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Lambert Cable handles virtually any type of installation and maintenance project, including optical fiber cables. We also install outside plant wiring for commercial and education facilities. We are a leader in the telecommunications industry. We have been in business for over 48 years.

An employee shared this in a review, "Very poor communicationThey try to break down a crew to treat two-man crews is everybody knows you can’t do lawn workWith two men is dangerous for you and the other person without having three."


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Material Manager (Former Employee) says

"I loved my job worked to do the best I could. I hardly ever had help I picked up materials I did the yard work n my manager job , but only got paid for one had 1 raise in 5 yrs , and I don’t know why I snapped but I did . Doing all 3 jobs took its toll on me I know I was not perfect, but tried as hard as I could never late in 5 yrs , or missed many days but in all I messed up n wish I would of left on better terms , I have never left a job like that in my entire life. But Lamberts lost because there are not many people who can do what I can do . Just wish I would of got a fair raise n things would of been different plus in 5 yrs I hardly ever took lunch always worked thru it but all the extra things I have done will never get recognized good luck know I am sorry for the way I left , but nobody cares anyway Cons: I don’t know why I got so mad that is not me ???"

Lineman/foreman (Former Employee) says

"Bad management, very profiling among employees, no room for growth, very under paid. No job security. Cons: No breaks, bad work environment"

Foreman/lineman (Former Employee) says

"Very poor communicationThey try to break down a crew to treat two-man crews is everybody knows you can’t do lawn workWith two men is dangerous for you and the other person without having three"

Laborer (Current Employee) says

"The upper management only care what goes into their pockets. Not what goes into yours. The first problem is you're working for a Dycom company and if you don't know those fools upstairs only care about their salaries and what they can get on the Christmas bonus. There is absolutely no room for advancement unless the person above you leaves or dies. The supervisor in my area atleast is ignorant and will only relay information given to him instead of going out and checking it out to make a judgment call so everyone's time ends up being wasted. They have no desire in hiring others and would much prefer loading their guys down with a ridiculous work load and then wonder why nothing is getting done. The engineers who draw out the jobs have no clue how anything works. Do not come here if you value your family and especially if you have a child at home that you would like to watch grow or be there for. The absolute worst company and wouldn't recommend to someone I absolutely hate. Cons: Think of anything terrible about a company and lamberts will fit the description."

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Nothing was ever done and kiss and telling. Management showed favoritism and the boss thought it was law. No even opportunities for new workers. No guarantees on hours so pay was uncertain."

Administrative Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Higher mangement is the problem. Family working for family is a conflict of interest in itself. This company is corrupt and management does not care.. Cons: No advancement opportunity"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"This is a company that does not care about there employees at all"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"There was never what you could call a typical work day when I was assisting the general manager for the manhole/conduit division for 5 states. I have always loved taken on challenges and continue to improve and learn skills. The hardest part of the job was learning to adapt to the Field Manager not planning head and needing everything at the last minute. This affected my work and I had to learn how to multi-task really quick. I really enjoyed the type of work that I did because it was always changing and never the same day in and day out. Cons: not loyal to the employees"

OSP Engineer Associate II (Current Employee) says

"If your not part of the good ole boys club your in trouble in this company! Sad to say great money and hours but by far the most toxic office/work environment I have worked in."

Laborer/Operator (Former Employee) says

"overall the people are not friendly, The manager the company should have sent back to class to be thought how to respond with people.There is no more to say no to happy with this company. Cons: The lying, gossiping"

Forman (Current Employee) says

"I didn't learn anything the management here in Chesapeake is lousy , some very nice people work there but managers are rude and will talk to you with no respect"


"I worked at Lambert over a year and a half and I went through 3 different managers the first two were great the last one not so great. I would not recommend anyone to work there some of management showed favor to the other employees."

administrator (Former Employee) says

"I guess it is all in what you make it. Keep your head down and do your work, don't cause waves or expect change and you will do just fine."

Director (Former Employee) says

"I do not have a lot to say other than I worked for this specific company for over 10 years and was rather disappointed when I decided to leave. You can't always"

Field Technician (Current Employee) says

"Not a bad place to work if you are happy staying in the same role. The management is not interested in developing employee's. They eliminated supervisor positions and only have managers that are protecting their position at all cost. Good place to get experience in the field of teleco construction."

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"compensate well.Some advancements, if they end up short handed.cameras in all trucks and on premises.You consent recordings of yourself to be used in anyway by Lambert/Dycom.strict policy’s Cons: Privacy, policy, management, disrespect, s.harassment, and stingy with the headgear."

Construction Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The team I was a part of was ill-prepared for working together and in the area they were assigned. The environment degraded into 100% CYA and no teamwork. I actually like most of the people I met on my team and around the company as a whole, outside of work. But when my team was at work, it was every (wo)man for themselves."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Lamberts Cable Splicing in a large company that specializes in construction, engineering and splicing of copper and fiber optic cable to many companies in the telecommunication industry. Cons: Stress job conditions with mediocre pay."

Field Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"My day begins reviewing and scheduling the ever changing workload for 8 employees, prioritizing with due dates and customer service in mind. Ensuring all time sheets are processed on a daily basis, billing completed jobs. Working with interruptions, and adapting to ever changing priorities. My co-workers are the best part of my job. We are a satellite office in NJ and see our supervisor 1 or 2 times a month. The group I work with are trustworthy, need minimal supervision are honest and dependable. The hardest part of the job is being a satellite office when the rare occasion that help is needed, it must be addressed by a phone call. Cons: Healthcare costly"

Buried Wire Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Learned a different trade, made some new contacts. Some days were hard but at the end of a job, the feel of accomplishment was great. Cons: length of travel at times"

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