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Hotwire finds hotel rooms, rental cars and vacation packages at deeply discounted rates. Travelers can look up travel information on the website or the mobile app and access 24/7 customer service. The company advertises the ability to connect you with four-star hotels at two-star prices, and it partners with leaders in the travel industry, such as Hilton, Hyatt and most major car rental companies and airlines.

Debra, an unsatisfied customer, wrote "Beware of Hotwire!!!! If you purchase the Hotwire deal expect them to take your money even if your travel will be cancelled due to COVID. The fall is coming and Covid cases are on the rise. We were ripped off by Hotwire who refused to even accommodate us for a credit toward a future booking. We booked a car rental in January 2020, prior to the pandemic. We were informed we could not travel to Florida. Airlines credited, condo refunded and Hotwire claimed it was Sixth Car rental policy that refused to refund and therefore there was nothing they could do. Sixth car rental on the other hand stated in an email that since we booked with Hotwire, it was up to them to refund our money. Hotwire refused.

I am saving all my phone documentation and emails and waiting for a class action lawsuit against Hotwire for their dishonest and deceiving practice of not trying to do the right thing and stand behind the consumer. They found a loophole to steal thousands of dollars from decent folk. Would wonder...if the car rental agency burned down the day before we arrived to pick up a car rental, would Hotwire refund or keep the consumers' money? It was the pandemic that caused us not to travel and not because we cancelled. Shame on Hotwire for stealing our hard earned money!!! Says a lot about this companies reputation."


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