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Andrew J. Levander (born 1953) is an American lawyer and Chairman of the law firm Dechert, who advises on securities fraud, commercial litigation, and white-collar criminal defense matters. A former federal prosecutor, he is known for representing numerous prominent Wall Street companies and executives, as well as global businesses facing litigation.

Peter Lattman reported the following about Andrew J. Levander on The New York Times in November 2011:

"Jon S. Corzine has hired Andrew J. Levander, a leading white-collar ... hired Mr. Levander to defend him against a New York attorney general's office."

"Jon Corzine, second from right, on the trading floor of MF Global's Manhattan office. David Goldman for The New York TimesThe resignation capped a disastrous week for Jon S. Corzine, who saw MF Global lose two-thirds of its market value, file for bankruptcy, and face several federal investigations. Jon S. Corzine has resigned from his posts at the embattled brokerage firm MF Global, the company announced on Friday.

Mr. Corzine, who has not been accused of any wrongdoing, is said to have hired Andrew F. Levander, a prominent criminal defense lawyer. Mr. Levander, the chairman of Dechert, has represented other Wall Street executives including John Thain, the former chief executive of Merrill Lynch. Mr. Corzine has also retained two bankruptcy lawyers from the firm Perkins Coie, Alan D. Smith, and Schuyler G. Carroll, to represent him in the civil Chapter 11 proceedings."


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