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Jot is a 1965-1974 American animated children's television program. The series consisted of 30 four-minute episodes, which were syndicated between 1965 and the 1980s. JOT was produced by the Southern Baptist Radio and Television Commission (RATC) as a Baptist version of Davey and Goliath.

Jot was a dark, scary, and unsettling Christian cartoon, and not suitable for children, Flloyd shared a review at

"Jot was a dark, scary, and unsettling Christian cartoon in which all the children were glowing "dot"s (get it, jot-dot) that were trapped in a playground of eternal night. They bounced around in slow motion like the dream where you trying to get out of a burning building. Why was it always night? Why were they at the playground after dark. Jot was a wimpy boy who when attacked by the bully, internalized it to the point of physical distortion and suicidal thoughts, at least in my memory. Jot used to scare me as much as the "exorcist" commercials. I would never show this to children, although I would personally love to relive the horror. Why isn't this on DVD?."


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