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Interbrand, a division of Omnicom, is a New York-based marketing consultancy, specializing in brands and branding management. Interbrand has 24 offices in 17 countries.

A former employee said this a review: "Working at Interbrand was the most toxic, back-stabbing, demoralizing culture I’ve ever experienced. I saw several other highly talented and positive people ripped to shreds, myself included. And the most toxic people continued rising to the top".


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Former Employee - Consultant says

"Leadership should be pumping your gas, not collecting mid six figure salaries."

Former Employee - Senior Strategist says

"All vitality was squeezed out by OMC years go. Current team is a lightweight shadow of some truly great talent that had worked at IB in the past"

Former Employee - Chief Strategy Officer says

"Company is lost. Work is uninteresting."

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"IT infrastructure, out of touch leadership, inadequate support from leadership, non-existent business plan/strategy."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"We're very sorry to hear that this wasn't the right environment for you and hope that you've landed somewhere that is a better fit. We do not condone either sexist or mean behavior at Interbrand and certainly do not believe this is representative of our culture. We do take your comments very seriously and will be looking into the points you raise. We would, however, like to address some of your comments as we don’t believe they are all accurate: * Interbrand New York has been doing well and performing, and as a result we were able to promote 22% of our employees and give salary increases to 100% of all eligible people in 2018, YTD. * One third of our total design team is female including a Creative Director, Senior Designer and Design Fellow. Interbrand is committed to cultivating and promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion and creating a place where all employees feel they belong. * We often have more junior team members – designers as well as other disciplines – in client meetings where they have the opportunity to speak and lead work streams. There are many people here who truly care about the employees and the environment we work in. We also hold an exit interview for each full time person who moves on, where you have the opportunity to share your experience, what worked and what didn’t. For current or future Interbrander's, we encourage you to reach out while you are here and let us know how it’s going and how we can support you."

Former Employee - Mid Level Management says

"Start with a comprehensive package and then they discontinue your benefits. Every year benefits are pulled back and nothing new is added to support your total compensation."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If you're a minority in all it's understood definitions, chances are that you will be, or already are marginalized."

Current Employee - Strategist says

"Bleeding business. All the best talent are jumping ship. Zero diversity from the c suite to the lowest ranks. You will never get your promised pay rise. Office culture of bad behavior, gossip and politics. Typical powerless corporate HR culture promoting and defending the biggest HR offenses and offenders. Mgmt expectation to work harder with less and less. New c-suite regime knows nothing of the business or client Rolodex...but will expect you to hand over yours. Change is aspirational at best but not truly on the proactive agenda. All talk no action."

Current Employee - Manager says

"Pay is well under bonus 401k salary increases for several years. Leadership has no clue how to motivate employees or infuse life into a dying business."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Revenue is the only priority in the organization and as a result the people and work suffer. Even in the ‘not terrible’ times (meaning when layoffs were not a constant threat and the company met most revenue targets), it was exhaustingly difficult and slow to get any raises or promotions. There has never been clarity on career paths, how to get promoted, let alone basic feedback from most managers to their employees. It was always bureaucratic, hierarchical, and political. Change was always discouraged in my experience and many were labeled ‘negative’ for trying to bring forward improvements in process or practice. In 2016, things became unbearable. Layoffs and/or anticipation of layoffs were constant, and as a result morale was terrible. Interbrand has semi identified why they are failing, but fail to take action beyond confusing town hall discussions and PowerPoint slides. While there are many with senior titles, there are no true leaders (maybe 1 or 2 in design) with the remit or care to develop and advocate for the employees."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Ridiculous personalities and unearned egos run amok in this joke of an agency. Leadership at every level is either pathetic or non-existent. The inmates are literally running the asylum here. Senior directors could not be more incompetent, and it's pretty clear they hang onto their jobs because they know where the bodies are buried. Interbrand NY is a nest of snakes. Wild overpromises and outright deceit are institutionalized practices at this place, proof that Omnicom provides zero oversight. If you're a zero-talent scumbag, this is the place for you.There are noneWay too many to list here, but institutionalized deceit is definitely one."

Senior Strategy Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Where creative ideas go to die. Business has been on the decline so do not expect a good salary, raises and promotions or job security for that matter. Management is probably one of the most problematic I've ever encountered in my experience with other yoghurtpoor management, lack of new business"

Senior-level Client Services (Former Employee) says

"The only good thing about this job was my boss and my clients, who all valued what I brought to the table, helped me learn and grow, and were lovely personalities. Aside from that, this was the most toxic, back-stabbing, demoralizing culture I’ve ever experienced. I saw several other highly talented and positive people ripped to shreds, myself included. And the most toxic people continued rising to the top.My boss, but she left for maternity leaveEverything else"

Senior Designer (Former Employee) says

"The most important thing for anyone considering a position at Interbrand to understand is that the company has not been profitable for at least 15 years. I worked for Interbrand for over 10 years, and I could never figure out just what it was the company was trying to sell to its clients. That's because there is no mission, and there is no product. It's all air. In management's mind, being a 'branding consultancy' is top-shelf intellectual activity, and a lot of highly-educated folks are brought in to create a great deal of churn -- which would be fine, if it worked, and the company was profitable. But it doesn't, and, at least during my tenure with Interbrand, it never was profitable. As you might imagine, this leads to management turnover, re-orgs, and neverending downsizing. Your workspace is a plank of wood on sawhorses in an unfinished space with plastic sheeting on the windows to keep drafts out. It's a dump. You’ll never get a raise. Avoid. A terrible place to work.there's a beer keg in the break room -- if you consider that 'pro'pretty much everything else"

Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Good inspired people, bad management and very poor work-life balanceYour colleaguesThere is a general sentiment of negativity"

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"They hire a lot of freelance workers and let them go without consideration of peoples livelihood. It has a reputation of a revolving door, people come and go.Free food and great social atmosphere.Unstable employment, management does not seem to have a handle on work load and employee morale."

Senior Director Human Resources (Former Employee) says

"The people at Interbrand are intelligent and kind, but the business has been failing for the past several years. Poor pay (no salary increases or bonuses in 4 years), No 401K match and an annual turnover rate of almost 70% pretty much sum things up. This is a place you stay for one year to add it to your resume, not a place to grow your career or make money.Smart People, Good Work-Life BalancePoor Pay, No Annual Salary Increases, No Bonus Potential, No 401K Match, Expensive Health Benefits"

Finance Manager (Former Employee) says

"Laid off due to structuring, third round of layoffs in 6 months. No job security, horrible onboarding processes and lack of leadership creates a poor work environmentOverall atmosphere of workplacePoor leadership, downsizing, no commitment to their employees"

Associate Consultant, Brand Research & Strategy (Former Employee) says

"if you are young and looking to learn its fine to work here but not a place you can work long time because of its racist behavior that flows from the very topLearningCulture"

Senior Designer (Former Employee) says

"small company a good place to learn, nice people and clean office."

Designer (Former Employee) says

"Você tem contato com vários clientes, vários grandes clientes, aprende bastante com a equipe de estratégia, mas a equipe de design e os gestores são basicamente homens e as mulheres quase não tem voz. É uma boa escola se você não vem originalmente do mundo de branding."

Macintosh Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Back then it was full of whiny kids who were fresh out of school at their first real job who complained about everything. Here we were giving them the best we could and they thought we should do more and our management did little to nothing to protect us. Who knows though it could have changed though, But it is advertising/branding so I kind of doubt it.The building kept me dryNo matter how much you did, it was never enough."

Designer and Brand (Current Employee) says

"People who work at Interbrand are very pleasant but management are difficult to work with and benefits are lacking. Jobs are exciting and challenging and provide a lot of growth"

Executive Assistant (Current Employee) says

"The crown jewel of the network has lost its luster and is in very real need of a revamp. The people have always been the best reason to work here - but lack of strong leadership and communication has been a downfall."

SALES MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"Overall the company lacked leadership, but still managed to grow in revenue. They became to dependent on Licensed brands and once they were moved to another Licensee the company began to decline."

Production Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Typical day: Either reviewing equipment maintenance/repair forms or studying the OEE of the production lines and how they can be improved or optimized. What I learned: Gained a lot of insight on machine design, efficiency, maintenance. Management: On the engineering level, the management was very competent and available for guidance. Workplace culture: Professional and demanding. Hardest part of the job: More hours per week than most companies. Most enjoyable part of the job: group environment.Discounts on water, juice, other productsRelatively low wages, no compensation for overtime, few holidays"

Operations/Office Manager (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work would be to arrive bright and early with the enthusiasm to accomplish my short and long term work goals. I guide or instruct coworkers when they need my support in understanding company policies or procedures. I also manage local operations in our leased office space, AP/PO/invoice processes and communicate with corporate office in NY regarding AP and AR when the need arises. Interbrand has a great group of employees whom I enjoy working with everyday.Breakfast provided daily with donut day on Tuesdays!Enjoy my work so I have no Cons."

Travel Manager (Former Employee) says

"Most employees overworked and under paid. Not willing to move beyond the norm. If you were not on the billable side, you did not matter. Senior management more concerned about themselves and how they look than the people who did the actual work."

Interior Architect/ Designer (Former Employee) says

"I learned a lot about new and existing techniques and methods I might not have otherwise been able. I had the opportunity to work with an extremely divers group of consultants and individuals."

Director (Former Employee) says

"A wonderful environment to be surrounded by intelligent people who are passionate about brandingfree daily breakfast, weekly in-office happy hourrigid compensation and promotion cycle rules, office politics"

Dolcevita says

"In 2014, having travelled extensively through Africa, I purchased a Cellini suitcase from the Matador in Rosebank, Johannesburg, before travelling home. The store sold Samsonite and various well known leading brands, and the suitcase appeared of good quality. Having only used the suitcase domestically in Australia on a handful of occasions, I was frustrated when it no longer rolled freely, and on inspection, was disappointed to find one of the wheels had completely decompensated. As the suitcase was still under the 5 year warranty, I double checked the Warranty, confirming it was a warrantable issue, before contacting the company by email, submitting full details of time and place of purchase, photos of the receipts, and photos of the damage. I pointed out that the suitcase had only been used on some 5 occasions, and that all 3 other wheels were in excellent condition, suggesting that this was clearly not a case of "wear and tear", but a single faulty wheel. The company agreed it would provide a spare wheel free of charge, however courier costs would be "on your account". I replied quoting their own Warranty policy, which clearly states: 8.  If the warranty applies, you will be notified as to whether the product will be repaired, replaced (with the original product or a comparable product) or refunded. Any such repair or replacement will be at our expense. They reiterated that whilst they were happy to supply the part "free of charge", shipping would be at my expense. I asked where my nearest approved service/repair centre was, pointing out that even if I paid for it, if I were to repair it myself, it would void the warranty. I was told they are only based in South Africa, and thus my only option would be to pay for delivery of the part, attaching a quote for $60 AUD. I double checked with the Australian Consumer Commission (ACCC), who confirmed that if the matter was a warrantable concern, which Cellini was accepting by offerring the part at least for free, than it should be  repaired or replaced at the expense of the company, and not the consumer, as per their own policy. Unfortunately for me, they do not have jurisdiction beyond Australian shores. I did email the South African equivalent, but not surprisingly, received no response. Despite mutiple attempts to point out the warranty clauses, the company have refused to properly honour it, and ultimately, its now being repaired locally at a lower cost. I cannot recommend this company nor their products, and can only stress "buyer beware"...choose another brand!!!"

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