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Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. (NYSE: J) is an American international technical professional services firm. The company provides technical, professional and construction services, as well as scientific and specialty consulting for a broad range of clients globally including companies, organizations, and government agencies. Its worldwide annual revenue reached nearly $15 billion in the 2018 fiscal year.

a field engineer mentioned, "Jacobs Engineering Group is the worst company I have ever worked for. I will never work for Jacob's again. It is a government contract and they do everything possible to undermine the Government personnel and cause conflicts. They thrive on drama."


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Gurvinder Nahal says

"Very Bad experience with Derek Shaw I paid him more then $2000 Dollars Still my score poor condition Very bad service"

Former Employee - EIT says

"dependent on what department you hire into, lacks kind people who have confidence in themselves to not drag others down, sucks to be a new hire - non manager, dependent on work from superiors who hold this against you"

Field Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst company I have ever worked for. I will never work for Jacob's again. It is a government contract and they do everything possible to undermine the Government personnel and cause conflicts. They thrive on drama. NonHealthcare"

Tonya Smith says

"I did a ton of research before going with White Jacobs. I really felt like they would be able to do like they assured me they would. I worked with Doug Taylor and he told me my credit file was nothing out of the ordinary and we should have no problems getting great results. It took some time but he was able to get some things removed, I was able to purchase a car, but soon after - several of the deleted collections reappeared on my reports to drop my scores even lower than they were when I hired them. I left a review on the BBB asking for a refund or partial and was told it was my fault for having high credit card balances. My CC's are paid off and have been for 2 months. My scores are still in the mid 400's. It's embarrassing. Lack of communication from Doug became very frustrating towards the end. I had to message them on Facebook to have him return my calls or emails. I know people have had great results with them. For whatever reason my deletions have reappeared and they wont help after 6 months. I offered to continue paying as long as it takes. At this point - they should refund my money. I've been pretty quiet hoping for someone to reach out and do the right thing but this is the first of many reviews. White Jacobs - do the right thing. My credit is complete and utter garbage. They will only respond with how they were able to get many deletions but don't address it when they reappear and drop your scores even further than before. Sad."

Current Employee - Quality Inspector says

"I am a Full Time employee of Jacobs, without of the advance notification , just a week in advance the Jacobs issued a Company Convenience Leave of absence letter to me for signing , it means that Company put me on employment with only 4 days of prior notification , I thought the Jacobs as Big and International Company , but when I face with this situation of this company it made me to feel very uncomfortable, it means the Jacobs does not think about Job security of employees they Just think about their benefits , I worked with very small companies before Jacobs, but I never face with the situation anywhere"

Safety Manager (Former Employee) says

"Jacobs basically torpedoed the company I worked for. They then attempted to lower wages with no explanation. The management stated that they wanted an inclusive atmosphere, wanting to utilize our safety professionals experience. Then slowly let go of key personnel.NoneEverything about the company"

Former Employee - Vice President says

"Sends USA and UK work to Poland & India "Service" Centers to avoid native born pay/benefit demands. Typical corporate rah rah BS while no real internal transfer opportunity. Management consisting almost entirely of payola outcomes - phony bolognas!"

Director (Former Employee) says

"long work hours, unreliable systems, high turn over, favoritism, heavy use of temps - basically this place is a nightmare. They're very friendly during the interview but once you're in you see a whole different side of management."

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