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Ydessa Hendeles, is a German-born Canadian artist-curator and philanthropist. She is also the director of the Ydessa Hendeles Art Foundation in Toronto, Canada. A graduate of the University of Toronto, the New School of Art, and the Toronto Art Therapy Institute, Hendeles earned her Ph.D., cum laude, from the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam.

An anonymous reviewer gives some comments about Ydessa Hendeles on the Blu-ray site: "Ydessa, les ours et etc. is another short in this collection which features only lossy audio, in this case, a Dolby Digital 2.0 track that is listed as being in French, but which does include some English, notably when Ydesse herself speaks (as with some of the other "bilingual" offerings in this set, the subtitles only translate French and disappear during the English language moments). This is comprised pretty much entirely of narration and first-person talking head material, along with some chamber music courtesy of Isabelle Olivier, and everything sounds fine within a lossy context. Optional English subtitles (as described above) are available."


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