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Lennar Corporation is a home construction and real estate company based in Miami, Florida. In 2017 the company was the largest home construction company in the United States after its purchase of CalAtlantic Homes. The company is ranked 154th on the Fortune 500 as of 2019. The company operates in 21 states and owns Rialto Capital Management, the sponsor of six private equity funds that invest in real estate and an originator commercial mortgage loans for securitization. The company also developed and retains ownership interests in 53 apartment communities. The name Lennar is a portmanteau of the first names of two of the company's founders, Leonard Miller and Arnold Rosen.

It is no secret that nobody cares about the quality of homes built by Lennar Corporation. There is mass production of poorly constructed homes while creating the illusion of customer care seems to be the standard business model.They don’t hire good contractors because they pay them terrible wages and the contractor are so strapped for time that they will simply do whatever they can just so they will meet the time schedule. Customer service is awful and you should beleive any bad review you read about Lennar. Their social media has a pattern of blocking people that tell them what they don’t want to hear or share complaints and that's a horrible social media strategy.


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Former Employee - Workday HRIS says

"Everything, people are loud, disrespectful, zero professionalism, I felt like I was working in CUBA pretty much."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything that you think that can go wrong"

Former Employee - New Home Sales Consultant says

"If you’re a salesperson of color, you’ll be placed in only the most difficult to sell communities. After you work to make them successful, you’ll be either moved to another low performing community or given a sales partner. Must endure numerous racist comments about buyers and bullying from toxic white employees simply because they have friends in management. If you question anything, you’ll be targeted for harassment by management or firing. Or they transfer you to the worst performing community to force you to quit. Less attention is given to construction of homes purchased by people of color."

Former Employee - New Home Sales Consultant says

"Worst management I've had the displeasure to work for. Management makes it clear that money and their bottom line is the most important thing. They do not hesitate to remind you that you are disposable. Will fire you and keep the commission that you earned for the sales of their homes in order to boost their bottom line. I highly recommend that no one works for them. Let them fizzle out."

Former Employee - Construction Manager says

"Once you get hired, everything you say or do will be used to terminate you before and/or after your probationary period. They are horrible with communication, make sure you do follow up e-mails on phone conversations and follow up emails on emails. Most often your emails will be ignored, constantly flood their e-mails AND any of their preferred communication till you get a follow up reply."

Former Employee - Construction Superintendent says

"They don't give 2nd chances"


"Where to begin? Toxic management In the Atlanta division office Morale is extremely low Constant finger pointing and blame game amongst employees Management use scare tactics and treat employees like crap. They consistently set unrealistic expectations associates cannot meet. This contributes to the beaten down morale that is heavily obvious in this office. You can see how defeated everyone at Lennar Atlanta is just by simply walking through the office halls. It’s horrible."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Pretends to be a caring organization… Words and promises don’t match actions. Infected with favoritism. Low paying. No employee performance reviews. Employee feedback is ignored. High stress, work-life balance sucks. No compassion for an employee’s life outside of work. Cutthroat corporate vibe is cancerous. Micromanagement and unrealistic expectations. No real chance for creativity, cookie cutter assembly line type work. No sense of employee camaraderie or interaction… Everybody’s heads down working in silence, you feel like you’ll get in trouble if you talk or get up from your desk. It felt like jail working there. They put in shuffleboard and ping pong tables but nobody is ever playing either because if you’re not at your seat working, then you’re accused of not working, wasting time and punished. You’re pretty much just a number and less you’re in the upper echelon. Nobody that works there even owns a Lennar home—nobody can afford one on the low salaries they pay."

Former Employee - Customer Relations Specialist says

"Micro manager, Associates treated poorly, Constant turn over, very stressful, get yelled at - cursed at everyday. Not enough time in the day to get all your work done."

Former Employee - Construction Manager says

"Too impersonal, numbers and review scores only oriented. Don’t care about employees."

CRM (Former Employee) says

"Since day one it was a nightmare. No support from the Manager I had after training. I was basically thrown to the wolves after one a half week of training. I had questions all the time, and whenever I called the Manager they never answered, so I was going in blind to every situation and tried to deal with it as best as I could. Mind you, the training I had was to teach us how to navigate the system they used to work with all homeowners. This job ruined me. Mentally and physically. I couldn't sleep properly, I suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks. The amount of negativity this company has is ridiculous. During my time working for Lennar, which was one year and a half, I never encountered a satisfied homeowner. Their experience from the beginning, starting with Sales, all the way to closing was a disgrace. Lennar is building homes like crazy just so they can sell them quickly. Houses that are only two months old, already have leaks in the house, mostly their roof or coming in from their windows. I was aware that I was going to receive complaints and angry homeowners, but it got out of control. To a point that I was basically angry all the time, dealing with BS from other Associates, and cleaning up after their mess. There is no control in this company, it is like every man for themselves. Managers will never have your back, after declining a work order, the homeowner would go higher and when it gets to the Director, they will say yes, when in the Warranty Manual clearly says it is not covered. And then of course, you will look like the bad in front of the homeowner,working from homeYou will never get a break, not even after 5:00pm."

Construction Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very poor field support from area VP Stretch trades too thin not enough trades Sacrifice quality for quarterly closings Very poor bonus structure Wages fair for a beginner poor wages for experienced people Very disappointed with my 5 months thereIt’s a jobToo many to mention"

Customer Relations Manager (Former Employee) says

"No job security. Chew you up and spit you out without warning even if you are making numbers. The company as a whole didn’t make their numbers this quarter so did a large lay-off with no warning of people that were a huge asset to their company.No prosEverything"

Site Admin (Former Employee) says

"IT manager was lack luster. More of a yes man afraid of the HR manager and losing his job. Unorganized and highly inappropriate relationships going on between managers."

Customer Care (Former Employee) says

"Good luck at a this company that does not care about its employees. You are just a number to the higher ups. The customer care position has nothing to do with customer care. The only thing they expect from you is to force customers to give 10s across the board on their post home buying surveys."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked here as a customer care associate. I've never seen more unethical dangerous behavior in my entire life. This company should be ashamed of itself."

Construction Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company does not provide the necessary resources to do the job. Expects management people to work 14 hour days 6 days a week. Does not care about quality or meeting Codes. Horrible experience working for them."

Site Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Human resources is unprofessional. There is no follow-up or follow through. Phone call after phone call human resource agents provide little if any relevant information."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"They promise you so much, it’s all Lies the San Antonio division is the worse division because of management. You have a 2 month training class with joke of a trainer! You are $6000 in the draw before you hit the floor, and they would do anything to make sure you don’t get out of the draw, you pay 25% of your commission to a performance coach that doesn’t do a darn thing but just take your money! Stay away!!!!NonePay/Hours/management"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This place is one of the worst builders to work for in the SA market. They can’t keep sales staff and during one period lost 20 sales reps in 71 days. Lowest commissions out of any builder, ANY BUILDER. over 65% cancel rate and their ethics will have you questioning whether management has any moral code. They move you in an out of communities based on favoritisms and regardless of performance. Beware of the recruiting tactics and they have job fair EVERY MONTH cause they can’t keep people. STAY AWAY !!!Nada !!Ethics, pay, hours and favoritism"

Construction Manager (Former Employee) says

"Training and expectations not clear or realistic. People with a lack of construction knowledge in positions that influence daily operations. Department silos and gotcha culture. Sales and Construction at odds with internal and external customers. Good Surveys with home owners are bought."

Software Engineer & SQL Developer (Former Employee) says

"More concerned with political correctness than anything else. Big plans, big projects, cheerleading shows.... nothing materializes. Absolutely zero is accomplished 9-5 BUT everyone likes to put on a show and work from home with 9pm 11pm 2am conference calls being common.You don't do any real workWork life balance is a joke"

Customer Service /Secretary (Former Employee) says

"Got fired as soon as they found out I was pregnant. Later said I was slacking off, I was only a month pregnant. Never slacked off! Engineer I worked for said it was risky if I should ever trip in the future with my belly getting bigger.Nothing given, just responsibilities"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Toxic environment, low morale, only received judgement and criticism, management is always too busy to hear out employees concerns or provide training."

Construction Manager (Former Employee) says

"Upper management has no idea of what it takes to build a good home. This company offers the lowest amount in pay. bonuses are paid once a year at the lowest amount.Not a good work environment.no proseverything about this company, poor pay"

Land Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"They eat you up and spit you out. Yelling, screaming and poor compensation are just daily life at Lennar. I would not go back there to work for my previous manager."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Go to office pick up work orders for the day , drive to Edison check on bldgs under construction, call trades and or homeowners to schedule repairs. drive to township pick up CO'SNoneAll"

Help Desk Technician (Current Employee) says

"For being such a big company and they strive on the fact that they are family oriented and treat everyone Ina first name basis. This actually Ito true they have no care for you as an employee. Managers micromanage and there is no communication at all. Talk about lack of communication with the corporate structure. Divisions don't communicate let alone within departments. Benefits are ok and the vacation, sick, personal days are a joke. If they could have you work more than 40 hrs they would. Company is just mediocre"

confidential (Current Employee) says

"Garbage company, no direction, does not reward employees, never gives raises, no upward mobility, extremely demanding.NoneEverything"

Residential Construction Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor company to work for for a college graduate. Long hours and little pay for the reward of building someones home. Mnagement was more concerned with making bonuses than the employees.nonedriving three hours one way to work and no gas card."

Lennar homeowner says

"If you\'re looking for a house, and you\'re looking at a Lennar built house, you need your head examined. Read the reviews, the real ones. Not those on sites who purport to show homeowner reviews...but offer no portal to leave your own review. Even if you create an account. Or, simply read our well documented review with pictures, Lennar emails, videos...the truth. www.lennarbuilderreview.com "

Soo Ha says

"My house is Lennar CalAtlantic home. When I signed the purchase contract, I was given Lennar Warranty which specifies kind of "bumper to bumper" warranty service including paint job and cabinetry fix, etc. However, Lennar will not follow through the terms claiming that I should have gotten a "CalAtlantic warranty" instead, which only offers fixing nail pops on drywalls. But they cannot provide me with the evidence that I had received such a warranty during the closing because I never did. I have complained and informed them that my warranty is different, but they will not respond and ignore. So I had to pay out of pocket for things that would normally have been done under warranty. Since then I have read many reviews about how deplorable Lennar's customer service is. I can't believe how such a big company does it's customer service so poorly and still is in business. I was advised by a few people to file a complaint with the Attorney General and I might do that actually."

Andy & Ashley says

"Very disappointed with our recent experience with Lennar-yorkville duplexes in rain tree! We were all set to move forward with new build until we found out things that were not consistent with what our sales consultant Meghan Berki told us. Obviously she will tell you whatever you want to hear to get a sale! She wasn’t honest about taxes on our lot, claimed the paper she showed us in sales office was for our lot but ended up not being the case, the association fee, lied about how much a month it was for BOTH masters & duplexs in front of us & our realitor! Also before we went through with sending out deposit we asked her directly on the phone how long it would take for the deposit back if it came down to it. She told us 14 days! Which I guess isn’t the case either! Could take 4 weeks to even get one mailed! Which is abosulotely Ridiculous ! We are getting the run around on timeframe from her boss, her supervisor & have yet to hear back from heather. Whoever this is. Thankfully we had an attorney review period and were able to get out of this contract! Can’t believe they would conduct business like this! beware! They just tell you what you want to here! We want to hear from “accounting” to get our check our immediately!!

Beware of yorkville raintree new build & their sales team!"

Sarah Lydia says

"On Friday, September 18th, 2020, my realtor and I arrived at my newly built Lennar home for my first walkthrough before closing. We found that minor repairs had not been made yet (paint was still chipped, one of the windows hadn’t been sealed, the floors were covered in paint(?) stains despite having just been cleaned, a vent in the bathroom was hanging down out of the ceiling, etc.), and the major ones (roof, stairs, etc.), as specified by the inspection report, hadn’t been made yet, either. I asked the Lennar rep who was doing my walkthrough, James “Jim” Ridings, for the blue tape so my realtor and I could mark minor repairs, and his response was, “Oh, we don’t do that,” and he told me to “point out” things that needed fixing and he would just “take notes.”

Jim conducted the walkthrough, dismissing everything we pointed out as “Oh, that’ll get done during final clean” or “Yeah, they’ll do that later.” There was even an issue with the caulking/sealant to the door leading to the garage, and a line of ants were marching from one hole in the caulking to another hole in the caulking on the other side of the threshold, and I pointed to it, asking for it to be resealed AND HE SAID, “Well, ants are gonna get in no matter what you do, and we don’t spray for insects, anyway.” My realtor and I looked at each other in disbelief. I looked at him and said, “Seal it anyway.”

After that abysmal walkthrough, Jim asked me to sign a document which stated that I found no issues with the house. I said no. Specifically, I said, “I’m not going to sign that until all of the repairs are made,” and the reinspection was scheduled for later that day, so there was no way of knowing if the HVAC, roof, and stairs had been fixed and up to code. He insisted that I sign the document, and again I told him no, not until everything was fixed. So, he went outside, found a construction associate, and took him through the house with a bucket of paint and a brush, touching up spots on the walls, but spilling paint drops on the floor in the process. The ants and caulking didn’t get fixed until I point-blank asked him for the third time to fix it.

HERE’S THE PROBLEMATIC PART. (Yes, somehow it gets worse.) At this point in the walkthrough, the vent in the bathroom was still hanging out of the ceiling and I didn’t know yet if the roof, HVAC, or any other major repairs had been made. Jim came up to me with an iPad, the document (stating that I found "no issues with the house" when clearly there were) pulled up, my signature PRE-LOADED into the signature line. He showed it to me, did not wait for me to respond, clicked “Sign” and “Finish,” and said, “You’re good to go!” My jaw dropped and my agent and I were both stunned.

Reread that if you need to.

To be very clear: the Lennar rep, Jim Ridings, without my acknowledgment or consent, SIGNED IT FOR ME ANYWAY. That’s a crime. He FORGED MY SIGNATURE on a legal document that was contractually part of a $200K+ purchase agreement. My attorney said I could take them to court if I wanted to, but I don’t have the time or mental bandwidth to do that, not for $500. And, honestly, that’s probably what they bank on — people who, for whatever reason, can’t or won’t take them to court for such a small amount.

Anyway, the house failed reinspection, too. Even if everything had gone smoothly with that reinspection, I still would have cancelled, because what absolutely did it for me was being gaslighted, disrespected, and bulldozed by Lennar, in more ways than just Jim committing electronic forgery.

I never received any word that disciplinary action would be taken with Jim; I never received any word from any manager, at all, about anything.

Shortly after cancelling, I got a call from one of the construction associates who was working on my house. He let me know that the home had been vandalized and broken into over the weekend, and the appliances had been stolen. Not that I needed another sign, but I got one anyway.

I dodged a bullet by running, not walking, away from this company. Highly recommend you do the same."

Annie Elizabeth says

"Run away, don’t buy a lennar home!

Lennar current managers/directors in the San Antonio area are condensing and rude

I have also had several rude and condensed conversations with Edgar..
Who says If I want to be more difficult he will just change my home plan because he can do that per the contact...

I’m trying to settle this before getting legal involved.. but with your terrible managers in San Antonio I’m thinking I don’t have much of an option.

I also have a BBB case open as well.

My issues now are the sales agent agreed to take off 1,000 dollars off my home due to all the issues he created.. then he quite and lennar refuses to honor this even though I have a text confirming this... I tried to offer something in the middle, buy them moving up my closing so I do t lose money in the process... but instead the declined..
now my homes slab was poorer too short.
It was poured to the new plan not the old plan and the manager Edgar basically told me he was doing this for me... that my home should be the new one...but structure wise adding that tiny amount of slab is will need to be reviewed by a engineer.. he says I can pay for one on my own, but this is not my mistake...
also on the call he told me if I was to continue to be difficult he would just left it short and it would be my issues...

This is the most terrible experience I’ve had with any company.

And to add to this issue we already purchased a home in the subdivision under the understanding that my original deal on my home would be completed..
so now I have an elderly mother at a location that is 40 mins away from me currently and a company that is running a bait and switch on my home.

I don’t want to have to move to a legal action but at this point I don’t see any other options since now we will if y’all aren’t able to get my a home with what I requested and it’s structural sound and there is a signed report from an engineer.. we will have to bring my mothers house into the legal action since she won’t be able to live in this home.


Richard Leonhardt says

"Not enough room here to share our experiences with our Lennar house purchased June 9, 2017. Improper grading, flooding, differential foundation settling, drywall cracking, sloped and bulging floors. All of this was discovered within 13 months of moving in. And now 3 years later...still not fixed. Delay, parade more people around, delay, change Lennar Rep, delay. Please visit this site my wife and I put together to share our experience. lennarbuilderreview.com"

Do not buy Lennar says

"If you are buying a home, do your research before you settle with lennar. There are plenty of builders out there. Lennar homes are built quickly and they cut corners. We have a lennar home that we bought less than a year ago and the home has many issues (including serious issues). Save your money and your well-being. Do not be fooled by their warranty, it is a year but if they deemed something within standards they will deny your claim and you'll be stuck with the repair. Most contractors they use for the jobs do a very bad job on repairs and make things worst. I would not recommend a lennar home to anyone...if I knew what I was going to go through with lennar ..inqould have never step foot in their community."

Prasanth Balakrishna says

"I want to share my experience with buying home through this company.
1) They build housed fast with no regard to quality.
2)They leave lot of work incomplete at settlement time which does not get done even after months of the calling emailing.
3) Warranty staff does not pick calls or respond to emails.
They tore open my carpet too fix a leak (new home and had a leak) and promised to fix the same but still no response."

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