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Christopher J. Lane (born 1966) is a British-American cultural critic, medical writer, and intellectual historian who is currently Professor of English at Northwestern University and, formerly, the university's Pearce Miller Research Professor of Literature. A member of Northwestern’s Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities, he is also an affiliate of the Feinberg School of Medicine’s Institute.

A reader on Christopher J. Lanes book Shyness: How Normal Behavior Became a Sickness mentioned, "The fundamental premise of Mr. Lane's book is fundamentally incorrect and undermines this entire book. Shyness is not an established disorder- social anxiety disorder is. These are two related but separate phenomenons, and the distinction is important. Shyness is a relatively normal pattern of thoughts and behavior that is not considered pathological in the psychiatric community. Social anxiety, however, when it causes significant interference and/or distress is one's life, is considered abnormal. Because of this fundamental error in Mr. Lane's argument, it is impossible to take this book seriously. Though it is important to be skeptical about issues related to diagnosis and treatment, wholesale indictments against the psychiatric community without factual integrity are irresponsible. It is disappointing that the publisher decided to publish a book like this."


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