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The Intermare Sarda , was a group company ENI , which deals with manufacturing special structures used in the field of ' hydrocarbon extraction . It is organized as a joint-stock company and is part of the Saipem group companies , such as Snamprogetti and Sonsub . This company was founded in 1972 by Saipem, which owns it. It was born to meet particular needs, that is to construct mechanical parts to be installed on oil or natural gas production platforms , or even to take care of the manufacture of the entire plant. Unlike the other companies of the ENI group, which own, build, and manage several construction sites in many parts of the world , Intermare has only one. It is located near the Sardinian town of Tortolì - Arbatax , hence its name. Although it is not one of the group's best known companies, it is very well known in the environment of oil and natural gas extraction, as it has accumulated over thirty years of experience in the construction of large plants. This has allowed her to become one of the world leaders in this type of building and, in addition to having created structures for the ENI group, she has also worked for other very large industries such as ELF , Mobil and Chevron .

In the words of a disgruntled employee, "Working here was very chaotic and disorganized. I learnt that communication is key part for a company to be successful The management always changing was a hard thing do deal with, for example in the time that I was there I had seven different department leads. The only good part of working here was the fellow employees."