Hoermann Sucks Customer Reviews and Feedback

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Hörmann is a German manufacturer of doors, garages, door frames, and gates for commercial and private real estate. Operating globally, the family-owned business is Germany's largest door producer and the fourth biggest door manufacturer in the world. The company has 26 specialized plants in Europe, North America and Asia, and more than 6,000 personnel.

A former employee mentioned, "To start the manager at Hörmann did not care about the employee's life outside of work. He would pass out an overtime sheet at the end of the day telling you that you have to work. If you refused, you get points (too many points, you're fired). You had to advise at least 4 days in advance that you couldn't work. Then he acted like it was a huge inconvenience to him. Which any other company is professional enough to give a 24 hour notice. Which is not only good business ethics but also a labor law, but was told its a German company and have to follow their rules (not sure how that means anything though). There is no HR department on site at all. Then the orders are so backed up because sales over schedules the orders, which increases the daily quota to extreme amounts. The company refuses to bring in a second or third shift to help stating that the Germans don't believe in other shifts. Don't expect 2 days off either. You will always work 6 day straights. And again if you state at the beginning of the week you can't work, you are treated like it is a huge inconvenience to the company. Then the micromanagement was a huge problem, The manager had no idea on how things are built or ran, but would stand there and lecture how he wanted certain things done. Also you get maybe a few hours of training before you are on your own. And management talks behind everyone's back to the other employees."