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Jacob Delafon, French fashion bathroom specialist, is an iconic, key brand on the plumbing product market, with nearly 1,000 employees throughout Continental Europe and North Africa. Parent organization: Kohler Co.

Russ mentioned, "The Sous model kitchen faucet from Jacob Delafon looks great and was the expensive finishing touch on our remodel August 2019. Water flow cold side slowed last month and stopped last week just days before listing our home. Checked screen, cartridge and water supply to narrow the problem the faucet water supply line which can’t be replaced because it’s designed that way (inside the housing body). Deliberate design similar to planned obsolescence. The inside diameter of the line is grossly undersized- if a speck of sand gets in you have a $300 paperweight. A better design is feasible-make the body and supply lines larger. I feel ripped off. There is no real customer service. I’ll pay better attention to reviews. I’ve had 2 Moen faucet issues in the past and they sent a new one and similar one on an obsolete model- both in 2 weeks. Kohler might look better but their design and workmanship make the product unfit for its intended purpose. Can’t wait for a class action."