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Insituform Technologies, Inc. is a worldwide provider of trenchless technologies for gravity and pressure pipelines. Insituform is a subsidiary of Aegion Corporation. (NASD: AEGN).

A site manager shared his experience, "I was a contracted employee working at Insituform. During that time I heard nothing but complaints from the crews in the field. Wrong or non functioning equipment sent out - causing significant delays. Zero customer service, customer calls, emails not responded to for weeks, poor work culture. Management structure is a joke and mostly absent. Supervisors having to travel to Oregon and back for parts, then put in a full day on site - a recipe for disaster at some point."


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"Terrible Management from top of company makes terrible management in the plants. Plant manager is a joke."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"buyouts, change of management - the office was in chaos. The company was great for the construction team and the staffers that have been with the company for 15+ years - not such a friendly atmosphere for new office employees."

Former Employee - Construction Labourer says

"Construction and transportation jobs are inherently dangerous, but reasonable precautions can (and are supposed to) be taken to minimize the risk of injury and death. Having said that, I am disappointed with this company for having the most blatant disregard for workplace safety that I have ever encountered. The workdays are often long, and although this happens in construction, what is not acceptable is the practice of demoting employees for taking a moment to eat a snack or hydrate themselves after working more than 4 hours since their last designated break. I became seriously dehydrated while working at this job and became sick as a result. I witnessed my team leader threaten one of his subordinates with violence for having used due caution when carrying out a dangerous procedure. Needless to say, threats like those are unprofessional and should not be tolerated."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"In the Fullerton, Ca office the Project Manager was there for over a year and still did not know anything about the business or the daily activities that goes on in the office. He relied on everyone to include the people at the corporate office do his work for him and yet they continue to pay him a 6 figure salary which was 3 times more than what everybody else was making. Was told that I must work a minimum of 10-12 hour days regardless if everything was done. I was told that since I was in the military that I should understand authority and that David is my boss and I WILL do every and anything he tells me to do to include illegal things which I still refused to do even if he they were going to fire me because I have morals. The Project Manager has had 3 people quit on him to include myself."

Estimator says

"Extremely poor top management, its basically a son trying to keep his father happy... hired as an estimator, no training, no job turnover, no guidance, no job outline, I even had to figure out what exactly the company did & how they did it on my own....position was listed as full time, permanent, but was layed off 1 day shy of 3 month probation (just before head hunter fees due)...the guy I replaced came back from his extended holiday early"


"Horrible work life balance, lacking direction. Unacheivable goals."

Former Employee - Field Engineer says

"Absolutely horrible management with no people skills. Completely toxic, accusational, harsh workplace. Everyone hates their lives when they work here. I dreaded going into work every single day I worked there, absolutely no exceptions. Was talked down to and belittled every day that my manager was in the office, which wasn't very often. No mentorship or training whatsoever. Would never EVER work here again."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where to begin? Poor pay, expect a raise of less then $.50 every 2 to 3 years. Absolutely no leadership. Corporate mindset, no care for the working class."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lack of fair and balanced management style, favoritism, lack of opportunity for training and advancement for lower/mid level staff, faulty annual review process, lack of appreciation for employees who do the actual work."


"Very political. Inept HR team. Poor executive leadership. Favoritism, back room deals run rampant in promotion discussions. Even those with years of strong service tossed aside for political gain."

Labourer (Former Employee) says

"do not work for this company in Winnipeg. they give you false promises and swear that they have lots of work and money to be made in Winnipeg but the truth is they make you work 21 days on 7 days off and they expect you to teach yourself everything. the crew that works in Winnipeg are all racist and unwilling to teach new people. there main office is located in Edmonton and they don't care about people who live in Winnipeg. they only want to use you to make a buck on their end."

Push over (Former Employee) says

"This company lies consistently in the interview about hours , wage, they send you all over the place with little to no warning and when you try and calmly approach them to ask questions they insult you on a personal level and then fire you! The union doesn't protect you much but this company is GARBAGE! They flew my partner out here from out of province with nothing but false promises!NoneEverything toxic place"

FIELD ENGINEER / SITE MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"I was a contracted employee working at Insituform. During that time I heard nothing but complaints from the crews in the field. Wrong or non functioning equipment sent out - causing significant delays. Zero customer service, customer calls, emails not responded to for weeks, poor work culture. Management structure is a joke and mostly absent. Supervisors having to travel to Oregon and back for parts, then put in a full day on site - a recipe for disaster at some point.PaycheckSee above"

labor (Former Employee) says

"It was not a good job supervisor's seem racist my line leader fail to teach me anything to actually get the job the co-workers were ok when they weren't talking about me behind my back the hardest part of my job was getting through the day without hearing gossip from grown men the most enjoyable part of my job was getting paid"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Not a fair caompany to work for, management treats you like you are a dog."

Tap cutter (Former Employee) says

"Job is mostly travel which may not be so bad , except management tells you to go out of town or state for 2 to 3 weeks and they will not allow you to come home for 4 to 8 weeks. They show no professionalism at all , continue to stab employees in the back."

Inspector (Former Employee) says

"A typical day is spent on mainly one production line that you are assigned to. If that line runs out of work you can be moved to one of the others to help out. You only get a 45 minute lunch in a ten hour shift and no food is allowed on the floor. The work week is based on four ten hour days (Mon.-Thur.) but most of the time Fridays and Saturdays are required and the overtime is mandatory. The management team leaves a lot to be desired. They are self serving and closed minded. The hardest part of the job is putting up with the poor planning. Management only seems happy when you are working six days a week and they won't tell you that you've done a good job ever. There are little to no internal advancement opportunities. I would not recommend anyone to work here unless it was the only job you could find.You are inside out of the weather.Poor management, poor planning, one break, long hours, excessive overtime."

Roboto Operator (Former Employee) says

"The overall management from the very top to the ground level is scuffed. The amount of work they are able to find is dwindling especially in the southeast due to competition and the FE's will normally underbid making the labor hard and long. They will frequently change the amount of per diem you are supposed to be paid and try to stiff hours and per diem.good starting paylittle time for family"

Wet-out Technician (Former Employee) says

"You will have no life. 12 hour days, 7 days a week, threats of disciplinary action if you refuse OT. Management does not communicate well with employees regarding schedule, policies and requests for better working conditions/environment. Management is seldom at work to help employees with work related issues. This place is only worth working for out of desperation and need. If you have a family or like weekends, this place is not for you. If you have no life, no kids, and want to slowly move up by kissing butt everyday...this place is for is great if you are willing to have no life at'll have no life at all"

Installation Technician (Current Employee) says

"On the west coast you receive prevailing wage by law which is the only reason you get paid fairly. Heavy travel with no set day you are returning home. You won't work for days and then you'll work 16+ hour days for weeks with no days off. Plan on getting covered in raw sewage routinely. Insurance has high co-pays and you pay a large percent yourself weekly. Around a lot of suspected cancer causing chemicals with no protection and breath in a lot of harmful dust. Management treats you with no respect.Prevailing wageUnknown work schedule. Unhealthy work. Poor equipment"

Field Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The abusive Project Manager/ and V. P. who plays games with you. Second, the long hours required of you and if you leave to go home say at 7:45 at night while the Project Manager keeps working; your going to hear his response and some form of "I'm going to stick it to you.""

ND Shift production supervisor (Former Employee) says

"As a supervisor you are not allowed to perform your job because management won’t to protect their friends. The company management team is very prejudice and don’t try to hide it whatsoever.Great payPrejudice And very disrespectful"

Operations (Current Employee) says

"Not a company to work for if you have a family. You are always away from home.Benfites, 401kNo set work schedual, hours are not set week to week"

Cost Accountant (Former Employee) says

"I started there, and there was absolutely no onboarding process. I sent multiple emails asking for training and help to my manager (mind you she was the only other person who knew how to do my role) which went unanswered. I requested meetings on her calendar which she declined/never responded to. When I did something wrong, it was my fault and was told that if I don't know what to do I need to ask questions. After 3 weeks of getting no where with this manager, I went to HR to ask for more help and support. HR was on my side until a week later when the same HR rep and my manager came in and fired me due to "poor performance". All of this after I was asking for help, and nobody would give any inkling of attention to the new hire working in a new industry.PaycheckUnfair managment, sink or swim environment, rude staff, no training, no onboarding process."

Senior Business Analyst JDE XE 9.0 (Former Employee) says

"The Information technology senior leadership was inconstant in employee compensation and opportunities. The leadership offered relocation to some new hires and no assistance to proven employees making a relocation to meet the organizations needs. The social attitude and political views set the difference between a leader and a great leader.Unique technology servicesNeed consiatnat leadership policy"

Lineleader (Former Employee) says

"I worked with mostly temps Workers everyday and it was terrible. The manager yelled and screamed at staff daily,due to his lack of knowledge on the product. You will work 7 days a week and don't get any appreciation for it,it's expected. There is a constant turn over rate of about 2 employees every 2 months. Manager does not care about safety,all he does is push employees to work harder and force long hours on them.OvertimeManager, turnover, expect to work 7 days a week."

Field Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Management figures are either clueless or a complete psycho work drivers. No balance between life and work. Prepare for your life to be sucked away by this company. They own you completely.Salary is ok. Lots to learn. BusyLong hours with no overtime, bad management, little career direction, little explanation of work"

Superintendent (Former Employee) says

"Working at Insituform, can be alright if you are working in a region with strong upper management. In the west, the upper management was brass and consistently degraded and threatened job security with work performance. Never any praise, just criticism.Good benefitsPoor work environment"

Labourer (Former Employee) says

"away from home for weeks at a time, expect you to learn all aspects with no proper training or guidance. a lot of downtime and travelgood payaway from home too much"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Employees are nice and helpful but management is poor on night shift and u are constantly being move before u can learn anything and they dont train u worth nothing u lost whole time unless u are put with somwbody u may know i was move around everynight like i been there 30 years.PayHours short break no good training"

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