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Administrativo (Former Employee) says

"Empresa horrible, sin dirección, mal sueldo, exceso de trabajo, sin beneficios,. Cons: bajos sueldos, sin beneficios, sin aguinaldo, exceso de trabajo."

WEEKEND MANAGER/LINE COOK (Former Employee) says

"The staffing issues here are ridiculous. Never enough staff, managers don’t care, corporate only cares about money. Truly a horrible place to work."

SECURITY GUARD (Former Employee) says

"They have several benefits that aren't really benefits. One is offer the employee a ride but charge twenty anywhere from $10 to $40 a day to take you to one of their sites from your home and back. So if you're just needing to get started with any kind of check this is a benefit. They do not pay holiday time and will not reimburse you for their mistakes of sending you back and forth from site to site unless you are a supervisor. Yes, they will do this on Christmas. The insurance from the company from my understanding is unrecognizable when going to the hospital so don't let them take that out of your check. It's a waste if your money. Look outside. There is no retirement plan so I would suggest you seek a financial advisor or fiduciary. An IRA is if your choice not through the company. If you thought you could preplanned an event weeks or months in advance you can't. You have to wait a week before and even then your schedule can be changed the day before. Like I previously mentioned if all you are trying to do is create some sort of income after waiting almost a month for your first check to be given yo you then Imperial is a wonderful choice for you, temporarily. You will get ced up with living life at that level and want to advance or expand yourself to a higher way of living."

Bar staff (Current Employee) says

"If busy, no break if quiet they are sending you home. Food is free only for who is working more than 6hrs per shift, otherwise 50% off on food. Big pub so too many managers there , everybody is telling you what you do, you don't know who to listen first."

Commessa abbigliamento (Former Employee) says

"Premetto che ho lavorato presso un affiliato e non direttamente con Imperial: l’ambiente lavorativo era pessimo, la titolare non vuole assolutamente che le commesse facciano troppa amicizia tra di loro, non c’è un minimo di formazione, tutto viene dato per scontato e, ovviamente, per chi è nuovo gli errori sono spesso dietro l’angolo e con essi i richiami! Se si fa qualcosa di sbagliato, inoltre, la titolare smette di rivolgerti la parola, che sia lunatica è dir poco! Non c’è possibilità di crescita e di miglioramento, tutto ciò che si impara lo si fa sbagliando e, se si prende iniziativa facendo una qualsiasi mansione che oramai si è appresa, senza prima interpellare lei, si indispone da morire e fa si tutto per cercare anche il minimo errore! Cons: Tutti"

Stocker (Former Employee) says

"I’ve never worked somewhere SO miserable. The management is HORRIBLE as well as a quarte of the staff there. Supervisors do nothing but belittle you from the start of the day to the end. Don’t even bother asking anyone for any sort of help because they’ll just be jerks about it. All I can say is run for the hills if you even step foot in that place for employment. Cons: Every little thing"

Addetto alle vendite (Former Employee) says

"Gli addetti vendita hanno spesso un contratto part-time ma lavorano da full-time, il salario è bassissimo (circa 2€ l'ora) e le mansioni sono multiple, un addetto vendita deve occuparsi praticamente di tutto, persino del riassortimento prodotto. La comunicazione con l'azienda è pessima, ci sono continui licenziamenti ingiustificati (circa quattro o cinque in pochissimi mesi) da parte dell'azienda o sono i dipendenti, ormai sviliti, a dover dare le dimissioni a causa di ricatti sottintesi, turni di lavoro raddoppiati rispetto a quelli da contratto, ecc. Durante il colloquio si parlava di come licenziare un'addetta vendita, assolutamente poco seri. Cons: Salario basso, contratto part-time ma ore lavorative di un full-time, clima di tensione, poca serietà titolari"

Cleaner/Janitor (Former Employee) says

"I will never work with this Company ever again. There are over working there Staff and there Owner don't care at all. No Respect at all . The Pay is bad ! Cons: non"

Route Manager (Current Employee) says

"If the owner knew how his company was being ran he would fire everyone. The company preaches about their "core values" but they do not represent them. They created "Director" positions to have experts in the department at the top but the directors do not follow or represent any of the core values or contribute to the culture. This company has too many secrets and has had over 4 female harassment cases in the two years I worked at the company. Disgusting, unsafe, and poorly managed company."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Impossibile organizzare la vita dal momento in cui ti danno gli orari di settimana.. Pregandoli..quando si lavora in magazzino non si lavoro in sicurezza.. Pause pranzo non retribuiti con buoni e nessun luogo dove mangiare se non in bagno.. Management poco professionale e linguaggio non pertinente Cons: Tutto"

house keeping (Former Employee) says

"i do not think no should ever go there unless things have changed cause i was there in 2004 so i say i hop thay have for the new people maybe one day Cons: 5 min breaks 30 min lunch break"

Process Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I am able to work with all people and I am capabl3e of getting people to learn and try to new things on a daily basis to increase production and to become a cost saving environment. I am very creative and I know a lot about lean manufacturing. I"

Route Driver (Current Employee) says

"They want you to work your self to the Bone but don't want to pay you for it. Very high turnover rate. You can definitely tell that they do not care about their workers. Everybody I have talked to since I've been here is looking for another job even some of management. They definitely don't care if you have a family at home waiting on you. So if you have no life/family/girlfriend or boyfriend than this is a job for you otherwise than that look for a better opportunity"

Route Driver (Former Employee) says

"Days are Monday-Friday ~63 hour weeks on salary. My normal shifts were 16-14 hours, 12 hours if I busted my butt to get out of there fast. 30k pay with the hours were equivalent to $9 an hour. When I was working part time in the warehouse, I was making $10 an hour. Not worth the trouble. Management does not care about your home/work life. No change when asking for such, even after asking every week."

Server (Current Employee) says

"A typical day might include being told 3 different things by 3 different managers, finding out that your schedule has changed suddenly and without explanation, and then seeing an outside hire taking a better tipped position than you have,"

addetta alle vendite (Former Employee) says

"Commesse portate allo sfinimento, dai senza ricevere e zero possibilità di crescita"

UNARM SERCURITY OFFICER (Former Employee) says

"12 hr shfts and not enough pay. Little time to do anything. If u can deal with the long hrs u would want to come in as an armed guard. Thier are little benefits"

Security Guard (Former Employee) says

"The job was a slow past job it was over crowded with workes with no shifts available for work the manager crew was horrible and not respectful at all ."

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"Started out good, company lacks work/life balance. Micro Management is the worst aspect, taking time off is impossible and the colleagues aren't always the best"

Lifeguard (Former Employee) says

"Not very professional, if you ask me. I've lifeguarded for a more well organized company previously. Imperial did not impress me, though they did hire me in a time of need."