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Iberville provides top-quality glazing in Southeast Louisiana for more than 30 years. Since opening in 1984, grown into one of the largest glazing contractors in the region. From aluminum storefronts to blast-resistant curtainwall, Iberville Glass can provide all of your commercial needs. Whether building or remodeling, Iberville Glass can provide everything from windows and mirrors to shower doors.

Iberville has a stressful environment, low salary, and bad management, according to a former employee at indeed.com

“The owner has no concern for you. He will work you to the bone for as little pay as he can. The work environment is stressful and there is no communication between management and staff. They tell you they will provide health care benefits and never follow through. The owner and his family that works there has full benefits.”


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Insulator (Former Employee) says

"The work is good but what they need to do is change the way the foreman think and act. They never do a raise to anyone. They need to becareful everyone is strapped on."

Insulator (Former Employee) says

"A typical day would be coming in at 5:00 am and working almost non stop for 12 hours."

Safety Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Supervision doesn't support field safety Staff. Employees does what it takes to get the job done.Field supervisor only care about production. I wouldn't work for them again. Cons: Won't support field staff"

Insulator/Metal mechanic (Former Employee) says

"preformed on call removal of insulation over 12 hour night shift. Was a very nice experience over night at diamond green diesel site."

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