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Kravet Inc. is a home fashion brand that distributes fabrics, furniture, wall coverings, trimmings, carpets and accessories. The Kravet design studio is based in NYC, with warehouses and offices in Bethpage, Long Island and Anderson, South Carolina. The company has more than 40 showrooms in the U.S. and Canada and maintains offices and a distribution warehouse in Poole, United Kingdom.

Ana angrily mentioned, "I ordered a Kravet brand custom sofa and fabric. After many delays, like the fabric company in Japan needed to make the fabric, then the fabric company was closed for a few weeks during the Christmas holidays, etc., etc. the sofa was ready. It took five months, rather than the promised 8-10 weeks. Sometimes when I look at my Crate and Barrel couch, which is very comfortable, beautiful, of very good quality, and took about 11 weeks to get, I wonder why I put myself through the whole Kravet ordeal. Yes, the couch is beautiful and exactly what I wanted, but for the very high prices that they charge, you would think that Kravet would take its agreements a little more seriously. It is also very embarrassing, awkward, and frustrating for the designer."


Clerical Support (Current Employee) says "Micro management to the 100th power. Management does not value or respect staff. Ideas and opinions are not appreciated or welcomed. Training is long yet not substantial. Too Much favoritism. Over worked."
Shipping and Receiving Clerk Inventoy control (Current Employee) says "Good place to work. Self pace job No have a team work environment The organization is piramidal, no much communication within coworkers to improve performanceGood place to workNo possibilities of improvement or personal grow"
Interior Design Intern (Former Employee) says "work in this small size firm for 7 months. Friendly working environment. Strong team work. I can control the working skills within short time."
Curated Shipping and receiving clerk (Current Employee) says "Have a good friends and good people that work with in my case no possibilities to keep growing in the company Learning person that have probles to continuing with development new skills, don't have the support of the management to keep growing in the companyStimulus to acomplish perfect attendanceIs not the same consideration bettewn workers"
Order Management (Current Employee) says "Great benefits, great location, but little to no advancement. Obvious favoritism. Been with the company for a couple years and people hired after me got promotions/advancement opportunities. You can go above and beyond to make the customers happy yet you're barely recognized for it. I notice a lot of cliques, fake friendliness, and everybody trash talks each other behind their backs. The CEO is nicer, friendlier, and more appreciative than his direct reports. I wish middle management would be as kind and appreciative of their employees as the CEO.2 free lunches a month, paid week off in between Christmas and New Years, business casual attireLittle to no advancement, no unity, poor raises."
Staff Accountant (Current Employee) says "I learned a lot in my 5 years at Kravet Inc. The work environment is relaxed, but the opportunity for advancement and financial gain were simply not present. Deadlines were demanding but were useful in gaining experience in tight time lunchesinsufficient staffing"
Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says "I will come in at 4 they will tell me what number my forklift was at then i would go to my forklift and then go get the role look where the roles would have to go and pick them up."
Assistant Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says "good learning experience, had a good relationship with co-workers. Kravet is a good company to work for. Very positive attitude."

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