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Houzz is an American website and online community about architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement. It was founded in 2009 and is based in Palo Alto, California.

A disappointed customer says, "I ordered a table and within 48 hours I canceled my order due to poor measurements. I reached out via email to cancel and they replied saying it maybe be too late to cancel delivery. I reached out to CEVA myself and managed to cancel my delivery for the Houzz team. Ever since then, two and half weeks later along with six follow-up emails requesting my refund (over $700.00) and no one is responding. For a reputable company, this is disappointing and I will never order from them again and will share my experience with my family and my friends and let them know."


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juliet says

"I tried to order the same rug yesterday and it said there was one available but when I went to check out it said they were none available. Then I tried again today and it went through. After a lot of hassle on my part trying to get it to order. Now I will wait and see if it comes through as paid for. If it does I will change my evaluation."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"You should probably take a screenshot of this review since it will either be deleted, or drowned out by 6 other fake reviews from upper management. This is based on my personal experience. It seems to be a theme throughout the company, but could vary based on your role and/or manager. The head of this office and his directors are a cancer to the company. They happened to be in the right place at the right time at the very beginning, and are under qualified to be in their positions. They spend most of their time indignant about their free lunch being late, micromanaging employees who do not even report to them, or getting heavily inebriated at company sponsored events. It’s a sorority Mean Girls environment - my manager has said terrible things about other people on my team in front of me too many times to count. They will change your compensation plan without any notice, and multiple times per year. There is no structure whatsoever relating to positions and pay - someone in the exact same position as you with similar experience may be making much more than you dependent on whether or not the head of the office and his directors like you. The employees that get promoted into managerial roles go through no training whatsoever, even if they have never held a management position prior. Going to your manager with an issue is similar to talking to a brick wall. They have no boundaries, and will call you after hours, on the weekends, and expect you to handle the issue (no matter how minuscule) that instant. They claim it is a “start up environment” and the “nature of the job.” If you express discontentment or disagreement, you will be told you are “not a team player” or “you just don’t understand what the job is.”"

Conceirge (Former Employee) says

"Really thought I was going to stay at the company for at least 2 years until I got laid off! Completely ruined my life, no sympathy at all from HR when she laid me off including my manager. Why would they be? They get to keep their jobs and continue to work from home during this pandemic! I ended up getting laid off in April of 2020 after being with the company for 9 months. Was working from home at the time and was completely blind sided by the whole thing. My manager and someone from HR laid me off over a Zoom meeting with absolutely no reason as to why besides the COVID-19, I was apart of the 155 employees that got laid off. One week before my manager raved about how great I was doing - the next - laid off. Really shows how little they care about their employees, a billion dollar company can’t afford to keep 155 employees??? Comical!! Basically if you are not performing to their standards you will get put on a performance plan and they will watch your every move like a hawk. The so called “shift leads” shadowed everyone on the time multiple times to give them “helpful tips” when really they just watch to make sure you aren’t messing around and doing your job. When the whole time they are just sitting there in their cubicles doing nothing. I was talked down to multiple times by a shift leads and was guilt tripped into thinking I was the victim. Very professional right? Only got Paid $16.50 never got any sort of raise for the 9 months I was there. Show your employees respect for all the hard work we do and things we had to go through to try and not get fired. I worked my butt"

Cher says

"Step stool, not dimension as stated in description. Disappointed"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Houzz has to be the worst place I ever worked. The culture was awful and compensation was constantly changed. Management had no idea what they were doing.Free lunchEverything else"

Braun says

"Horrible customer service ordered item in stock and paid No status on shipping blame on COVID and slow carriers Anything ships across us in five days No contact we’d thurs or Friday Rep said if I wanted to cancel they would send on vendor hot line I suggested they call hot line and see where my order was Duh Order number 1678 0355 1104 0940"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"I am writing this review to any future college graduates. This job is nothing the managers say it will be. I took this as my first job out of college, very disappointed. This job is very micromanaged and poorly at that. Then benefits are not as good as they make it seem either. I wish I would have had a honest warning going into this job."

Ashok Mudholkar says

"The many many items available are rather randomly grouped. I think the difficulties I experienced checking out last night were transient, but on multiple platforms, the Houzz website wouldn't accept credit card nor PayPal payment; not so this morning, albeit on still another computer/OS. No worse than many online vendors, and better than some."

Account Executive 2 Sales (Former Employee) says

"poor culture. low commissions. false leads. bad management. always changing direction. no leadership. just not a good environment all around, dont work there"

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