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Yahoo HotJobs, formerly known as, was an online job search engine. Hotjobs. com provided tools and advice for job seekers, employers, and staffing firms. It was acquired by Yahoo in 2002, then acquired by Monster Worldwide, owner of its major competitor in 2010—leading to its merger with Monster. com and eventual closure.

A former employee said this in a review: "Yahoo Inc is not a good place to work and learn. Bad people, who are not interested in the progression of your character. Not a lot of growth as company is slowly doing worse and worse".


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Account Executive says

"lack of accountability on multiple levels, not a sales driven organization, very little respect from the rest of the company, product knowledge is not very valuable across the industry"

Richard says

"I hope bombs go off at your childrens' funerals."

Andrew in Chcago says

"I have had no success with Monster. I have an advanced degree, am multi-lingual, have over 20 years experience. I can't imagine it would be so hard to find a job.. but here we are."

Robin says

"I requested (and paid $169) to have a resume rewritten and it was never completed. I wrote to multiple times to find resolution but no reply. I’m using now. Love it."

Cynthia Miller says

"I requested my password several times throughout two months and never received a link from to change my password"

Fernando says

"Nobody seems to look at Monster."

-Priyabrata says

"No authentic job has been posted since my association."

Clarissa says

"They only show uber, waiter, or insurance type jobs not the type of job you're looking for."

Mike says

"EVERY time I click on "View Job", I get the same error, Error 404 Page Not Found". I decided to stop wasting my time with your below average website."

Neda says

"The message center never works from the app"

Bill says

"Some of the recommended jobs were for commission & sales jobs... which I have absolutely no interest in. On the other hand, I also received some that were very promising. Overall, not bad."

Denny Christensen says

"Coming from a 6 figure job at boeing and 39.05 18 year carpenter I very well cant afford jobs for 17 to 21.00 bucks an hour"