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Microsoft HoloLens, known under development as Project Baraboo, is a pair of mixed reality smartglasses developed and manufactured by Microsoft. HoloLens was the first head-mounted display running the Windows Mixed Reality platform under the Windows 10 computer operating system. The tracking technology used in HoloLens can trace its lineage to Kinect, an add-on for Microsoft's Xbox game console that was introduced in 2010.

Liza Brown enlisted this cons about HoloLens to WonderShare on Aug 27, 2020:

"Average battery backup A $3000 augmented reality device like Microsoft’s HoloLens is expected to have a great battery backup but unfortunately, HoloLens disappoints on this front.

Field of view certainly needs improvement A HoloLens user would certainly experience great viewing experience when he stands still but it somehow gets distorted once you start moving. Its field of view certainly needs a lot of improvement.

Still a glitch No matter how enthusiastically the Microsoft’s sales team is prompting HoloLens as realistic and user friendly, it is still a glitch for a regular gamer who isn’t really aware of the complexities and technicalities of using this device.

Exorbitant price Let’s just be honest here, HoloLens is a one of a kind device that is bound to burn a hole in your pocket. $3000 for a technologically blessed gaming device, you need to make a smart choice here.

Keeping aside a few cons, Microsoft’s HoloLens is definitely one AR device that boasts upon high-end technology and promises to give a wonderful gaming experience to its users. This one’s definitely a device that gives true worth of its hefty price."


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Electrical Design & Test Engineer (Former Employee) says

"No innovation or creativity. All lies upfront. Cost cutting all the time with cheap imported alphabet soup of visa categories. Army of clue less managers and few workers. Very less work and lot of useless immigration discussion all the time as every body's priority is to get early in green card process. A US citizen is considered a foreign entity in Redmond, Washington, USA."

Program Manager (Former Employee) says

"Transit and residence are a hassle. Construction makes everything worse. Not many food truck options around. The ones that are around are expensive...talking $10 for a burrito."

Management in Various Orgs (Former Employee) says

"If you want a covertly racist but overtly discriminatory work environment, then this is the place for you."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"tech company with 67 stores worldwide. The store has a store manager, and 4 ASMs. There is also a gaming expert and a community expert. The store has 45 employees"


"Liar Liar pants on fire. Gave the best work to other people and leave you starving for credit. Don't work for it even if they pay you a million dollars"

Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Regret joing the company, a waste of time"

Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Stressful with lots and lots of bureaucracy and politics at every level. Quality of work is not so good in India. Mostly restricted to the UI development."

Concierge Administration - Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"I worked from home during this job, and the call center managers monitored everything I did down to how many times I peed throughout the day. No training. You're suppose to come up with answers to complex questions on the fly by using their knowledge base. It really is an inhuman way of treating people."

Sr. Enterprise Architect (Former Employee) says

"very closed to themselves unethical workforce. they ask you to do illegal work for example Lie to the customer. I advise not to work at Microsoft. Unethical management."

Azure/ADFS engineer (Current Employee) says

"was having to do premium support with zero training, everyone there doing support, including long term people would have to google everything to get an answer, I am not sure where the brains of Microsoft are, but they are not in Irving Texas, management was zero help, impossible to become full time, after you 18month contract, you are let go and they would bring in a new group of people to train in how to google support for Microsoft. Cons: management, hours, guidance, family life"

Senior Server Support Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Like most places in the former-USA, regardless of whether one is liberal or conservative or of their ethnicity -you do not matter, your cooperation, work ethic, accountability all have no value. In the North West, they have just as much hick / redneck or liberal SJW pride as the next fool with US citizenship. At Microsoft if you show your teeth when you smile they say that is a sign of weakness. The USA is full of superficial morons that have no idea how to improve anything, just like Microsoft. Cons: You get to work in America"

Program Manager/Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Microsoft has a very clear divide between Full time and Contract employees. The reason for this is that the full time employees have free range at the contract employees. We are verbally abused, forced to work well over 60 hours per week with no OT pay, no consistent communication exists and last minute demands are turned into high priority so that they are delivered right away with 0 prep time. The full time employee I used to take direction from would submit report requests at 11:00 p.m. at night and would expect them in his inbox within 2 hours or by 8 a.m. the following morning. None of this of course communicated ahead of time. I had hoped to pursue a full time career but after the abuse I experienced I would never apply to Microsoft again."

Latin American Director (Former Employee) says

"Zero work-life balance. If you like numbers that's the place to be because once you get there you become one. Most of the time you are locked in a room. Cons: Work-life balance; Poor leadership"

Global Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"Very difficult company to integrate from the outside. No formal training or onboarding provided. Commoditized selling approach, front line is completely disconnected from CEO or executive leader mission of solution selling. Cons: Horrible Culture"

Services Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Quite Frankly, Store 0006 management has their heads up their butts. its all about the customer screw what the employee tells them. Microsoft retail sucks."

Executive Business Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Microsoft is a great place to work. They value work/life balance. Very team based environment. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Great cafeteria."

Hardware Test Engineer (Current Employee) says

"I have never been treated so poorly at a job, horrible experience being a contractor at Microsoft. Management is horrible, and FTE's (full time employees) are valued more than contractors. A demeaning job that pays well. Cons: As a contractor you will be treated like a second class citizen"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"fakesters.. the jobs advertised are not reals."

Sales Executive (Current Employee) says

"This company has gotten too big and cannot manage to recruit properly as well as poor management which is awful. They act like they are giving the world such a great product when they really have not changed much since windows 95 lol. Cons: they are not apple"

Product Advisor (Former Employee) says

"A typical day will always be a surprise. That was fun at first but after a while, you get tired of the inconsistency. I have learned a lot about Microsoft. Its a great company however, if you are working at this location , Arlington, VA you are going to be miserable. The management is definitely unqualified. They babysit instead of manage. The culture is really relaxed, and that's the problem you can really doing anything you want and sometimes there is some unfairness to the rules and that is shown ASAP. The hardest part of this job is conducting Virtual Reality demos for customers. The best part is when they actually get food its great! You will probably gain 15-20 pounds because they ate always feeding you. But you will lose it all in a month or so because if you care about doing you job correctly, you will get stressed out and lose pounds. Cons: Management, Food Breaks"