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KENZOKI WHITE LOTUS is a velvety smooth cream for peachy soft skin. A glance in the mirror shows the skin beautifully and proudly glowing with ultra-appealing luminosity. Even-toned complexion, smooth texture and reflected light... You are a star! All this, thanks to a blend of seductive ingredients: White Lotus active plant essence™ envelops the skin in a protective and soothing bubble*. Pink Peony helps brighten and improve skin quality. Palmaria gives skin a healthy glow. What makes this formula so magical? Light reflectors for instant radiance. As well as the rich and relaxing White Lotus scent to start the day right.

A disappointed customer shared this on Makeup Alley "I really like some of the other products in Kenzoki's White Lotus line so I had the cream but I was disappointed. This meant to lightly perfume and moisturize but I felt it did neither. It is like water on your body and doesn't leave your skin feeling any different afterwards, there is no moisturizing effect at all. I love the smell of the other products in this line but when I put this on it had a very alcohol-y smell to it, and no wonder since that is the very first ingredient listed. How can that be moisturizing??? The smell lasted a few seconds then dried up. All this for an exorbitant $45???? No thanks!".


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