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Malvern Instruments is a Spectris plc company. Founded in the late 1960s, the company is a manufacturer and supplier of laboratory analytical instruments, was influential in the development of the Malvern Correlator, and remains notable for its work in the advancement of particle sizing technology. The company produces technology for materials analysis; principally instruments designed to measure the size, shape, and charge of particles. Additional areas of development now include equipment for rheology measurements, chemical imaging, and chromatography.

An angry former employee shared his/her experience working for Malvern Instruments (Insitec) on Indeed in January 2020:

"Not a good place of employment. While I enjoyed working with the people at this company and made many excellent friends and learned much about purchasing and logistics, ultimately this company had a way of making its employees feel underappreciated and ultimately like they were just a number not worthy of having even their names remembered by management. If the uppity-ups didn't need you they didn't bother to recognize you were even in the room. That being said, the only exception to this seemed to be the CEO of the company who actually seemed genuine and kind, though I met him all of 2 times in my tenure at the company. All other members of management came across as self-important blowhards."


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