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Joystiq was a video gaming blog founded in June 2004 as part of the Weblogs, Inc. family of weblogs, now owned by AOL. It was AOL's primary video game blog, with sister blogs dealing with MMORPG gaming in general and the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft in particular.

A person said this in a review: "Joystiq's content is garbage, I'm a fan of video games and I can tell you that. Better read other blogs".


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NotwhatIwashopingfor says

"First time using Greenmangaming. Already skeptical, maybe I should have gone in with more of an open mind. Anyways, girlfriend was having a bad day at work so I wanted to surprise her with the new DLC for The Outer Worlds. She has been really excited to pick it up, and play it. So I tried to buy a key off of Greenmangaming. Well shortly after purchasing I got an email with no cd key. So I investigated further, made sure the game was released. Came out on the 9th of September, I purchased it on the 14th. Cool, game has released. I go back to the store page, it says "Out of Stock" now. But when I tried to click on it it doesn't do anything but a shake animation on the button. Cool, I managed to get it before it went out of stock because I did get an email. So I submitted a ticket. Representative was really good. Straightforward, understood my dilemma and we resolved the issue rather quickly. Not the resolution I was hoping for as I was not able to purchase the DLC. But at least I got it refunded. Was not a great first impression of the site other than the really great service rep. Probably won't use it again."

MistresOfSkyrim says

"I noticed that the game I wanted was on sale so went to buy it. Nowhere did I see that the currency was in US dollars so my credit card company rejected the payment twice so had to use my debit card. Then I end up paying well over what the normal retail price is for the game because the exchange rate is crap. I've since looked through my profile to see if there is anyway to change the payment currency but there isnt. That was the first and last purchase I will be making unless you have an option to change the currency."

posabule says

"I ordered a digital code for a game DLC and only after ordering it and my card being charged was I informed that they do not currently have any digital codes to provide me, but will as soon as they get more. I have paid money and gotten no product yet for my digital item and only a vague estimate of when I might get my product."

Er says

"The website sent me to download an app to use the game but the app said it was no longer running so I cannot play the game"