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LA BUENA VIDA is a Spanish movie directed and written by David Trueba, about the life of a 14-year-old (Tristan) as he deals with some major issues in his life. At the beginning of the movie, he has already decided to dedicate his life to writing and losing his virginity (while his parents are away on holiday). Things don't quite go to plan when, at the crucial moment, the phone rings to tell him his parents have been killed in a car crash. From then, he is on his own and in control of his destiny, or at least he thinks so.

A member of the audience under the name of ¨fellini_58701¨ shares some thoughts about La Buena Vida in a review published by IMDB: "Despite the good intentions of "the Good Life" a coming of age film an about teenage a boy who's parents get killed on there second honeymoon trip to Paris is left alone living with his Granpa at the same time dealing with his puberty and sexual awakening with a crush on his cousin and teacher. I felt the movie was over rated and did not find myself caring or interested in any of these characteristics except for the Grandfather wonderfully played by Luis Cuenca the only character I liked and enjoyed watching the rest of the characters, especially the lead Fernando Ramallo did less to impress with there performance. I film in my opinion did not deserve the Special Jury prize at the 1997 Karlovy Vary film festival"


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