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Hermès International S.A., or simply Hermès, is a French high fashion luxury goods manufacturer established in 1837. It specializes in leather, lifestyle accessories, home furnishings, perfumery, jewellery, watches and ready-to-wear. Its logo, since the 1950s, is of a Duc carriage with horse. Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski is the current creative director.

One should be very particular about what they buy at Hermès. After reading "Deluxe: How Luxury Lost it's Luster" I came to the conclusion that only the luggage trunks are still made in France, and everything else might be manufactured in China! Someone might as well buy a replica if that's the (literal) case!

A customer they lost talks about delivery via Hermès online shopping in a review "EVADE LIKE A PLAGUE! Do not use Hermès for delivery and most important do not buy from companies that use Hermès for delivery. They will throw it next to the garbage bin and claim successful delivery and when it gets stolen you want get any refund or replacement."


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TryingToGetMy Shoes says

"They say \"there was an issue with your address\". Asking them WHAT issue - no reply. Courier comes 3 times. HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYONE COMMING. Rings me from a private number. I pick up the phone - he puts it down. No voicemail, can\'t call back. No option to edit any details on the website. When trying to contact support - stupid robot redirects you Nowhere. When calling them by phone - stupid robot AGAIN. Courier doesn\'t leave a slip/note. Just marks that he attempted delivering 3 times. No actual proof of that at all. And I can\'t get a refund for the next 60 days... meanwhile not having my shoes either. WHAT THE F*CK !!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Rebecca says

"They lied about delivering because the delivery driver could not be bothered to look for where I live. This happened last time I was due a delivery from them too and when the parcel was finally delivered the driver even admitted as much. They can always call me i always provide a number. Or the could upgrade their systems and it is only Hermes I ever have this problem with. The worst thing is after having received an email saying they have tried to deliver but I didnt answer the door I have spent he last hour trying to get hold of someone but it is IMPOSSIBLE. The chat feature is a bot and will only ask questions with set responses to track parcel. The Facebook only directs you to there. The contact number only does the same tries to track the parcel and then infuriates you even more by telling you they have tried to deliver when you know they haven't and then hangs up on you. What kind if service is this, they are holding my goods to ransom and there is nothing I can do about it and that is after taking so long to even attempt delivery to begin with. **sigh. If you are a business thinking of who to use, for the sake of your customers do not use Hermes."

Lauren Duffy says

"Terrible. They're incompetent and lose your parcel, say you can claim back a fraction of the cost but hang up on you when you say it's not good enough. Waited half an hour on the line to get through to them as well. Absolutely abhorrent customer service. I will never use this service again & recommend no one else does either. My parcel contained Christmas presents for my immediate family that I was unable to deliver in person due to Covid travel restrictions that they will now never receive. Thanks Hermes for your awful service."

Tariq says

"DO NOT USE HERMES!!!! unless you're sending a football! You bet your life everything will be treated as such. They smashed three of my printers worth more than £400 and I did not get one penny back no matter how hard I tried. And I had paid insurance for all of them. STAY AWAY!! and save yourself from going grey. Just read their NONE COMPENSATE ITEMS list. It includes literally everything. Their staff all hate their jobs and you will be the one who pays the cost."

Steven says

"Parcel was sent on 29/11/2020 never arrived I have sent 5 emails all blatantly ignored They have also lost 3 out of 10 parcels I have sent Now opened a resolver case Don't know what else to do they are complete thieving cowboys I want my money back"

Clare Phillips says

"Awful service, still getting nowhere"

James Mackie says

"Have used Hermes dozens of times in the past without issue until I dropped off 2 identical parcels at a local newsagent for collection. One made it to its destination the other didn’t even get to the sorting depot! How realistically can that happen? If you read up on comments from disgruntled employees I think maybe there’s a clue. Claiming my £20 back for the lost item is an unbelievably arduous chore. Their service is cheap but unfortunately not very reliable."

a jackson says

"Worst delivery company I have ever dealt with. They don't deliver the parcel. They just take a blank picture the say its delivered. This has happened twice to me recently. Stupid really especially as you know they have not been as you have been sitting waiting for them."

Shefali says

"Disgrace, have been waiting for my parcel for almost four days and still no update from the company. The customer service is terrible, very difficult to get through."

Natalia 1610 says

"If I only could give them less than one star I would! The worst of the worst delivery companies. They never knock on bloody door and most of the time can’t even find the correct address. Hermes drivers should have some lectures from common sense as they clearly don’t have any according to their idea SAFE PLACES?!"

Alice says

"I die a little inside every time I buy an item online only to receive an email that Hermes will be delivering it. Don't bother trying to go through customer service when they mess up (which they will) it's non-existent, you'll never actually get through to anyone. I don't know how this company is still opporating."

Hannah Stenning says

"Terrible customer service. Unable to talk to anyone about my parcel as the computer wouldn't let me 🤷‍♀️ useless."

David says

"Hermes, delivery driver said he could not access my property....I know why the could not bothered pressing the enter button to my address. Been in all day for nothing. I would not order anything via Hermes delivery service. The chase up system is rubbish. Nothing as good as yodel. You can see live updates. Anyway waiting in another day. Good job we are on lock down. 🤔"

Derek Carver says

"After satisfactory delivery service Hermes lost a parcel. I then realised they seemed to go out of their way to prevent any customer contacting them. Even the tracking info seemed designed to mislead. I did eventually manage to make contact by letter and it is only fair to report I have now received the correct compensation. Such a pity they made everything so difficult!"

Elizabeth Snook says

"If I could give a minus I would. Your website says you have listened to us but as you dont answer the phone for customer service issues you clearly dont listen. Employ some customer service staff and improve your service maybe you wouldn't be so low on ratings"

Jemma Louise says


Irisa says

"I returned a parcel to Amazon via Hermes on eighth December which has still not arrived at its intended destination. I raised this matter before Christmas with Hermes using Holly, their online digital assistant and was advised the matter would be investigated by my local depot. To date I have not been contacted by the local depot. It is impossible to contact Hermes as a private customer by telephone. I have raised two further follow-up queries through the digital assistant which have been ignored. This is completely unacceptable and shows a flagrant disregard for customers. Over the years I have returned countless items through both Royal Mail and CollectPlus, with no issues . I will never use Hermes again for returns."

Isa says

"If I could I would give NO STAR at all !!! Worst delivery company ever ! Been waiting for my parcel over a week , then on the day they supposed to deliver it I been waited for a whole day and No one turned up with my parcel !! However they sent an email that they successfully delivered ??? How come they delivered if I did not received at all ?? I believe those cariers they don’t pay attention to their job at all or stealing parcels from costumers !!! Do not trust this company!!"

Joanne Crocker says

"Hermes lied stating that they attempted to make delivery. They categorically did not attempt to deliver my parcel. They have made themselves completely unavailable to speak to a person regarding my query. I am extremely disappointed with this customer service and will never use this company again. They have the cheek to charge customers £6 to call them . Disgraceful. The live chat is a bot, an automated response, that does not help at all with enquiries. I need to speak to a person and I am unable to. I have emailed numerous times. So I am now left with the stressful task of chasing up my sons birthday present that I paid extra to be delivered today. Utterly disappointed."

Nappy Dappy says

"This has to be THE most useless company in the Universe. They take a picture of a shop where my parcel has been delivered with no proof of anyone accepting it or a signature. Or even a parcel picture - just a picture of a shop deliberately pointing to the sky! There is no contact number and the most useless autobot to answer questions and a black hole where these questions go. Heaven help anyone who has the unfortunate "pleasure" of having a parcel "delivered" by this organisation."

Mindaugas Petrauskas says

"I constantly order from Amazon as we all do. Whenever my parcel is picjed up by Hermes i always get attempted delivery on first day. We are on lockdown, everybody is home. That fake update drives me nuts. Eventually they deliver 2-3 days later. Is it possible to write a petition or sue them for this?"

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