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Sherwin-Williams Company is an American Fortune 500 company in the general building materials industry. The company, with headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, primarily engages in the manufacture, distribution, and sale of paints, coatings and related products to professional, industrial, commercial, and retail customers primarily in North and South America and Europe. The company is mostly known through its Sherwin-Williams Paints line. Its consumer brands group manufactures products under such trade names as Krylon, Dutch Boy, Dupli-Color, VHT (a division of Dupli-Color), Minwax, Thompson’s WaterSeal, Pratt & Lambert, White Lightning, Purdy and Kool Seal.

User "Oneof88" heads a review as "Worst experience" on the "Amazon" website on September 3, 2019:

"I’ve used Krylon spray paint for past projects with great success. The key is always to properly clean and prepare the object in question and the surrounding surface first before starting any project. That is until today. The paint sprayed perfectly at first until it started to release tiny clumps of paint that got all over the surface of the object I was working on. I didn’t realize the issue until the paint had aready set for a couple of hours. Invested the paint in another object to see if the issue was the first object and the same results happened again. Had to scrape off the fresh layer of paint from the first object which actually damaged it in the process. Pretty sure my spray paint was defective because like I’ve stated I prepared the object beforehand."


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Jennifer Jones says

"Buyer Beware! One would do better buying products at the flea market versus SkyGeek. Purchased 20 tubes of silicone caulk: the product was either defective or in someway outdated—4 of 20 tubes would not cure after seven days. Refund process was unduly long and cumbersome."

James Blodgett says

"I ordered an overhauled starter motor. There was a $200 core charge. There was no information with the starter indicating where to return the core to. After many, many attempts I was finally able to get shipping information from Skygeek for the core return. It was shipped the next day direct to Aviall and I received confirmation they received it. It has now been 3 more weeks and I have not received the $200 core refund. I have tried with phone messages (the phone is never answered and messages are not returned), sent emails, posted messages on their website and everything else I can think of. Still no joy. I give up. I will dispute the charge with the CC company."

Jonathan Hodgman says

"Purchased some Xiameter RTV 4130J. Label states it has a shelf life of 1 year. Attempted to cast some seals less then 2 months after purchasing and it is defective/won't cure. Write customer service and come to find out that if the order is over 30 days any claims on a defective product are null. Poor customer service, shady policy that isn't Clearly put out there. $100.00 flushed down the drain. Spend your money elsewhere if you want to be treated well."

Rich says

"Poorly run drop ship company. First, if you come across a website for a company that does not list a phone number, be weary. You can google them and get it, but the do not post it on their website. They stock very little so be forewarned. I have been waiting for 20 days for my order...I called a few time and you rarely get a live person. The one time I did, he said I would probably get it last week...yeah, right! Stick to the big boys you are better off. Their website has a lot of bugs also. I received an order conformation number and a link to check on the status of the order. Every single time I click on the link, it says there is no such order. I have read in other reviews they have experienced the same issue. I am one and done with this company that is for sure."