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LexisNexis is a corporation. It provides computer-assisted legal research, (CALR), business research and risk management services. LexisNexis is known for having been a market driver in the development of electronic access to legal and journalistic documents. As of 2006, the company had the world's largest electronic database for legal and public-records related information. LexisNexis is owned by RELX Group (formerly known as Reed Elsevier).

Ryan angrily mentioned, "Avoid this company! Deceptive practices.I used LexisNexis to purchase 2 law books. One for $66.00 and one for $166.00. At the end of my order I received a subtotal of $232.00 and Grand total of $258.10. I assumed that this grand total included shipping. A few day later I checked my statement and discovered that the 2 books were shipped separately, one for $13.08 and the other for $26.10. This added $35.80 to my order. Upon checking my original invoice I noticed a statement buried in fine print that states shipping will be calculated and added to the invoice. Every other company tells you what shipping will cost up front. In addition to the ridiculous shipping prices, the book that cost $166.00 arrived torn and with pages bent. As a customer that spends hundreds on books for my profession, I will not be using this company any longer.!"


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Former Employee - AREA SALES MANAGER says

"1.Its a MNC company only in the name but it operates like a "lala" company or a "kirana" shop. No work life balance , no career growth. 2. They don't care about the employees or their benefits.Every year a sum of INR 3000 gets deducted from the employee's salary for health insurance which the company should be paying. No growth in terms of career or salary .Every year they will lay-off people for no reason at all . The work culture is pathetic , no compensatory leave or extra pay for working during the holidays or weekends .Very bad paymaster with negligible or zero increments every year and have a very poor incentive structure. Dont expect any guidence from the HR Department regarding career growth rather they are busy finalizing the names of the employees to be sacked every month. 3.The development team doesn't understand the product or the market ,the product needs a lot s of improvement and the existing clients are fed up with the product .Repetitive product feed backs has gone unattended thereby damaging the name of the company in the market. 4. The India management team are headed by persons who are arrogant,rude and ignorant people. They don't know the product, the market nor the customers. They are very arrogant and are good de-motivators who are surrounded by yes men only. 5. No scope of growth or sense of certainty in this company.Would not recommend any one to join this company."

Former Employee - Legal Research Editor says

"Poor Management, culture of laying off people every three years and the directors and HR are very proud of that"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Bad pay master. No growth opportunities"

Former Employee - Sales Manager says

"Indian MD Mike and his attitude, arrogance, poor vision, lack of team management skill, un organized activities"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No proper internal communications, Lack real time vision No Growth No Career Path No proper orientation for a new joinee Feedbacks from sales people are not considered while developing any new product"

Former Employee - Director says

"Highly political environment, Bad projects are promoted and good projects killed due to favoritism, Market reports are ignored to show better projections to get projects approved, which ultimately fail. Short term approach and Self fulfilling approach taken by some of top leadership including CEO in collusion/promotion from APAC and global leadership (largely ignorance)."

Former Employee - Senior Director says

"Unstable company, Unfair leadership, Uncertain Strategy, Poor Management, Highly Political environment"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No targets, No proper internal communications, unskilled heads, no career development."

Manager says

"If you have a choice between Lexis Nexis and another organisation which are offering you half of what LN is offering, go for the other offer. Period."

Developer (Former Employee) says

"Anshul ties up with recruiters, takes huge cuts. i paid monthly 1200 dollars from my paycheck. it was a stressful environment with people constantly on your back . micro management, affected by personal life"

Sr. Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The management here is unaware of the real prblme. Technology part is good. Very uncertain and indecisive, biased management team. No promotion Or appreciation"

Network Operations Center Technician "NOC" (Former Employee) says

"You will be completely neglected and miss treated with no PTO. No paid holiday. No raises. No benefits. You get paid overtime if you work extra. But some people worked for years without getting hired full time."

Operations (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balance"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Run run run away as fast as you can. Its not worth the stress. Eff that place and all who work there. It is a meat grinder and not worth the stress of meeting unrealistic goals"

Records Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"By far the worst employer I have ever had. They are unethical and function as a good ole boys club. Not a good place to work for diversity. HR and management do not care if unethical business practices are going on as long as the company is making money."

Product Specialist - Corporate Legal (Current Employee) says

"Toxic workplace. constant micromanagement and has transitioned to a legal call center. we don't pay you to think we pay you to do what we tell you to do. managers will throw employees under bus to save their job."

Legislative Database Analyst (Former Employee) says

"You have zero work-life balance. You were expected to work 12 hours a day at the drop of the hat. No notice beforehand. You would be scheduled to leave at 5:30 pm and at 5:29 pm you would be told you have to stay another 4 hours. Holidays are paid but you are most likely working them anyways. You get paid time off but can only use it during like 1 month of the year. The raises? Don't get me started. MAYBE 10 cents a year. Don't work here, favoritism runs deep and there are no advancement opportunities. Managers are undereducated and don't even know the jobs."

Product Specialist (Current Employee) says

"this company is declining and shipping off to manila Philippians. we have no more support in sales because all the US positions are being replaced with 5th grade education below minimum wage overseas employees. You get what you pay for and as a result this has become a micromanaged call center. Heavy gender and racial bias in salaries as well. If you go for a position outside of sales it will likely be eliminated within 2 years. Cons: more work, less pay, constant layoffs, no salary increases, and everyone is getting laid off"

Shepard's Legal Editor (Former Employee) says

"There was a lack of compensation complained about by many employees. They company also did not make us feel secure in our jobs as they seemed to be moving more and more of our work out of the country."

Technical Solutions Consultant (Former Employee) says

"SOLD OUT, Same SH_T just different company"

Data Entry Specialist (Temp) says

"I will never know how Lexis Nexis really treats employees as I was told that I would go permanent 7 months ago and was only renewed for a 3 month contract. I have worked in a remote location without any of the actual information provided about the job come true. I have not been hired permanently after 1 full year of contract work while I have seen 4 brand new people hired over this time frame. There has even been another contract employee hired to assist me making double what I make an hour. I work very hard to do my job and I do it well. I have piloted several projects and educated many Floridians and law enforcement agencies across Florida. I feel like I have been deceived about working with this contract. It is disappointing to know that a company like this would not hire me as I am doing the same work someone permanently would do under paid and under appreciated. Cons: Everything listed in my review"

Data Entry Specialist (Current Employee) says

"This company has a poor business structure. You have to meet a deadline every week and if you fall behind you get a significant pay cut. Expectations and requirements are often changed. Cons: Pay your own taxes (1099), isolation"

Data entry operator (Former Employee) says

"Company is going down hill quick. They do not value employees. There is no room for advancement. They require you to do additional tasks that are not part of your job requirements and do not compensation you for them. Pay is not competitive after first year of employment. Insurance options offered are not good and have huge deductibles. Management micro manages and does not respect employees. Managers play favorites. They seem to be getting rid of employees who have been there years in favor of cheaper younger employees who will stay a few years and leave. Huge turnover. If you want a temp job while you finish school this may be an ok place to work but if you're looking for somewhere where you can work for decades and have room for advancement this is NOT the place for you. This company is not your forever home unless you're comfortable being underpaid and undervalued for the rest of your working life. Cons: Pay, don't value employees, insurance, office environment, management, upper management, compensation, employee moral, location, basically everything"

Technical Support and Analysis- (Current Employee) says

"Frustrating and stressful , Learnt background screening and how it works in recruitment, management is not helpful and no motivation no culture and support , favoritism, . Hardest part is coming to work. do not enjoy working here as there is no growth Cons: everything"

Tele Solutions Consultant (Current Employee) says

"My experience at Lexis/Nexis was a culture of poor upper management. And there were too many inconsistencies of policies and rules in regards to upper management."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"The work is okay but not paid enough to deal with the issues that arise and some supervisors are Not approachable, not too understanding, good shifts however not very understanding and if emergency comes up and you must leave it’s held agains person Cons: Short breaks and timed restroom breaks"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"An organisation that does not promote equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion. The SLT/management does not value local employees' contribution. It is good if the chief leader in SEA can demonstrate politeness and minimise throwing temper to the juniors. Cons: True performer is hard to survive."

Legal Telephonic Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"They churn employees and they don't care. It's a company driven by lawyers and they chew people up and spit them out. Cons: everything"

Technical Editor/Analyst (Contractor) says

"Honestly, I don't know who it would be a good fit for. When I worked there, they were laying people off every three months. Contractors were brought in to fill the gaps. Often, the only people who knew what was going on were the contractors, and we were treated like ill-begotten step-children, at best. We were promised full time and had to work to get more than 20 hours a week most months. Everyone was stressed, everything was bare-bones or being outsourced. Cons: everything else"

John - Municipal Attorney says

"The worst legal search engine. Not user friendly- at all. Difficult to print from. Have to download case before printing. Extra steps to copy with citation. Can\'t even get filters right (keeps remembering changed/deleted filters). My employer changed from WestLaw to this, every attorney in the office hates it. "

Aaron says

"Professional StoneWallers!!!!!!"

Alice says

"I bought an eBook from them. It can only be opened with Adobe Digital Editions, making it essentially unusable. I\'ll never buy from them again."

Debra Fortune says

"This review is for LexisNexis: NOT FIT TO SERVE THE PUBLIC ON BEHALF OF STATE AGENCIES! I ordered a death certificate from Vitalcheck which is (supposedly) a LEXIS NEXIS company. I gotta say, I'm even considering changing over to TLO and ending my LN contract my company has after this experience - it was that bad. I uploaded the required docs. Then I received conflicting information: 1. An email that says signatures are missing from an identity doc I wasn't required to provide. 2. An email that says everything is all good and my request processing. After being in queue for over 48 minutes, my "very important call" was finally answered by "Ari" who promptly HUNG UP ON ME in her attempt to put me on hold. DESPITE having my order pulled up at that point - meaning that lovely, lovely "Ari" had my NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, and PHONE NUMBER - on her screen in front of her - literally, right there in front of her face -- she made the CHOICE to give BAD service and to not give her customer the basic courtesy of calling back, or resolving the question "is this complete" by email. The apathy at this company is palpably thick. Make no mistake - It was Ari's CHOICE to give bad service. That means culturally, there's no penalty at all for being incompetent. That makes sense from a company that can't actually staff in an appropriate manner (and not make customers wait nearly an hour) and that quite obviously cares not a whit about anything but getting fat government contracts - I called back and spent yet another 37 minutes on hold before getting the truly helpful Georgina. Georgina escalated the matter to a supervisor who confirmed the form on Vitalcheck's WEBSITE is WRONG and that a different form is required. I requested Georgine email the "missing" form she claimed I needed to fill out, and she kept repeating "it's on the website" and refused to send it via email. How the actual hell am I supposed to fill out a form that employees WON'T SEND after we determine the WRONG FORM is on the website. TOTALLY INCOMPETENT!!!!"

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