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This is a book about Stanley Hillis, aka 'De Kouwe Ouwe', who was liquidated in 2011. He was one of the most feared Dutch gangsters. He started out as a petty thief and bank robber in the 1970s, often operating in the background, from the 1980s onwards in organized crime. He grows into a true godfather, praised and feared for his stubbornness, intelligence and brutal display of power.

In De Kouwe Ouwe,Martijn Haas and Vico Olling search for the traces of Stanley Hillis. Using extensive research and numerous interviews, they show the rise and fall of the capo di tutti capi and the powerful group that he had gathered around him, and thereby also sketch forty years of Dutch crime history.

A reader writes " It is a very good book but it also exposes readers to some sort of crimes for which children are more vulnerable to. I wouldn't recommend that children read this book."


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