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Lennar Corporation is a home construction and real estate company based in Miami, Florida. In 2017 the company was the largest home construction company in the United States after its purchase of CalAtlantic Homes. The company is ranked 154th on the Fortune 500 as of 2019. The company operates in 21 states and owns Rialto Capital Management, the sponsor of six private equity funds that invest in real estate and an originator commercial mortgage loans for securitization. The company also developed and retains ownership interests in 53 apartment communities. The name Lennar is a portmanteau of the first names of two of the company's founders, Leonard Miller and Arnold Rosen.

It is no secret that nobody cares about the quality of homes built by Lennar Corporation. There is mass production of poorly constructed homes while creating the illusion of customer care seems to be the standard business model.They don’t hire good contractors because they pay them terrible wages and the contractor are so strapped for time that they will simply do whatever they can just so they will meet the time schedule. Customer service is awful and you should beleive any bad review you read about Lennar. Their social media has a pattern of blocking people that tell them what they don’t want to hear or share complaints and that's a horrible social media strategy.

Lennar Reviews

Annie Elizabeth says "Run away, don’t buy a lennar home! Lennar current managers/directors in the San Antonio area are condensing and rude I have also had several rude and condensed conversations with Edgar.. Who says If I want to be more difficult he will just change my home plan because he can do that per the contact... I’m trying to settle this before getting legal involved.. but with your terrible managers in San Antonio I’m thinking I don’t have much of an option. I also have a BBB case open as well. My issues now are the sales agent agreed to take off 1,000 dollars off my home due to all the issues he created.. then he quite and lennar refuses to honor this even though I have a text confirming this... I tried to offer something in the middle, buy them moving up my closing so I do t lose money in the process... but instead the declined.. now my homes slab was poorer too short. It was poured to the new plan not the old plan and the manager Edgar basically told me he was doing this for me... that my home should be the new one...but structure wise adding that tiny amount of slab is will need to be reviewed by a engineer.. he says I can pay for one on my own, but this is not my mistake... also on the call he told me if I was to continue to be difficult he would just left it short and it would be my issues... This is the most terrible experience I’ve had with any company. And to add to this issue we already purchased a home in the subdivision under the understanding that my original deal on my home would be completed.. so now I have an elderly mother at a location that is 40 mins away from me currently and a company that is running a bait and switch on my home. I don’t want to have to move to a legal action but at this point I don’t see any other options since now we will if y’all aren’t able to get my a home with what I requested and it’s structural sound and there is a signed report from an engineer.. we will have to bring my mothers house into the legal action since she won’t be able to live in this home. Annie"
Richard Leonhardt says "Not enough room here to share our experiences with our Lennar house purchased June 9, 2017. Improper grading, flooding, differential foundation settling, drywall cracking, sloped and bulging floors. All of this was discovered within 13 months of moving in. And now 3 years later...still not fixed. Delay, parade more people around, delay, change Lennar Rep, delay. Please visit this site my wife and I put together to share our experience."
Do not buy Lennar says "If you are buying a home, do your research before you settle with lennar. There are plenty of builders out there. Lennar homes are built quickly and they cut corners. We have a lennar home that we bought less than a year ago and the home has many issues (including serious issues). Save your money and your well-being. Do not be fooled by their warranty, it is a year but if they deemed something within standards they will deny your claim and you'll be stuck with the repair. Most contractors they use for the jobs do a very bad job on repairs and make things worst. I would not recommend a lennar home to anyone...if I knew what I was going to go through with lennar ..inqould have never step foot in their community."
Prasanth Balakrishna says "I want to share my experience with buying home through this company. 1) They build housed fast with no regard to quality. 2)They leave lot of work incomplete at settlement time which does not get done even after months of the calling emailing. 3) Warranty staff does not pick calls or respond to emails. They tore open my carpet too fix a leak (new home and had a leak) and promised to fix the same but still no response."

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