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Tastykake is a line of snack foods manufactured by the Tasty Baking Company, currently headquartered at the Philadelphia Navy Yard (formerly the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Established in 1914 by Philip J. Baur and Herbert T. Morris and originally selling its product only in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, the company now distributes its products in several states on the East Coast, south to Florida, and has been gradually expanding across the United States.

"Don't waste your money!" says "Linda M. Jenkins" on an Amazon review of "Philadelphia Tastykake Juniors" on February 18, 2020:

"Don't waste your money!

What a disappointment. I bought these as a treat for my co-workers. NO ONE liked them and I thought they bordered on disgusting. Ended up throwing them away. Complete waste of money. Stick to Hostess or Little Debbie."


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