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The Infudrop Air-Matic has a transparent drip chamber which is free from PVC. It has an integrated closable air vent with a hydrophobic bacteria filter as well as a safety air vent valve which protects the air filter against contact with an infusion solution. It can prevent the moistening and sticking together of bacteria filter. This valve and filter combination enables venting to occur specifically for the application of a lipid and alcohol-containing solution.

The Infudrop Air-Matic is supplied in sterile peel-packaging. It has a flexible and transparent tube system, as well as a precision V-roller clamp. The fluid filter infusion meets ISO safety standards.

A health professional who reviewed the product stated "It is very expensive, the tubes are very narrow and bacteria filter is very poor in functioning. We bought a lot of them but due to the current development after thorough scrutiny, we would opt for a new brand."


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