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The Lindner Group is Europe’s leading manufacturer and contractor for the building envelope, interior fit-out, and insulation. We are a true family business with a deep understanding of ‘Building New Solutions’, the development and implementation of individual and advanced project solutions, for example for office buildings, schools, hospitals, airports, and power plants.

A former anonymous employee shares some thoughts about working for The Lindner Group in a review published by GLASSDOOR: "Extra hours not compensated, no union, headquarters are in the middle of nowhere, base salaries are according to its location very low. Technical workflow very limited and nit very advanced"


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FLOAT STAFF RN (Former Employee) says

"High quality of care and committed, knowledgeable staff. Positive team spirit and collaboration among disciplines. Rare interpersonal conflict, staff dedicated to patient well being out in milieu. I functioned as per diem float and therefore worked on all shifts, all units in many capacities. Report was written, read aloud by on coming staff, assignments made during report. RNs reviewed meds at begin of shift and administered prns. Mental Health Specialists assessed patients and prepared for groups (therapy groups, exercise in the gym, accompanied walks on the grounds, activities in the Faith Center for those who were interested). PCA started rounds (15 minute checks) and obtained ordered vital signs and EKGs. Recreational Therapists came to units during day and evening shifts. This was essentially the routine through all the shifts. When other activities were not taking place all staff were involved in 1:1 contact with patients. Staff ate meals with patients. Team meeting was at 8:30 am daily and all MDs were present, all MSWs and one of the RNs to discuss immediate and long term plan for each patient. Cons: administration took too long to fill vacancies and were too lenient on staff call-offs"

Police Officer (Former Employee) says

"The executive management is not housed in the same building. This causes a huge disconnect of reality. Several executives at LCOH have a complex with authority. Cons: Management and personal security"

Guess (Former Employee) says

"Unit staffing were a pleasure to work with. The department I worked for was extremely stressful and very overworked. If there was an open position you had to pick up their duties. This would go on for months because of the no hire. 1st shift lead was rude, lazy and never picked up the extra work. Cons: Work overload for long periods."

PSO (Former Employee) says

"The hospital has a terrible administration. Most of the time they weren't even on the same page on medical treatment for patients. Communication in all hospitals is crucial. Many staff members are just plain rude. The pay is the only thing that was great. I did a lot of tasks outside my job field. This hospital needs more police officers period!! Cons: No breaks, rude staff, bad admins"

Server (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for 5 years and got fired because I couldn't do my job after getting hurt at work. It was unfair and unjust cause for termination. STAY AWAY from there."

Psychiatric Inpatient Registered Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Improper indoctrination. Staff agitating patients. Unsafe ratios Rn to Patients. Nursing Staff and Support Staff vey cliquish and not about what’s best for patients. Not trained for the influx of Medicaid Consumers with Mental illness. Cons: No breaks. Unsafe Nurse to Patient ratios."

Eating Disorder/Mental Health Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I worked as the Eating Disorder Group Specialist in the Eating Disorder Clinic as well as a Mental Health Specialist in a residential setting. As an EDGS, I conducted Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Art Therapy to individuals and groups suffering from Anorexia and Bulimia. Through observation, experience, reading, classes, seminars, conferences and education, I learned about the signs, symptoms, causes and treatment of eating disorders.I found it rewarding to work with adolescents and adults with eating disorders and to witness their growth and recover. I enjoyed my co-workers and appreciated their reliability and support. The hardest part of the job was working under a supervisor who could not provide constructive criticism, who was unpredictable and who had different rules/standards than the Eating Disorder Medical Director. The most enjoyable part of my job was working alongside the Eating Disorder Medical Director who was an incredible educator and mentor (unfortunately she resigned). Witnessing the growth and recovery of patients was the most fulfilling part of my job. Cons: worked every weekend, not full time, low hourly rate, unsupportive supervisor"

Mental Health Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Come in and get report from shift before. Cons: Barely Get Breaks, over worked, poor management and administration"

Mental Health Specialist (Current Employee) says

"I have worked within the center for many years and in this time there have been many management shifts. The current working environment is peasant and your peers are excellent. Clinical staff are experts and compassionate. This place is a peaceful place to work but it is not living up to its potential. The biggest frustration within this position is the lack of input and investment opportunities that the organization provides."


"The first 3.5 years were fantastic. New management made the work experience lackluster and stressful. Turn around is an issue, and a lack of adequate staff. Cons: Exhausting"