful work inviroment a lot of polotics its not what you know its who you know if you get in as a temp expect to be one for over a year"

California says

"They stress so much on the profit share, but there is no 401K match. If you can stay there for long time over 5 years, then you can enjoy sabbatical, and full profit share after one year. Managers are micromanaging the team. You don't have much decision making power with your role. employees are not encouraged to bring new idea, but just do Linear way. No break room with refrigerator or microwave where you can put your food. Most employees have their own mini refrigerator in their cube, sharing it with the others. no filtered water and people bring their own water because they do not want to drink the water in Milpitas."

Test Manager says

"Annual reviews focus more on negatives than positive. Max 5% raises, even during good times. Meager stock awards. A "Cover your ass" mentality. Lots of cussing and unprofessionalism from management. Design is king, all other depts are step children and abused. Some engineers are buddy buddy with their boss and able to slack off, you end up having to pick up the slack. Very little chance for career growth. No training provided. VERY HARD to get needed equipment (it took 2 years to get adequate chairs on test floor, people used to stand at terminals)."


"Poor specs. Managers come and go or get promoted towards the corner office. Promotions are done secretly mostly based on flattering. Job openings are not available to everyone. Some engineers use very dirty language and nobody seems to notice. A lot of certified bipolar in high places making everyone's life miserable. Experienced engineers are switched to projects that have little to do with their expertise. Too much family and friends makes it a place for bullies. Old equipment that needs to be replaced and not enough man power. We are asked to do extra projects when we are already short handed. Small cafeteria with loud people. Smoking area is attached to the building and smokers take full advantage of their habit. Operators must clock in and out for every break but managers and engineers spend hours smoking right under everyone's nose. A lot instant wrong decisions taken by managers. Opertors have little respect for management. Some of engineers were promoted from technicians without experience and their job has to be done by the other already busy engineers. A lot a "flattering" towards the managers. Flattering is the key of success at LTC. Once you get stuck with a new task is yours and not extra pay for it. I wouldn't recommend this place to any friend."


"More innovation needed, some managers are not open to new ideas, tenured employees treated like gods even if they become lazy."

Current Employee - Production Specialist says

"Severe micro management, creating very little teamwork and a staff that requires that they be told ever little thing. Very little opportunity, people are mostly hired externally and the only people that are promoted from within are people who know how to "flatter". Poor behavior goes unaddressed, so the work environment can be hostile and unproductive. Getting vacation time can be very stressful, as it is limited and everybody wants summer months. Poor training system and out-dated documentation straight out of the 80's"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Working as a nut in a machine. Poor benefits - Stingy company culture, no 401k match, etc. Poor compensation - profit sharing is a joke (you get 2/3 in cash only), , industry-average base salary."

Team Lead (Current Employee) says

"This company berates their employees daily. There is never any security in your job. There is an extremely high turnover rate at least 40% annually over the last 20+ years. The worst part of that is that the owners think that is ok. There are different rules for everyone. You never know if you are going to get yelled at, for even doing your job the way you are trained to do it. It’s not if you get fired, it’s when. Many of their best employees leave for better pay and better working environments."

Former Employee (Former Employee) says

"This company has a high turn over rate. The seasoned staff and corporate management play favorites. Nothing is organized or planned accordingly. This company will not welcome different ideas or people according to their own personal opinions. This is a hostile working environment.NothingEverything"

Human Resources Generalist (Former Employee) says

"If you work at PBC you can trust no one and you will not advance. More than 100 people per year are terminated from PBC on average. Your knowledge and expertise is not appreciated and they will only train half way as they don't want anyone to know how to do their complete job.Dogs can come to workEverything else."

Former member (Former Employee) says

"Owners come down on employees when management is to blame high turn over, one common denominator that doesn't change management. Out of the hundreds of employees that go thru that company none are capable really wake up and smell the coffeee, management flat out lies to the owners about jobs being done . This company has potential but management has run this place to the ground change coaches and watch PBC turn around its time to make changes and put new faces in management people who care for the company, playing favorites, covering for friends, spending freeze and one person working crazy overtime hrs WAKE UP grow a pair and start canning these supervisors. Take a seminar on high turn over they will tell you its management."

Small Parts Assembler (Former Employee) says

"I worked in assembly and the training was poor due to negative attitudes from the trainer. There was no daily supervisor communicating a daily requirement for the work that needed to be done."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"You learn allot if your willing to learn by asking questions and when you gain to much knowledge people get worried and team up to keep the company from going to the next level! Great young leader but bad decision maker and relies on the fake when getting information. HR people run after a short time employed and if you have insurance and use it for a medical condition they will end that. Beware if you have a family and they don't drop Sr. Management they play favoritism and when they did one time he was dirty and they let it slide and covered it up...Learn allotBuyer beware!!!"

N/A (Former Employee) says

"Cut-throat. Can't or won't keep their word in the executive suite. No follow-through can be expected. Make sure everything is in writing, or it won't be there.Benefits, Pay, and Team are wonderfulBusiness Culture is lacking in honor and integrity."

Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"Have a tendency to put people in jobs they are overqualified for not respectful of the person accepting position give them the opportunity to choose if they want the different job you are oppointing them ranther than the one they interviewed for and acceptedCo-workersJob"

Project Manager/Maintenance Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"PBC Linear is a privately owned company. CEO is getting ready to retire and the sons will take over. I feel when new management is in place there will not be a stable work environment.Stable work enviormentNo good direction from management"

Material handler/shipping and receiving (Current Employee) says

"Not a bad place to work at friendly environment management kind of sucks I would recommend working are just because of the friendly environment and also the pay was not that bad"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Constant change in personnel. Good benefits but not nice place to work. Volatile environment. I would not recommend . Constant turnover in all departments"

Supply Chain Manager (Current Employee) says

"Family owned, personal involvement, high energy and changing daily. Owner is in/out and children run day to day mostly. Some methods are home grown and being upgraded now."

Alex R. says

"Very poor customer relations and a waste of time. Why advertise a product when you don't reply to joining requests or even follow up attempts at contact? No contact for 2 months now and the sour taste from them acting this way just means I'll stick with competing products that treat me like I have at least *some* value as a customer. There's no excuse. Even a mass email with updates would have been something, but no."

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