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Hospira was an American global pharmaceutical and medical device company with headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois. It had approximately 19,000 employees. Before its acquisition by Pfizer, Hospira was the world's largest producer of generic injectable pharmaceuticals, manufacturing generic acute-care and oncology injectables, as well as integrated infusion therapy and medication management systems. Hospira's products are used by hospitals and alternate site providers, such as clinics, home healthcare providers and long-term care facilities. It was formerly the hospital products division of Abbott Laboratories. On September 3, 2015, Hospira was acquired by Pfizer, who subsequently sold off the medical devices portion of Hospira to ICU Medical.

A former manager said, "Pfizer entered the picture and completely ruined the company [Hospira] and many people’s livelihoods. CEO Mike Ball made out like a bandit and left us to the wolves."


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Former Employee - Senior Financial Analyst says

"Bad senior managers in finance"

Former Employee - Software QA Engineer says

"Definitely about who you know not what you know. Discrimination An IT company that claims to be up to date with technology, but they aren't."

Current Employee - Contractor Scum says

"The only thing these people OWN is not owning it. This is a hostile workplace and couldn't be more broken."

Former Employee - Corporate Plant Operations says

"Old time management from Abbott controls the company and runs it as if it were 1980. Epidemic amounts of lying among employees creates toxic culture of deception and incompetence."

Senior Finance Analyst says

"Culture is fairly poor; almost to the point of unbelievable that the management are actually in management positions."

Former Employee - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technician says

"Hours- 12 hour shifts Management- absolute wreck, completely disorganized and constantly changing Company- They say they put the customer/patient first but instead put their POCKETBOOK as #1 priority."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Pfizer entered the picture and completely ruined the company and many people’s livelihoods. CEO Mike Ball made out like a bandit and left us to the wolves."

Current Employee - Project Engineer says

"Favoritism in promotion and job transfer. As a result, the site struggles to keep talent. Very high turnover rate and unhappy employees. McPherson hospira site lack good Culture & Values. Not all Hospira sites are the same. I worked at three different Hospira sites/locations, and found that Lakeforest IL and Rocky Mountain NC sites are better. Although Pfizer acquired Hospira in 2015, legacy McPherson site has previous dysfunctional management and culture. It can not be compared with Pfizer's culture or values. Most managers and supervisors are incompetent, and lack professionalism. They were promoted primarily because they were locals."

Current Employee - QC Chemist says

"No opportunity for professional growth if you are not from nearby counties within the State of Kansas. All managers and supervisors are local. They work as a group to keep out of state employees out of any high paying job, or out of management team. As a result most of the managers and supervisors are poorly qualified, incompetent, lack leadership qualities and professionalism. Because of that the McPherson plant faces very high turnover rate and difficulties to keep/attract talents. If you are not local, do not expect any growth or learning opportunity. There were several class action lawsuits for discrimination, most recent class action law suit is for discriminating women bought by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and several hundreds of women. It was settle for high dollar amount (google search will provide you detail). However, you may accept offer to work at this location if it is going to be your first job, and you are only interested to earn 6 months of experience before finding a good place to work."

Former Employee - Technical Transfer Leader says

"Dysfunctional legacy Hospira management at the McPherson site. The McPherson site has a new Pfizer site lead but the majority of the management is legacy Hospira. Hospira created a dysfunctional corporate culture which has resulted in serious compliance deficiencies with all the major global regulatory agencies. Departmental managers are focused on covering up problems rather than fixing them. The McPherson site has the second-worst safety record in the entire Pfizer global network. Legacy Hospira management focuses on coercing long work hours from their employees at the expense of safety. It is apparently commonplace at the McPherson site for management to lie to employees and prospective employees regarding work conditions, work hours, company policies regarding sick time, and the serious risk that the site will be shut down by the FDA for violations. Management lied to me regarding company policy on sick time when I had to go for a medically-necessary outpatient treatment. In addition, what I was told when I interviewed bore no resemblance to what I found when I started work there."

QA Manager (Former Employee) says

"This was one of the most challenging jobs I had in my career. I wanted to leave shortly after joining. Zero work-life balance. Long hours, little recognition."

wearhouse worker (Former Employee) says

"It's very bad place cause you will see the number of supervisors more than people working on line and they do anything all hard work on the people pad place."

Technical Writer (Former Employee) says

"Repetitive busy work. Now I need to fill up space with nothing useful because of a 150 character minimum. So I am typing filler to fill up space that is a waste of space.Got paid. Worked at home.Manager thought talking for a while would explain everything. It did not."

Manufacturing Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The company was purchased by Pfizer for there cancer medication patents and once those patents were acquired, Pfizer quickly sold the company. The management needs an overhaul."

Production Operator LVP (Former Employee) says

"Nothing to report it was a learning experience from doing something different from working in an office setting it was a short assignment nothing much more to sayNotihngTemp job"

Operaria de produccion (Former Employee) says

"Ser igual con todos y cada uno de los que trabajan ahí, también ser correcto y no tener favoritismos..."

Sr. Solutions Architect (Former Employee) says

"This company is literally the worse place to work. The attrition rate at Hospira is just ridiculous. I worked at the Lake Forest office (Head Quarters)--on average during my term there; about 60 people got fired on a monthly basis. Very horrible leadership, no sustainable plan or strategy. Employee, especially consultants are not appreciated. If you haven't seen or witnessed a what a bad "organization culture " is--visit Hospira! This is a company where a security official can condescend you , and when you stand up for yourself; she demands your badge--claiming she has fired you. Calls the City police on you to effect her position. All this without your managers knowledge. If you want to work for a company where a security officer can fire you at will --hospira is you place. During my term there, I have seen how horrible employees and contractors are treated. Contractors get their contracts renewed today and get bitterly fired tomorrow. Contractors are treated like inferior people. Stay away from this company--they are not worth your time, effort and intelligence. This Place is a JOKE!!NoneHighest Attrition Rate, No strategy, horrible leadership, No direction, wasteful, treats contractors as inferiors, worse organization culture, A Joke!!"

na (Former Employee) says

"I will never go back to this company. worst experience ever."

Production Operator/Line Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Working with Hospira is bad the management is bad. Nothing much to say."

Production Operator (Current Employee) says

"Hospira is a great place to work. There are plenty of opportunities to excel in different departments. On a typical day at work i package iv bags to be shipped off. I inspect the iv bags to check for dirty ports, particals inside the bag, leaks etc. The hardest part of my job is simply making sure i dont miss anything, because we are dealing with peoples lives, and one small mistake could cause the death of someone.My co-workers are hilarious. They put a smile on my face everyday that im there and i couldnt ask for a better supervisor, he is awesome!"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"I was the youngest one, everyone else was so serious and didnt really take the time to get to know me and i didnt feel welcome at all. I wasnt comfortable at all."

MTS (Current Employee) says

"One crisis after the next. day after day. There is not a lot to learn from this place because the products are not in line with the current industry. They are trying to modernize their products, but they need your knowledge more than you are going to learn from them.The bureaucracy is unreal. We have to read a lot of worthless documents and it takes over a week to round up signatures even on the most urgent projects. The employees I've talked to are not happy with their managers.. Most coworkers are OK, but some are not cooperative because they feel it hurts their job security.The company waited too long to modernize its plants and equipment and products. Over time, the knowledge base erodes. People leave over the years. The documentation is bad - it looks good superficially, but in general, they are incomplete..had a good cafeteria at one timesweatshop atmosphere"

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"not a place to work if you have little kids. company doesn't care anything about family only production. poor communication. no room for advancement unless your cool with someone in upper management or you know someone that can help. a lot of bullying from LC and Supervisorsyearly bonus and shutdown for major hoildaysdisrespectful supervisor favortism no advancement unless your cool with someone in upper management"

manager (Former Employee) says

"Management is indecisive, tactical and only focused on making a profit. No focus on quality. No concern for the little guy, who is doing the work."

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The Bad :Recognition and upward mobility were only for African American females. As a hispanic female with a strong work ethic, isolation and disheartment were daily tolls. Strong political connections that gloss over qualifications. The Good: Corporate style benefits."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"A typical work day was always great. I worked on a assembly line with a great team. We inspect label and packed products. I also was a back up machine operator."

manufacturing (Former Employee) says

"Employees feel like cattle. There is little respect or appreciation of employees. Unprofessional leads and atmosphere of bullies rule. Very demoralizing in general. The only satisfied employees might be those working in the nicer positions in management with little idea what it is like on the line.Decent 401k contribution. Pay is somewhat good for area.Inequitable pay at hiring, poor treatment of employees injured at work, Demoralizing atmosphere."

BQ Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company has bad benefits. doesn't get paid much compared to other companies. No room for growth or advancement. No pension and not good medical"

Quality Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The Quality Department at Hospira, San Jose is a hostile work environment. The Plant Qualtiy Manger often twisted the fact when there was an error. She thought she is the smartest person and blamed her employees who have no knowledge, and qualification for the job. She prefers to use "job security" as a tool to treat her employees. If she is still in Hospira, San Jose site, please do not apply job in the quality department at Hospira San Jose site.good benefitHostile work environment, especially in the quality department"

Technical Writer (Former Employee) says

"No advantages to working here. Inflexible hours, ambiguous job, no job security."

Concerned pet owner says

"I ordered my dogs RX a week ago and paid extra for it to be here in 2 business days as she has pneumonia and the RX is very expensive from the vet. A week has gone by and its still not here so I called and their excuse was they are very behind schedule with lots of orders and still haven't shipped it out! Said it will go out tomorrow and they will over night it, so that's two more days! Then, they overcharged me removing the 10% discount for doing the auto ship schedule! This is the second time this company has done this to me (once before with another dog) and I will NOT be using this horrible company again! I would never recommend for something important for your pet."

clorinda dalfo says

"Called in a prescription yesterday for my horse. My vet authorized quickly. I was not informed that Allivet DOESN'T ship anything on a FRIDAY!!! Really needed this prescription to arrive ASAP. Now it's not shipping til Monday. Thanks for the advance notice!! Will never order from them again ?"

D C says

"Very slow shipping method!! My order took 12 days from order to arrival. If you have the time or placed an order ahead of needing it, then you probably won't mind the long timeframe. Personally, I won’t order from them again. Most of those I do business with the product arrives in 2-4 days. I’ll stick with them."

Adriana Delamo says

"They stole my money because I didn't give a permission to them to send me anything. I NEED to order if I want to … If I didn't it is because I don't need it it is because I found some place with cheaper medications.... Do not trust them..."

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