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Lexsynergy Limited is a global domain name registrar with extensive experience in providing domain name registration and management services, supported by an experienced team of brand protection specialists. Lexsynergy has offices in London, Johannesburg, San Diego, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam with support services in Perth.

Anonymous user from the "Please God No" blog leads an article on Lexsynergy as "This is why the Lexsynergy Brand protection services & the North Branch Veterinary Hospital both Rip people off." on February 9, 2014:

"I'm so glad that the North Branch Veterinary Hospital found a company like Lexsynergy. Lexsynergy and more specific "Lexsynergy: Brand protection services" really have no idea what they are doing. Let me take you back. A year or so ago, a user of ours posted this online review of his experience at the North Branch Veterinary Hospital. Well, North Branch Veterinary Hospital was not too fond of this review because they thought that exposing their business practices on the internet might be bad for their business. After some futile attempts to have the First Amendment right of free speech, the user's post was removed from the site. They pressed him on. With great effort and (I can only assume) great expense they hired an online reputation business. The company is located in London and is called "Lexsynergy". They claim that by whatever means legal (or not), they will repair legitimate negative reviews on the internet in exchange for cash. Lexsynergy and more specifically Lexsynergy: brand protection services, shoots out form letters to the people that host websites for people like me who maintain small no-profit blog websites. What Lexsynergy and more importantly the North Branch Veterinary Hospital should have both known, is that when you scam people and rip them off, your reputation on the internet will be sullied. I am glad that the money that our poster posted to our website went directly to Lexsynergy, which; with this post, will probably further damage their reputation. Maybe they could have settled on a fair payment with the customer in the first place or try to make it right if there was a disagreement. What an idea!"