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The Helios AG für elektrisches Licht und Telegraphenanlagenbau was a German electrical engineering company. Founded in 1882, it existed until its liquidation in 1930. The company was based in the town of Ehrenfeld, which was incorporated into Cologne in 1888. The company is presently best known for the Heliosturm, a lighthouse on the former site of the factory that was constructed for test and research purposes.

"A company in transition" says an Helios former employee on Glassdoor on October 6, 2019:


Management and leadership. Lack of transparency on decision making."


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"Thanks for sharing your feedback. We’re happy to hear you learned a lot while you were with us. Wherever you end up, if you find that the culture or behavior isn’t what you think it is, we hope you will share that with your leadership team to give them the opportunity to address it. It saddens me that you didn’t give us the chance to to talk about this together. We so appreciate the opportunity to course-correct or get more clear when our team shares that with us. At Helios, our goal is to be a best place to work and we want to make the time at Helios a great experience for everyone. Best of luck to you!"

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"I'm pleased you had a good experience with our clients and team. At Helios we are intentional about hiring exceptional team members that reflect our core values--operate with intention; demonstrate caring; be engaged and make big things happen. I have always believed that the cultural fit within an organization is what moves the needle. And sometimes even we get that wrong. Helios has evolved from its early start up days and I wish you had insight into the organization that we are today. Being a good consultant is hard. You handle multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment. The positives of consulting, the richness of the work, learning multiple industries, having exposure and influence with executives, are what typically appeal to people, however it is not a good fit for everyone. It is unfortunate that you didn't make your concerns known so that we could address them. Although we have grown and evolved, we have always been open to feedback and in fact we support a feedback rich culture. If you feel like there is something that you would like to address further, or have some constructive feedback that we could use to positively impact the Helios team, I encourage you to reach out to me directly. With sincerity, Kathy Albarado, 703-860-3882"

Former Employee - HR- Consultant says

"The President is very arrogant and expects everyone to act like her."

Current Employee - Business Partner says

"Thank for you taking the time to add your review and feedback about our company. We are constantly evolving as an organization and have been intentional about creating a learning and feedback rich environment that provides flexibility and encouragement to our team members. Our team is strong and has lead the organization through new growth."

Pharmacy Bill Auditor (Former Employee) says

"This company was one of the worst I have ever work for, they wanted to decrease our pay, co workers where unprofessional. Manager did know how to handle employees was rude and lack empathy, co workers will lie to get you in trouble, I ran from this place.NothingEverything"

Pharmacy Bill Auditor (Current Employee) says

"learned how to audit a bill and process bills for different carriers learn a lot on the job work is plenty started as a customer service repgood work experinot organized"

Pharmacy Client Services Manager (Former Employee) says

"The original Progressive Medical, Inc. was the best company I ever had the pleasure of working with. Unfortunately, the company was bought out by Stone River Pharmacy Solutions who run it like a beach of the military.compensation goodculture and working conditons deplorable."

Program Recruitment Representative (Former Employee) says

"recruiting WC patients for mail order medications. How to work their different systems and applications. Upper management was not truly fair but supervisors were great. The culture did not seem to be what was portrait. All the changes that were constantly going on with very little understanding or training of it.. The most enjoyable: superiors and team which in worked with."

Universal Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Management lacks people skills. Their motto is, "do more with less." A very high stressed place to work, with policies changing constantly."

Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"This is not a place to grow no room 2 make no money or like to get up and go to every day they do not care much for there employees.noneverything"

Facilities maintenance manager (Former Employee) says

"they tell you one and its a lie i fixed everything and made the co able to make it but i had everything taken from me for giving them my life and they made me almost homeless for my efforts"

Verifications Associate (Former Employee) says

"Please DO NOT waste your time or gas working at this company. The verifications department is a job that is based on your performance. If you are not performing based on the production or QA standards, you will get let go after 3 months. The recruiter lied about the pay and benefits. If you love working under pressure and being stressed out everyday this is a great job for you. Working at this company was very stressful! The trainer and training sucked big time! AFter training you are thrown on the floor with a "map" that assist you on your journey to failure. If you need assistance with a question about your daily task of verifying claims the managers are not helpful and you are basically left alone to figure things out on your on. The turn over is really high, and the pay is very low. The company is segregated and there is no room for growth. The shifts are great, paid holidays, benefits suck, and off on the weekend. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AT THIS JOB!Great shift, paid holidaysBenefits, low pay, job security"

Trio Service - Assist patients (Former Employee) says

"Not a good company to work for. Everyone was out for themself no teamwork or help. Once training was done felt like I had been thrown to the wolves. Very high turnover"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"PMSI was a great company to work for and the people employed throughout the company were relatively happy and everyone got along. Employees were valued. Unfortunately, the merging with Progressive Medical proved to be the downfall of positive work culture and employee attitude. Advancement opportunities dried up, pay scales lowered, work/life balance became non-existent, benefit quality dropped, pto allowances were lowered and if you chose to sever employment, 2 weeks wasn't good enough. Three to four weeks notice was expected and then you were only paid for 50% of the PTO time you had banked. As Helios, the reputation is suffering as the company is being run by short-sighted middle management with iron - fisted executive management leading the charge."

Customer Service Claims Specialist (Former Employee) says

"A very stressful company to work for with extremely poor management. They treated you like a robot and expected you to do 40 things at 1 time , and have all customers of the phone in 3 mins.Not a productive place to work.The most enjoyable part of the job was vacation time (pto).The pay was decent and vacation time was good.Didn't really want you to leave your desk for anything and training was non-existent."

Receptionist/Operator (Former Employee) says

"During my time with the company it was a very negative environment. Staff turnover was nearly constant. Perhaps the situation has improved since rebranding, but be wary of customer service positions that offer monthly "bonuses" - they are nearly impossible to attain."

labourer (Former Employee) says

"got frostbite, was loads of fun. and then we all got ice cream and ponies and raises and toblerone bars and herpes and socialism and capitalism was defeated by a magical dragon"

Cuisinier saisonnier (Former Employee) says

"Management qui n'a aucun but réel; Travail a la chaîne qui ne permet pas de montrer le maximum des capacités. Les capacités mentales ne sont en aucun besoin dans les taches à accomplir .aucunaucun repas"

Home Delivery Conversion Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I was with this company for many years, within the last three years after we were merged/sold to another company I saw very drastic changes in the way we told to perform our jobs to attendance policies and finally to the pay structure. A lot of these changes were not received well by the people that had worked there for a long time and many people have quit or been discharged."

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"I loved the people and learned so much however, this company operates under hyper favoritism. I worked there 5 years saw many people come and go. Worked under too many changes in upper management and inconistency to say the least. I have worked in a call center industry over 20 years and never seen such mass inconsistency,favortism, lack of leadership and odd work conditions. They had bugs EVERYWHERE and it was discussed as well as brought up on numerous occasions and never addressed. great potential but, the atmosphere, lack of leadership and conditions were exhausting..."

billing (Former Employee) says

"go thru mail and process charges for homecare services. Bill insurance companys for services provided.casual work attireunprofessional and juvenile management mentality, extreme favoritism and back stabbing."

Regional Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"has changed a lot since I was there. I came over from Pharmerica Side and was not accepted as well as one would have thought. It was in a growing time for the company prepping to sell. In some areas grew too fast an unable to take care of customer service as I think it should be taken care of."

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"They have some great visions and goals for the company. It started off pretty decent but they would put out visions but no real strategy or pathway to achieve them. They do try to have unofficial gatherings to bring the people together but I don't think that really helps. Too many egos to handle."

Project Head (General Manager) says

"* Meeting with Project Managers, COnsultants, Contractors, Vendors and other employees * No job is small. All jobs are equqlly important and more importantly it depends how you take your job * One can do own work; but getting work from others is the biggest challange * If you treat your co-workers as part of family it works wonders for the site * People Management is the hardest part but at the same if you learned this trade it give you job satisfaction & enjoymentI used to conduct regular lunch/snack meetings. On the festival occasion like Diwali, Independence Day, involved all employees in small games for relaxationOffcourse working for late hours is the tradition/practice in Real Estate"