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Harrods Limited is a department store located on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, London, England. It is owned by the state of Qatar via its sovereign wealth fund, the Qatar Investment Authority.

Magaly, a shopper says, "I had very bad experience few times while coming to Harrods for lunch. As soon as you arrive at the restaurant the receptionist are really pushy to you by not letting you making your own choice but more on giving only a couple of option that was the pasta section or grill when my friends and I felt that we were force we turn back and went to take our business elsewhere outside of Harrods. It is a shame as there is many great restaurant within the food hall but the receptionists make it bad. It felt there commissioned by this two restaurant of pasta and grill . the Harrods experience loss his 5 star customer services. Sometime refurbishment is not enough! Please bring back this luxurious customer service and offer us other choice as I saw few more restaurant that did look yummy and specially the Indian as it was recommended to me. Shame hopefully in future you would listen to the customer and their feedback."


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Current Employee - Waiter says

"I have been working at Harrods full-time for more than a year Cons: Managers are way too much trusted"

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"I have been working at Harrods full-time for less than a year Cons: Management Make up Time Work life"

Former Employee - Marketing Assistant says

"I worked at Harrods full-time for more than a year Cons: Ridiculous work hours, lots of overtime which they say you can get back via the flexitime scheme, but this was not the case. No progression/impossible to get pay rises or promotions, low morale, poor management, poor training. I remember my first day and my manager ignored me for hours. Senior management lacked direction and clearly had little respect for those in lower authority positions."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Harrods part-time Cons: everything your just a worker."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Harrods full-time for more than a year Cons: Communication is the worst Overconfident with lower level of knowledge People support mostly is ignoring the emails"

Current Employee - Retail Sales Assistant says

"I have been working at Harrods full-time for more than a year Cons: There was no help with mental health"

Former Employee - Fashion Student says

"I worked at Harrods full-time Cons: management can be bullies I suffered with severe depression and received no help"

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"I have been working at Harrods full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Directors are nasty - Michael Ward caught mocking the coronavirus whilst his staff are being FORCED to keep the Food Halls and the Pharmacy open with little training. We have to choose between losing pay and staying safe or paying bills but putting ourselves and our relatives at risk of getting Coronavirus"

Sales says

"I worked at Harrods Cons: There are quite a few.... where do is start! - Bullying by managers was the normal way to work and if you disagreed you were treated really badly - If they did not like your face, you were singled out for really nasty comments day in & day out - Managers also had their favourites and made this known vocally. - Senior management used to walk around the place like they owned the place and looking down on you as if you were a just a lowly worker. No humanity or empathy shown. From my personal experience, I was literally pushed out of my job. I had to take some paid & unpaid leave for a family bereavement and when I returned to work, I was not even asked how I was or anything of the sort. And in my absence, my role was given to another new starter. Eventually this led to me being stressed out and calling in sick and not showing up to work. As I was aware that this would lead to an unfair disciplinary hearing, I resigned before they had the chance to do this to me. I had to job but my mental well being mattered more than this dead end job!"

Former Employee - Head Office Employee says

"I worked at Harrods full-time for less than a year Cons: Silent office with no atmosphere. Nothing nearby to office. No proper introduction to anyone or what I was meant to be doing. Workload was all over the place. Weird staff induction completely irrelevant to my position, yet compulsory to attend. Constantly running out of milk, tea and coffee. Some people allowed to work from home, others not. HR in totally different building and never reply. A very strange place to work… I was so excited to work for Harrods but it became clear almost straight away that it wasn't the kind of place I wanted to be."

Order Processor (Former Employee) says

"Worst place ever coming from a diverse person this place gives you the creeps lol it has a reputation but behind closed doors is a world of teen exploitation. Nevermind the cost to ones moral standards you will find the vast range of crazy unethical questions asked if you work at this place."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Slave labour! Offered a £19k salary and expected to do Data Analyst type work! Not only that but they expected me to pick up duties way above the job spec and would not consider increasing the salary when I pointed this out. Cons: Low salary, some snotty staff on store floor"

Delivery Service Adviser (Former Employee) says

"I had worked for Harrods as a Delivery Service Adviser. Cons: Working full time 35 hours a week and sometimes Saturdays"

Left Luggage and Staff Parcels (Former Employee) says

"the customers are Nice but most of the other staff are not its not a nice place to work and the pay is bad for a company that made 2 billion last year . Cons: everything else"

Retail Operations Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Worked as a Retail Operations Analyst. Do not even believe the job description as there is no one in the business using R, SQL use is limited to the most basic statements and you won't learn anything. The worst thing is that your management will be unqualified personnel who've gone up from the shop floor and have no analytical expertise and completely unprofessional. Avoid or suffer the consequences. There are excellent opportunities elsewhere! Cons: Poor management, poor general office environment, poor infrastructure"

Reporting Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Salary is very very low and they try to underpay you because they think everyone wants to work there just because of their 'strong brand'. I quit after 2.5 months after they changed the job title, nature of the work, and wanted to keep my salary on £19k. £19k is paltry for a head office position and they were abusing their position by offering such a salary and they trying to change the job. I was essentially working as a Reporting Analyst under the guise of a "data entry clerk", and was paid the rate of a "data entry clerk". Sneaky company. Cons: Low salary, bad management, untrusting management, no training"

Chargeback / Finance Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Very strong hierarchical structure in place with many bureaucratic procedures. Managers dominate other and senior managers dominate managers. Very stressful work environment and could lead to mental health issues."

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"menagers sucks, team leaders are pets of managers. discounts worth nothing, products in harrods overpriced at list 200% , and you getting 33% JOKE.😂😂😂"

CLT (Current Employee) says

"It's great pay. Its a big office. 'I've learned patience in this place. You work 3 out of 4 weekends in a month. You get 20 days holiday. This job is good for you if you don't mind doing shifts."

Customer Service Advisor/Administrator (Former Employee) says

"From the start was unsure about working here, got told times for shifts and were completely different when started, work can be fast and busy, not much training given, shifts very unsociable aswell at times"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I was once proud to say I was working at Harrods but after a year, and seeing the behind the scenes it’s not the glamorous place people think it is. Management are inexperienced, mean and unprofessional. I’ve had colleagues threatened and bullied and it goes unnoticed and undisciplined. Cons: Management, schedules"

Warehouse (Former Employee) says

"Not many locals working there due to the already poor reputation. Quite a quick turnover of staff in certain departments. The managers promote their ''favourites'', even if there are more capable, productive and experienced candidates. Then HR cover for them, when you ask for feedback. The shifts and weekend working isn't compensated by the relatively average pay. Cons: Management"

Security (Former Employee) says

"I went for a job with Harrods (security job) and was told as I have a mild caseTourette syndrome I would not get the job because there worried about what people might think of Harrods employing people like me even though I have over 10 years of security experience absolute waste of time"

Distribution/Stock Control (Former Employee) says

"I was told I would have a particular job and duties by the agency (a good job), then on arrival I was made to clean bins the whole time! Nothing like that was EVER mentioned! I felt so played. Buy your own steel toe boots, the agency gives you the worst shoes to walk around in all day."

Fashion & Denim Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Wouldn't return working here as you can be treated horrificly by customers as they believe you are below them. Working directly for the Harrods brand itself was enjoyable, moving to a concession I wouldn't suggest. University Grads also get priority role wise."

Remained Associated As an warehouse operative (Current Employee) says

"it was a good a experience working with the world famous store the most luxuries store"

Stockroom assistant (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work would be collecting online orders for customers and packaging them for delivery. I learned how to pack deliveries carefully and send them to the correct customers. The management was not the best, i felt that they did not make an effort to engage with staff. My co - workers were very friendly and i enjoyed working with them. The hardest part of the job was working underground for 40 hours a week. The most enjoyable part of the job was meeting new people and working in a team. Cons: Working Underground"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Felt very uncomfortable working here at one point and when I had tried to make it a point of how it had made me feel I was the one that ended up being made to feel like I made the problem."

Warehouse Assistant (Former Employee) says

"not easier to get lunch etc . As many lives, generations, cultures and stories pass through our doors, our mission remains unchanged: to service the needs and aspirations of our customers, to create new stories and bring moments of delight."

Online Trading Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Some days are longer than others, especially in trade. Management depends on the person, as i think some are better than others. Cons: Staff Discount"

Jenne says

"CAVEAT EMPTOR!! I would give Harrods no stars if I could. I have had the most appalling experience trying to buy a non-existent coat. Harrods happily displayed that the coat, in the size I required, was available and took my money on 6.1.21 but then emailed me two days later on 8.1.21 to say that sadly it, “wasn’t in stock”. As of 15.1.21 I am STILL waiting for a refund. I believe that this is fraudulent!! I have telephoned and emailed repeatedly and am promised, “I will look into this for you” and “I will email you later today” but this never happens and the representative (I must have dealt with more than eight by now) never follows up. They simply don’t care. Please, please be very careful buying from Harrods as I am dealing with what is tantamount to a scam. Update 16.1.21 - I am shocked to see that Harrods are STILL advertising the coat (Joseph Cieranne) as available in the size I ordered. The refund finally appeared in my account today - perhaps in response to the negative review? - but no accompanying message or apology from the so-called customer service team. All I can say is, once again, caveat emptor/buyer beware!!!"

Janna salaman says

"It was the worst experience I'm very disappointed Harrods is a very big name as a shop in London comparing to other simple shops that's way better and in customer service . I had a personal shopping 12 days ago and I asked for my VAT form everytime I ask about it they tell me they will send it my email it's been 12 days I called 27 times . Everytime they promise. Till my last call when they told me they cant . They promised me by getting it if I do a personal shopping not online which I did . WORST EVER"

Andrew Howard says

"Ordered my wife some perfume to have delivered on her birthday only to find out the order had been cancelled due to no stock. Called customer service and was just told that it had been cancelled, apparently I was to receive and email to tell me that it had been cancelled. I received no such email Poor service in my opinion."

Ms Dundas says

"Our first and only experience of Harrods.com was placing two order during the January 2021 online sales. We ordered a single delivery of 4 items, 4 of which were clothing, and the other boxed chocolates. The chocolates arrived first in a separate delivery, and were not what we paid for (traditional chocolate). What was delivered was 'sugar-free using artificial sweeteners'. We rang in and were told someone would come to collect them. Today the remaining items were delivered - and 2 of the shirts were not what we ordered either. Again, the customer services team simply stated they would be collected. The attitude of the telephone customer service staff can only be described as dead. Monotone voices, clearly bored and disengaged, it appears they have no interest in resolving any issue with a degree of empathey or kindness. At no point were we offered any apology or acknowledgement of such poor customer experience. When we asked why these issues continue to happen, the staff seemed totally indifferent about delivering the wrong items, even offered the excuse that 'the pandemic means a lot of things are getting mixed up.' This is a load of nonsense, as we've never had any such problems during the pandemic with their competitors Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason, whose online customer service is superior to Harrods. If there are ever any issues with Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason, they genuinely care about the customer experience and respond by sending complimentary gift vouchers as compensation and accepting responsibility for problems. Avoid Harrods.com, it is a total waste of your time and the company is not deserving of your custom or money."

John says

"I ordered food for NYE on the 23rd and received no communication from Harrods until the 30th (although they stated I would receive a confirmation call to pay within 48 hours). I understand I ordered right before Christmas, but this isn't the first time I've had communication problems with the team at the food hall. In leui of this, I had to make other meal plans and won't order food from Harrods again. For the prices you charge, customers should receive the very best service. Harrods offers far from that."

Rita says

"I trusted the best customer service from our iconic and historic department store “ Harrods”. Due to the pandemic , I placed my first online order with Harrods. And I was expected the best customer service as usual. However, it’s end up with a disaster. I ordered some products from Harrods website, after they charged me the money, two days later at night time there was an email to notify me that one of the items is out of stock(which was mainly the thing I want), therefore I wanted to cancel the whole order. And before I even had a chance to call them to cancel the order(as their service line only worked till 7pm or get any reply from their customer service email, my order was shipped out the next morning. I have called them for many times and through emails as well, and it has been a extremely difficult and long process just to ask them to arrange the collection for return and refund. I personally work in retail as well, so i know how the return works. There are plenty ways to assist customers for returning the items. I believe customers should deserve much better service than this, after all this is Harrods we are talking about. I am very disappointed with my purchase experience with them, and will never purchase on their website again. Just Hope I will get this sort out ASAP."

Liz Lee says

"I recently placed my first 3 orders with you, unfortunately nothing went right. I understand that you’re new to online shipping, unfortunately that is no excuse. Harrods was always known for their excellent customer service, unfortunately they’re no longer known for this. Harrods use DPD for delivery and they are just not a very reliable courier. They didn’t try to deliver my item, but said I’d missed it when I rang back and asked for it to be delivered, it was sent to Matalan! I had to collect my Harrods order from Matalan lol 😂 can’t make this stuff up really! 3 times I went to Matalan as I was advised by DPD and Harrods each time my parcels would be there, unfortunately Harrods and DPD are not in close contact with one another, and had absolutely no idea where my parcels where at one point. All in all I think I spoke to DPD 3/4 times and Harrods 6 times. I spent around 2 hours on the phone in total. I even went to the depo to see if they were more knowledgeable. I now have all 3 parcels, but I would suggest you implement the below. Package your items up properly. If you place an order on Harrods for an expensive item, it will not be packaged very well. It will be thrown in a box with little to no packaging not even tissue paper to protect the item. One of the items I ordered was a small soft white leather Off-White bag. While I understand this wasn’t the most expensive bag in the world a £425 bag should be packaged better, after all I am shopping with Harrods not TK MAXX. I would suggest you order from Chanel or Net A Porter to see how their items are packaged, you could definitely learn a thing or too. Use a more reliable courier 🚚 and work with them closely. I find DHL to be the best at handling high value items, their return service is excellent too. I work with customers day to day, and if there was a problem with a customer receiving an order, I would be the one ringing the courier not the customer. I also wouldn’t be making up things to keep my customer happy. If I went to a Harrods shop my items would be packaged in a harrods bag and properly wrapped. Online shopping shouldn't change the service. I of course will never shop with you again, but I thought it was only right to warn people about the terrible service I have received."

Kaye Pitan says

"Harrods Online is sooooooo bad!!! There really is no difference between Harrods online and ebay. Which is a shame because one expects better from Harrods. Once upon a time, Harrods was (with regards of customer service and presentation) up there. I should know, I worked there for several years. It’s sad to see such a great store operate its online arm in such a shoddy manner. Quite frankly, they should get rid of those in charge of their online service and employ people like me who would make sure they live up to their name. Lol! I was horrified when my £2000 bag arrived. It’s was roughly packed in tissue paper. I complained to customer service with pictures of what it looked like on arrival and my goodness! The response was disappointing. They simply could not be bothered! I do know, ( because I’ve bought luxury bags in store) that the service is much better when you actually go in the store. Harrods, here are my recommendations. 1) Train your online staff properly. Bring them up to scratch. We are in difficult economic time. People are not loyal to crap service. Or 2) If you’re going to send goods in a shoddy manner, then let it reflect in the price. Don’t sell premuim goods and send it to customers like something bought off a market stall. If my bag was bought at a discount, I could have excused the shoddiness as being a sale product. I paid full price! No excuse. It’s not good enough!"

Bob says

"Purchased 4 Christmas Hampers in December 2020 costing over 2k GBP for my corporate clients in canada. One was badly defective. The Harrods online representative assured me someone would look into this and no one has done so properly. Shame really for a world famous store and brand. I have been a customer and Harrods member for years but they just don't care and have definitely lost a customer."

Bashaer says

"I had up to 3000 points and I wanted to reach gold an It is written on the website that every year it gets transferred into cash and I joined harrods in October and logically this is the meaning of the sentence it never explained things properly! I contacted a lady yesterday from the customer service and she told me that I will get back my points again and this is just a process of checking and I believed her, today I contacted a guy from the customer service and he said that I wont recieve the points and I said this sentence clearly explains what I have mentioned above if someone uses their logic ! This is totally unacceptable will never use harrods again !!!!! Please people do not buy anything from harrods !!!! They're not helpful and understanding!!!"

Mohammad Hashemi says

"Dont buy anything from this site. My order does not arrive and charge me 70$ for shipping and returning for my order that never reached me"

tony ray says

"I would not normally shop at Harrods as I am just a everyday electrician who cannot really afford there prices. Anyway after the year we have all had I thought it would be nice to have a special treat for the family on Xmas day. So I ordered xmas crackers £115.00 for six ... absolute rubbish .. the hats fell to bits and the gifts were cheap tin objects...I wasn’t expecting diamonds for the price but the standard was appalling...."

Oliver says

"Don't expect much from Harrods customer service. Makes you feel you are just a bit of a necessary nuisance to keep the business running and that you should be grateful they pick up the phone to you at all. Advise to the management, train your people on the basics of customer service, you are not a low cost airline, treat your customer badly and they will shop somewhere else. Plenty of competition out there ..."

Charles Archer says

"THIS REVIEW PURELY CONCERNS HARRODS’ ONLINE OFFERING In short Harrods’ online offering is awful. I have been a patron of their store for many years and have come to expect an exceptional certain service. You do not receive this when purchasing online for the following reasons: 1. The website is extremely poor. It constantly fails. In particular managing orders a and returns from their website is cumbersome and annoying. 2. Delivery. Standard delivery takes an absurd length of time. I live in the UK and it took 8 days over a non-holiday period. Moreover, while my order was delivered by DPD who are excellent, Harrods’ delivery tracking does not link up effectively (in the same way Selfridges does) so one must manually input a tracking detail into the DPD app. 3. Product- when my product did arrive there were still labels on it from its time in stores. The price on the label was less than I paid. 4. Returns- This is the most awful part of the Harrods online experience. The service is operated by DHL(not a good start). They offer a courier service. Fine but arranged this service twice and no courier turned up. Therefore, I opted to use DHL’s drop off service which is in various convenience stores. This service was awful. The first three stores I went to as listed on DHL’s website said they could not accept it for various reasons. Harrods’ reliance on DHL’s service is letting it down immeasurably."