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Anthoine Hubert (French pronunciation: ​[ɑ̃twan ybɛʁ]; 22 September 1996 – 31 August 2019) was a French professional racing driver. He was the 2018 GP3 Series champion. He died, aged 22, following an accident during the feature race of the 2019 Spa-Francorchamps Formula 2 round at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.


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Employee (Current Employee) says

"We have been excited with Humane Rescue Alliance becoming a partner to St. Hubert's as we were desperate for help and a change starting at the top. However, the former President who was ripped for her management style (or lack thereof) right here on Indeed continues to serve as a consultant. Why?? She adds nothing but her usual bull on how she loves the employees which is so far from the truth. HRA please listen to the people who are already talking to your staff - she is a toxic and very destructive to anyone who gets in her way, She will continue to defend one of the senior managers who continues to behave in the same horrible and "throw under the bus" any employee who crosses her too. Nothing will ever change unless you clean house."

Employee (Current Employee) says

"We are all counting the days until the President is finally out of the building. There are going to be bleachers set up outside to wave good-bye for good. Hopefully all the former employees whose careers and mental health you destroyed over the last 8 years will show up too. You were never a leader, mentor, or empowering your staff. Rather you were a bully with zero empathy for anything other than yourself. More compassion was shown to flies in the building than your staff. Cons: The Board has stood behind this President while 50% of the staff has left every year."

Staff (Current Employee) says

"This place is a joke. Great staff are undervalued, underpaid, and treated like trash. Staff with serious complaints filed against them by dozens of people are promoted, treated like royalty and are allowed to get away with anything (including abuse of other staff and sexual misconduct). If you don’t drink the koolaid and give up your entire life for “the cause,” you will be made to feel worthless. This is the place that careers go to die, so run as fast as you can. Cons: Management, management, management"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"The President & CEO claims she is leaving but yet another SVP to replace her is gone - no explanation other than the usual "they weren't a good fit" which is used for the 8 VP's of Development, 3 VP's of Finance & Administration, and the countless Directors and Managers who have left. Is the Board that clueless and believe the lies that come out of her mouth and that one or two people write these reviews. Come on, staff compare the latest answers to questions and answers and shake our heads that yet another true fact of life at St. Hubert's will be totally ignored. Now we all watch the VP have a relationship with our boss and this doesn't seem to bother anyone! How is this allowed? She also has a coach to help her manage better - what a total waste of donor's money. The top two along with the Board need to resign and restore dignity to the St. Hubert's name. Cons: Way too many to list here"

Kennel Attendant (Current Employee) says

"While I have learned a lot since I started working at St. Hubert's, I am disappointed and disheartened to see how everything is run. I've had 5 managers in only a few years and every time one of them has done something good for the staff, upper management frowns upon them. This appears to happen in many departments. Manager and above positions change frequently except for the few people that are buddies with the CEO. While I think the staff on the ground floor care about the animals, upper management fakes it for the cameras. Multiple staff members have complained about the politics and drama and cut-throat behavior of the "chosen few" staff that are protected only to be isolated and mistreated. While this may seem silly to complain about, it ultimately is effecting animal care. Certain animals get amazing treatment because they are 'favorites" but other animals are neglected (some sit in cages for months because the people in charge don't like them OR don't like that a person they don't like is working with them). It's really sad, because from the outside looking in, St. Hubert's looks like a really awesome organization. And maybe it used to be, but there are some really, really sketchy things going on behind the scenes and ultimately it's the animals and the people who adopt them that are suffering due to the disorganization, chaos, and poor management. Cons: management, drama, disorganization, cliques"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"The staff see right through this 5 star rating of St. Hubert's being an inclusive work environment was written by someone in the delusional senior management team. We are all waiting for the 9th VP of Development to start which is where this employee supposedly works. By the end of next week there will only be one lone employee left in that department. Cons: Senior Management team need to go work in a place with no humans"

Staff (Current Employee) says

"When it comes to management, the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing and anyone who isn’t in “the in crowd” is penalized for it. Don’t waste your breath talking to your manager, he or she will be gone in a few months or less and after 4-5 managers in less than 2 years, you will give up like everyone else. Cons: Management, disorder, lack of consistent rules, clique behavior (like high school)"

Adoption Counselor (Current Employee) says

"St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center Center is a toxic work environment. Yes, the organization is doing some wonderful things for animals, but employees are treated as if they are disposable. There is an unprofessional attitude that starts at the top and works it’s way down. Upper management plays favorites, causing people who lack professionalism, skills and experience to be promoted into lead roles. The organization puts skilled professionals on the back burner to defend unprofessional employees rather than resolving the actual problem and creating a more professional environment."

Vice President (Former Employee) says

"Upper management has created an unprofessional environment where managers are publicly undermined by their superiors and expertise is not valued. Work-life balance is non-existent and job security depends on personal biases from upper management. The lack of professionalism is at all levels, and is as insignificant as child-like rumor mills that erodes the work being done and is as critical as having a complete lack of processes and procedures. The result of unprofessional upper management, child-like junior staff, and a lack of process is a demoralizing work culture that is extremely reactionary, resulting in high turnover, poorly trained staff, and an organization that is run by intimidation. Cons: Lack of professionalism"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Bullying appears to be the most common method of management from upper management. Most people are not happy working here and upper management does not seem to care. They make excuses for the drama and the people who behave the worst are protected the most. Cons: bullying, drama, cliques"

Staff (Current Employee) says

"Upper management treats everyone poorly - yelling at and undermining managers in front of direct reports. The amount of disrespect and downright lies here are outrageous. There is no accountability for upper management, ever. Actual expertise is undervalued because upper management rules with an iron fist and thinks everyone around them is literally stupid. It's a shame that an animal shelter that prides itself on the humane treatment of is so inhumane to humans that work there. Cons: Verbal and mental abuse from upper management, bullying, degradation of expertise"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The Senior Management team puts on a happy face for the donors and press and then turn around 180 and abuse the staff with their unrealistic expectations and demands. You are set up to fail no matter how well you do your job. Even managers with years of experience are left beaten and broken and take months to recover both mentally and physically. Cons: Nothing - read this review and move on!"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"I have never worked anywhere with a management structure and work culture like it is here - the organization is run by bullying and intimidation; the organization has no structure and minimal SOP’s; senior management screams and berates people while pointing in their faces and whacking them with paper; large monetary gifts are rejected if they don’t fit senior management’s agenda; managers do not have access to budgeting information for their departments, yet they are held accountable for those budgets; people are so scared they walk out without notice; other people are forced to leave and then denied unemployment; a volunteer followed chain of command and complained about neglect and mistreatment of animals when animals were sitting in crates for over 24 hours at a time and she was asked to leave; management plays favorites - some people have maintained their jobs despite beating rats to death with a squeegee and other people are demoted without good reason and some people are terminated for disagreeing with management; staff have minimal, if any training, and animals are being neglected because of it. Cons: Read the very long and serious list in my review."

Staff (Current Employee) says

"Employees join companies but leave managers. A Gallup poll of more 1 million employed U.S. workers concluded that the No. 1 reason people quit their jobs is a bad boss or immediate supervisor. 75% of workers who voluntarily left their jobs did so because of their bosses and not the position itself. In spite of how good a job may be, people will quit if the reporting relationship is not healthy. "People leave managers not the end, turnover is mostly a manager issue." Cons: Hostile work environment from Senior Managers."

Executive (Former Employee) says

"The key management staff are the worse managers you will ever meet. They act one way to the public (smiles and friendly) and another way to the staff. I wish they could treat the staff half as nicely as they do the animals. They think anything positve that has happened at St. Hubert's is soley their doing, and never really believe the staff has had anything to do with the organization's success Cons: Management team"

attendant (Former Employee) says

"Manager-aco supervisor Cons: Hostile enviroment."

Animal Care Technician/Veterinary Technician (Former Employee) says

"Politics and cliques everywhere--watch out! Management is terrible and the staff members are mostly idiotic and immature. Cons: management, short breaks"

Kennel Attendant (Current Employee) says

"The facility its self is wonderful. There are a few employees that are not fit for their position (management, supervisors ect.) I've learned a lot through St. Huberts and most of the employees are hard working dedicated animal lovers (who should be in animal welfare jobs) But there are some people who are more interested in being in power and control rather than what's best for the animals being cared for. Days are typically always busy and it seems as if we are always short staffed with an unrealistic expectation of completing the work load given. The hardest part of this job is trying to keep yourself from being compassion fatigued. (But it is manageable.) The most enjoyable part of this job is to be able to help all of the injured animals whether it be mental or physical, and watch them succeed in being a good pet and finding amazing homes. Cons: Poor management."

Kennel Attendant (Former Employee) says

"The experience with the animals is a beautiful thing, but the management is lacking. Often, the creativity by management is limited, and ideas given by anyone outside of a given social clique are not accepted and often ridiculed behind the backs of those outside of the clique. Felt a lot like the worst parts of high-school. Do not consider this job if you are looking for anything more than experience with the animals and a starting position. The best and most caring manager I had while I was there was demoted for forgetting to take a sweater off of a dog after one day. Cons: management criticizes new ideas and those outside of a social clique"

VP, Training and Behavior (Former Employee) says

"St. Hubert's started out as a very small shelter when I began in 1991. I had a tremendous amount of support from the Executive Directors for many years. As a result, I made some groundbreaking changes to the community as well as the animal welfare world."