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IDEX Corporation, based in Lake Forest, Illinois, is a publicly traded company engaged in the development, design, and manufacture of fluidics systems and specialty engineered products. IDEX Corporation's products, which include pumps, clamping systems, flow meters, optical filters, powder processing equipment, hydraulic rescue tools, and fire suppression equipment, are used in a variety of industries ranging from agriculture to semiconductor manufacturing.

On November 2019 a former employee wrote in a review that working at IDEX Corporation was depressing, posted by Indeed: Working day includes standup meetings, schedule reviews. Work on crummy, low powered laptops, small single screens, in probably the most crowded environment allowed by law.


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Quality Control Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"New management came in and brought their prior employees to replace existing. continued to replace current employees from his prior company, He used current employees to his benfitnonefavortizime"