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CoreLogic, Inc. is an Irvine, CA-based corporation providing financial, property, and consumer information, analytics, and business intelligence. The company analyzes information assets and data to provide clients with analytics and customized data services. The company also develops proprietary research and tracks current and historical trends in a number of categories, including consumer credit, capital markets, real estate, fraud, regulatory compliance, natural hazards, and disaster projections. The company reported a 2018 revenue of $1.79 billion. In August 2015, the company purchased LandSafe Appraisal Services, an appraisal management company, from Bank of America for $122 million.

A former Customer Account Rep from Plano, TX wrote about the experience working for Landsafe claiming that it is a stressful place and adding: "This job was very stressful, a lot of micromanaging done. Management made the job harder than it really was"


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Mortgage Servicing Specialist (Ownership & Encumbrance Team) says

"Alot of favoritism - Management is not accountable for their actions - Management is poorly qualified - Alot of dress code violations(as in people coming to work dressed for a club) - The "Free" coffee is only rationed out to some people -"

Systems Analyst says

"Management does not care about the employees"

Current Employee - Senior Staff Appraiser says

"Lack of support, long hours without compensation."

Current Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"Change in forms decreased productivity and having to pay the second company for orders decreased income."

Current Employee - Review Appraiser says

"Couldn't seem to figure out what role they wanted in the market and ended up laying off most of the department. Has ended up sending a lot of jobs to India. Do I really want to do be a consumer supporting a company who doesn't care about US workforce? Nope."

Former Employee - Senior Settlement Service Specialist says

"Seems like this company will not last long lay offs and the current employees have to pick up the slack due to Landsafe not wanting to hire new people to help with the work load."

Former Employee - Staff Appraiser says

"Long hours, low pay, always about the bottom line."

Former Employee - Review Appraiser says

"Ultimately, poor leadership led to LandSafe having a product that wasn't worth what it cost to make. Too much management and poor oversight/training caused this. Growth in technology in this market created many products that could provide similar services at a much lower price and the company was not able to adapt."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative II says

"No room for advancement. Management was constantly letting you know what you needed to do to move up, but when you consistently demonstrated those traits, there was never any positions opened up. Requests to transfer out were routinely denied for no reason."

Former Contractor - Escrow Specialist says

"Rules are many and often confusing and petty. Company employs hundreds but does not seem to keep a database of employees and skills. Does not hire from within."

Real Estate Appraiser (Former Employee) says

"A typical work day was busy. Managers were easy to work for. Hardest part of the day was long hours.Typical days 12 hours. Most enjoyable part was working from home."